Chapter 3      Discerning Today's Christian Leaders and  TV Ministers           

The  Lord  is  still    "in  the  midst"   of   His  people...

Despite  today's  failures  in  American Christianity,   the  Lord  can still  be found   right   'in the midst'   of   His  people.     Churches  all  across  the  United States  are  filled  with   true believers.     This  is  exactly  where  the Lord  desires  to  be.      Whether  there are  just  two  people  gathered  in  His  Name   or   2   million   believers  gathered,   Jesus  will   always   be found   "in their midst"   at   all  times,    regardless  of   poor   leadership.    
This  is   His   greatest  desire:    to   be   with,     protect   &  care  for   His  people.     Nothing   will  ever  stop  Christ  from  being  found  in   the  very   "midst  of  His  people".          Even   in   the  last   recorded  appearance of  Jesus  Himself,    He   is   seen  by   the  Apostle  John    [in 95AD]    as  standing    "in the middle"   of   His  people.      This  was  symbolized  by  the    physical    7    golden    lampstands   of    which   John     saw    Jesus  physically   standing    "in  the  midst  of".      Jesus  Himself    identified   to  John   that    these    "are  the  7 churches".        [Rev.1:13, 20].

Keeping  this  knowledge  in mind,   then  sharp discernment   can result  for  God's people  with  regard  to  today's  leaders.     For example, most   believers  do  not   differentiate  much   between  the  "body"   of  Christ   &  the   "minister"   who  is  standing  at   the  forefront.      To   be  specific,  in  any  particular  meeting  of   true  believers   where  legitimate salvations,  healings  or  miracles  are  taking  place,    then   the  "body"  of   true  believers   in   America   typically   will   automatically   interpret  that  "leader"   at  the  forefront   to  be    "a  true man     [or woman]   of  God".  This   is   a    big   mistake   &   is   not   automatic   at    all.

This   is   because   the   Lord,    who   is    truly   'in  the  midst'   of   His  gathered   children  at   that   particular  meeting,    will   always   have   His children's    needs   as    His    foremost   priority.        And   He   will   meet  those  needs   regardless  of  any  lack  of  qualifications  or  unbecoming  behavior  on    the    part   of    a     "minister"   standing   at    the   forefront.   
The Lord  will  never     "not"    meet   His  children's   needs  based  upon  a   particular   minister's  failings  or  unqualifed  status   or   even   if   a "false prophet"    himself   is   standing   at   that   meeting's   center-stage.  In   fact,    the    Lord    is     ready  at  all   times    to    respond    to    His  children's needs   even   if    there   is    'no one  at  all'   standing   at   the pulpit.      When   God's   people   are  gathered   together  &   focused   on  Jesus   with   hearts  of   faith   &   worship  &   exalting  of   Him,    then   He is   always   there   to   respond.
So,   believers'  discernment  of  a   particular   "leader"   should  always be  zeroed  in   FIRST   on   that   leader's   own  spirituality,  character  &  qualifications.      And  not  simply  based  upon  the  fact  that  there  might be  legitimate  miracles  occurring   "in the midst"  of  the  body of  Christ  at    his  meetings.      Although  signs  &   wonders  &  gifts   will  definitely  follow  true   men  &  women  of  God,    it    is   a    minister's  true   Christ-likeness   of   character  plus    his   true   care  &   effective  oversight   of    God's   children   that   qualify   him    before   the   Lord.      Not    a    minister's   "gifts".   

This  is  why  the  Lord  forewarned  that  in  the  End Times  many   "false" leaders  will   be  seen  at   gatherings  where   the   Lord   Himself  is   truly performing   miracles   amongst   His   people.      However,   He  will  cast  those   false leaders   aside   because  of   their  ungodly  character misleading God's children.     [Math.7:21-23].       The body of Christ   [& true  ministers]    today  must  keep  these  insights  in  mind   for  accurate  spiritual   discernment  of   today's   ministers. 

As  specified previously,   even   though  many  powerful   miracles  by   the Lord  occur  in America,   still   90%   [min.]   of   today's  Christian  leaders &   TV   ministers   are   unqualified  &  failing   in    the   Bible's   strict  requirements  &   high   standards   for   leadership.         For   these,   they  should   step  away   from   the   pulpit   &   from   representing   themselves as    a     5-Fold   Leader.       However,    they   should   definitely   continue in   ministering    under   the   anointing   &   with   their   giftings   until    they are     "first  tested"   &   proven   by   bonafide   5-Fold   Leaders,     as Paul   instructed.      [1Tim.3:6,10].             God's   people   in    these    End  Times    who   are    equipped   with    this    kind    of    understanding    &   discernment    with    regard   to    Leaders   will    not    be   fooled   in    the days   ahead    about    "who's  who?"     in    5-Fold   Leadership.      

Unfortunately,  only  a  small  percentage    [less than 5%]    of  America's ministers  can  be  heard  today  accurately  identifying   today's spiritual departure  from  Christlikeness  in  America.    Almost  none can be heard providing  key  insights  to  God's people about  spiritual discernment.      In fact,   numerous  mightily  anointed  leaders  have  been  shunned or  even  barred  from  appearing  on  top Christian TV  networks  because  of  their outspokeness concerning  the types of  things  mentioned  here.    This is because  most  of   today's   top   TV  ministers  &   high-profile   Christian  leaders   have   become   more   interested    in    their    self-serving   &  worldly  interests   rather   than   having   the   best  interests  of  God's people   as   top  priority.

Today's   blindness  &  folly   in   God's  House  can   be  epitomized   by  one  popular  TV  minister   who  is   filled  with  a   spirit  of   homosexuality yet   still   undetected   by   others    [as  of  May  2007].         He   recently "prophesied"    that      "the   body  of  Christ  is  now   in   its   final  mature  form   &   ready  for   the  coming  of  the  Lord!".        How   far  from  the  truth   can   a     false   "Christian  minister"      his   "prophecies"    be?      
In  fact,   many  of   today's  unqualified Christian ministers   &   false prophets   themselves  have  something  in   common.      Their  prime interests   have  become   the  exalting  of   their  own    'name'    &   their  own    'ministry'   which   for   most   of   them   have   become   their  own  idols.      Being  recognized  publicly   as   the    'man  of  God'    is   their  greatest  glory.

Most  of   today's  popular  TV  ministries  have   actually  done  more    [by their  unbecoming  behavior,  arrogance  &  worldliness]      to   distance  Americans  from  the  Gospel  than  they  have  done  to  draw   them  towards  Christ  over  the  last  20  years  or  so.        They  have  brought  great  reproach  upon   the   Lord.       Again,   this  is   because  they  are  not completely qualified   as   a    leader   in   the   first   place.        Their  worldliness   &    lack   of   discernment    is   part    &   parcel    with   their  own  unqualified   status.            Plus,   being   surrounded   mostly   by  other   undiscerning   &   unqualified    Leaders    has   virtually    left    them  completely   unchecked   in    God's   House.   

As   emphasized,   over   the  years  now   a   flood   of   immature  &  unqualified   believers   [even  false prophets]    have  easily   taken  the   forefront   as   the    "mighty  man   or   woman  of  God".         Still,  regardless   of   a    leader's   individual   status,    the   Lord   will  always   be   seen    "in  the  midst"   of    His   most   cherished   &   beloved  children,    the   body  of  Christ.        And   He  will   be  there   to  attend  to  His  children's   needs,   His  number  one   priority.

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The  SECTION BELOW  is an excerpt from  Chapter 3  of  the book  End Time Prophetic Insight by  Rob Conrad.    It's  purpose  is  to  help  today's  believers  be  sharp   in  discerning  HOW? and  WHY?  true  miracles  can  be  truly  happening at  a   false prophet's  meetings like  Todd Bentley's  Lakeland  revival.   First  of  all,   a   huckster  like   Bentley  conceivably  could  plant   or fake  miracles  within  his  crusades.   This  should  not  surprise  anyone  since   this  has occurred  with   false  prophets  before.   However,  concerning   the   'true'   miracles   occurring, many  Evangelical  leaders are  calling  the  miracles  'false'.    To the contrary,   these are TRUE miracles of God,  even  though the  minister at  the  forefront is  false  himself.   This  is  crucial and   valuable  information  which  the  body  of  Christ   needs  to  grasp   in   order  NOT  to   be misled  and   to  discern  accurately.     'Every  good  thing  bestowed  and every  perfect  gift  is from  above'.         [James 1:17]
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