Pastor John Hagee
Minister Beth Moore
Ann Coulter
Duane  'Dog'  Chapman
Joyce Meyer
Paula White
Jane Fonda
Minister Darlene Bishop
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Glen Beck
Sean Hannity
Rev. Al Sharpton
President Ronald Reagan
Billy and Franklin Graham
*All  of  these  FAMOUS PEOPLE  are  publicly  vocal  as  'believers'   in  Jesus.    Yet...
all  of  them   (except for 11)   have   speech,  attitudes  &  character   which  are  cocky,
worldly  &  unbecoming,   which   fail   true  Christlikeness.
Gene Robinson
Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.
'Not everyone who says to Me,  "Lord, Lord",  will enter the kingdom of heaven;  but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.'      [Math.7:21].

And,  'Why do you call Me  "Lord"  and do not the things which I say?'     [Luke 6:46].

'The one who says  he abides in   'Jesus'  ought himself to  walk in the same manner in which He  walked.'      [1John 2:6].
The  'love' of Christ  and  true Christ-likeness in a believer  
In these End Times,  more than ever before,  it is time that  'believers'  in Christ  prove their Christ- ianity  by demonstrating the love of Christ.   Jesus Himself  stated that   'love'  is the ultimate deci-  ding factor, of all Biblical criteria,  which confirms a true Disciple of Christ Jesus.    He said,  ''Love one another,  even as  I have loved you;  by this love all men will know  that you are My disciples.'   [John 13:34,35].      This is a huge requirement from the Lord Himself to ALL believers.

Today,  many  who  'believe'  in  Jesus are  publicly  vocal about  'believing'.    Yet,  their  worldly speech,  unbecoming behavior,  un-Christlike  attitude and  disrespect  towards others  bring a  ter- rible  reproach upon the Lord,  distorts true Christianity and  stumbles others from recognizing true Christlikeness  and    even Christ  Himself.   This  includes  everyday   'believers',   famous  people,  celebrities,  sports stars,  politicians   and  even TV  pulpit  ministers  themselves. 

For example,  a  'believer'  who demonstrates arrogance,  impatience towards others or  unbecom- ing  speech or  behavior is already  failing in the  Lord's  #1  commandment.  Many TV preachers  today  who fail in demonstrating  Christ's  'love'   in  their  character, speech and  attitude towards others  are  in  a  dangerous  place  spiritually as   Jesus  forewarned.

The solution is found in the written Word of God.   The Apostle Paul presented  2  powerful check-  lists of God's  love,  itemizing exactly  what God's  love   'is',  and what it  'is not'  in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8  and  Galatians Chapter  5:16-26.   For every  believer who thirsts  to become more like our Lord Jesus  then this criteria can immediately help a believer begin examining himself and lining up  with  true Christlikeness.   This  way,  a   'believer'  can  make  sure  he  is  truly  demonstrating Christ's  'love' in himself  and towards all others,  which is pleasing in the sight of God.  Otherwise, that  particular  'believer'  is simply  a  1st-base   'believer'  who  is saved  by  grace and  by  God's mercy according to  John 3:16,  yet  he  will arrive in heaven likely having made a mockery of our Lord Jesus to others  while here during  his/her  life,  possibly even having been a stumbling block. 
Condoleeza Rice
Dwight & Zonelle Thompson
George Foreman
Dr. Fred Price
Love is kind    [ie. caring, courteous, mannerly]
Love is patient
Love does not brag
Love is not arrogant    [nor cocky, worldy, flippant, rude, loud-mouthed]
Love does not act unbecomingly    [in behavior or speech or attitude]
character never projects condemnation or disrespect towards others
character is  ALWAYS  one of  peace, humility, kindness, self-control & respect towards all others

[found in 1 Cor.13:1-8 / Gal.5:16-26]

Today's  Christian Ministers:
Typically today,  many preachers truly speak the truth,  yet  the  New Testament says  to  'speak the truth in love'. [Eph.4:15],   If any so-called  'Christian'  leader is found failing in Christ's #1 commandment which is  'love', then that  leader is unqualified to stand in  the  forefront to  lead God's people.  That particular leader is now failing in two ways:   as  a  'believer'  who has not grown into maturity  AND  as  a   'leader'  who God's word  requires  to be  'above reproach'  before standing in the office of  'leader'.     [1Timothy 3:1,2].

Even  the  devil  can   'speak the truth'.     Even  'demons believe'.    [James 2:19].       However, only  a  mature  Christ-like  believer  will  speak the truth  and  always project  Christ's  'love'  at  the  same time from his  heart  towards all others which  is the ultimate proof  that we are 'disciples' of the Lord Jesus Christ.   [John 13:34,35].

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Of  the  above   'believers'   in Christ,  only 11  prove  themselves as  having grown into  maturity  in  Christ's  'love'humility,  kindness,  patience  and   respect   towards  all others  at  all times,  as a  consistent  pattern of  life.    The others  are  failing  Christ's  'love'  defined  in  the  Bible.     The   11   who  are   Christlike  are   ID'd  by    pointing  at their  pic.    A  true  Disciple's  heart  will  love them all  and  continue to pray for  them to know Christ more intimately.
Bishop Eddie Long
Steve Munsey
Tony Dungy
Terry Bradshaw
TV/Sports Celeb
Terry  'the Hulk'  Hogan
Rod Parsley/Pastor
Pat Robertson
Pastor T.D. Jakes
T.L.  Osborn / Evangelist
Michele Bachmann
Pres Obama