This  vital  category  of  Leadership Requirements  covers  much  ground  for  a  true   man  or  woman  of  God   to  be  QUALIFIED  in.         If  a  leader  fails  in  these   areas,    he   has   immediately  disqualified  himself   as   a   leader.       Most   likely  he   is   bringing   a   reproach  upon   the   Lord.    Both  moral   behavior  &  SPEECH   itself   are  also included  here.       It   also   includes    the   powerful   nature   of  Jesus'    humility   &    "love"    which   manifests     [&  can  be  discerned]      in   a   person's   character,   attitude,   speech   &  behavioral   gestures   towards  all   others.   

In    1 Corinthians Chapter 13    &   Galatians Chapter 5    are   found  the   clear-cut    traits   of   Christ's    "love"    &    His    "character". [Gal.5:22].       Every  thirsty   believer  can   line   himself  up   with  these  specific   "checklists"    &   become  continually  more  mature  in  Christ-likeness.      

But,   for  every   Leader    [in  fact,  every  believer],     showing  Christ's  "love"    in   one's   own  character   is   the   loudest-speaking  evidence  of   all    Leadership  requirements.       Although   scriptures  are   plentiful  with   principles   &   guidelines   for   every     'believer'   to  abide   by   &   grow   in,      a     "Leader"    himself    has    a    whole  2nd  set     of   Leadership   guidelines   he   must  also  QUALIFY   in.

Regarding   the   'love'  of  Christ,    many  persons    [both  believers  &  unbelievers]    make   the   mistake  of   equating  the    'absense  of   hate'   within  one's  own  heart,    as    being    the   same   with   having  the    "love"   of   Christ.        This   is   never   true.       Christ's   love  is immeasurably  greater    [eternally]    than   just     "having  no  bitterness or hate"     against  anyone.       God  did  not   offer   His  Son  at   the  cross based   on     "the  absence  of  hate".          But   His  gesture   originated    from   His  deep,   eternal  love  for  all  people.

true bond-servant  of   God   will   actually   have   the   deep  'desire' to  show  kindness,  patience,   respect,   care   &   peace  towards  all   people.      This  is  the  real   &   true   "love"  of   Christ  within  a   believer.     It   is  not   just "surface"   gestures  of    the  same kind   which  even   unbelievers  can  present.

Without  exceptions,    the  "love of  Christ"   must   &    will   shine  forth  towards  others   from   a    true &  100%  qualified   man  or  woman   of  God.       If  not,   then   that   minister  is   in   NO  WAY  qualified   to   lead  God's  people.      He  must  step  down.       Sadly,  90%     [minimum]   of   today's   Christian   ministers   come   nowhere  close   to   demonstrating   the   "love of Christ"   in     their character, attitude   &   nature.

Ministers  in   America    [ie.  church Pastors / TV ministers]     have   so  failed   in    this   specific  area    that    they   have   actually   done  more     to   cloud    Americans   from    seeing   true    Christ-likeness  than   to  reflect   it.   

However,   whenever  Jesus   walked   into  a   place,     He   was   always observed  as  the  perfect  gentleman.       His   kindness  &  care   for  all others  was  overwhelmingly   obvious  as   was   His  disarming  humility.  Once  in   His   presence,    even  as  a   child  &  young  man,     His  clear respect,   patience   &   kindness   towards  all   people   was   quickly  observable  by  all.     In  His presence,  the  "peace" was  inexpressably strengthening.     Every  person  who  met  eyes  with  Him could  sense  His  true  care  for  their  best  interests  &  welfare.      Later  at  the  cross  &  resurrection   is   when   full   understanding  opened  to   the  eternal   "care &  love"     He   had  for  all   people.

But,  scriptures  say  clearly  that a   leader   who  does  not  demonstrate Christ's   nature   &   attitude  of   "love"    is   no   more   than  a     "noisy gong"    &    "clanging cymbal"    in    the   House  of   God.   [1Cor.13:1, 2].      Although   all    "believers"    must     "grow"  into    maturity    &   Christ's   "love"   over   a    period  of   time,    a   "Leader"   carries  even  greater  responsibility.

Why?      Because   a    Leader   standing   in    the    forefront   is   already  holding  himself   up   not   only   as   a   "mature believer"  but  also   as a   100%  qualified   Leader.            So,    if     ever    a   "Leader"    is  discerned   as   not   showing   the   true   "love"  of   Christ,     then   he immediately   exposes   himself   as   not   only   UNQUALIFIED   to   lead  God's  people,    but   also  in  need   to  go   back   &   "mature"   as  a  "believer".       

It   bears  repeating   that   the    "love of Christ"   is   what   speaks  the  loudest   of   all    Leadership  Requirements.       When  coming  into   the  presence   of   a    true  &   solid  man  or   woman of  God,  then  their   character,   speech,   attitude   &   behavior   is    a   very powerful   reflection  of   Christ  Himself  &   His   love.       By   this  kind  of  "love",   the   Lord   said,  "all  men will  know  that  you  are  My  disciples."      [John 13:35]. 

Christ's  LOVE  in  the  believer  
[ and in a true Christian minister ]
Excerpt from  'End Time Prophetic Insight'
Copyright  2007 / Rob Conrad~
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excerpted from Chapter 4
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