Yes.    Any  person,  including  a  believer,   can  have   an  evil  spirit   in their   body   and/or    their   soul,  which   is  the  mind,  emotions  &   will of   a    person.     However,   the    "spirit"   of    every   human   being    is reserved    exclusively   for   God    to   come   into   &   dwell   in.

Jesus   said,   "that   which  is   born  of  the  Spirit   is  [human]   spirit..."  [John 3:6]   showing   that   when   a   person   is   born  again   [John 3:7]  it   is   the   person's   own   "spirit"    that   is   birthed   by   God's   Spirit.

But,  even  a  Spirit-filled  believer  can  still   have  enemy  spirits  that  are influencing   &   even   attached   to   their   body    (like  cancer  or  some other   physical   affliction 'in the body' per Luke 13:11)    or    influencing  or  attached   to   their mind,   emotions   or   will,   hindering   advance- ment   in   Christ.

Importantly,   the    Greek    word    in    the    New   Testament    for    our English  translation  of   'demon-possessed'   has    the   actual  definition  as    being    'demonic".    [Mark 5:2 = most extreme Bible account of demon-possession = 'unclean' spirit = 'demonic' in Greek;  Acts 16:16 = false prophetess = 'possessed' =  'held by, accompanied by, diseased' by  an  by  evil  spirit].   

So  overall,  whether  a   person  OR  believer   has  an    evil  mindset    or is    completely   taken   over  by   demons    [as  in  the  most  extreme  Bible  account  of   demon-possession   in   Mark 5:1-13 ]    which  control  that     person's   "will"   [Mark 5:1-13]   OR   has  a   'spirit of sickness'  'in   his/her   own body'   (Luke 13:11)   then   according   to   Scripture  that   person  from  the  FIRST  LEVEL  to   the  most  EXTREME  LEVEL  is dealing  with   'demonic'  activity  AND/OR    'held by'  OR  'accompanied  by'    a   demon(s).    

[ More verses:  Acts 8:7 = 'possessed'  in Greek =  'held by, accompanied' ; Mark 9:17 = young  man 'had evil spirit'  causing   EPILEPSY &  seizures  =  in  Greek  =   'held by,  accompanied by,  diseased' ]
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Can  a  believer  be  demon-possessed ?
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"Behold,  I  give  you  authority  over  all  the  power of  the enemy;     And  no thing  shall  harm  you."    [ Lord Jesus Christ / Gospel Luke 10:19 ]
Can  a  believer  be  demon-possessed ?
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As  former  Sr.  Pastor  of  Hosanna Christian  Fellowship  &  as  a  minister  in  the  Los  Angeles  Prison  system  as  Associate  Chaplain  for  almost   6  years  I  saw  extreme  cases  of  demon-possession  during  services   I  conducted.   Approximately  40  separate  times  I've  cast  demons  out  of  people  with visible  manifestations  like  flopping on  the ground,   momentary  super-human  strength,   screaming  voices  coming  from  both  men  &  women  with  their   mouths  locked  wide  open, eyes  fully  rolled   back evil  cursing,  stiffened  bodies,  foaming  at the  mouth, etc.. to name  just  a  few. 
Of  the  40  times,   approx.  15  of   those  deliverances   occurred   in  Christian  churches  where  I  was  ministering.   EVERY  TIMEwithout  exception,  I  witnessed  God's  mighty  power  like  a  violent  slamming  sledge hammer  come  crashing  down  upon  the  evil  spirits &  driving  them  out  of  persons  for  their  deliverance.   For  every  Servant  of  the  Lord  who  is  baptized  in  the power  of  the  Holy  Spirit  &   is  ready  &   bold  against  the   devil,   then  that  minister   will   find   God's   power   over-rules  every  encounter with  demon-possession, decisively  and with  overwhelm-  ing   violent  force,   to  His  glory.            ~Rob Conrad  /  founder
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