Demonic  Manifestations

These are  the  most  common  physical  manifestations    typically   found   in   persons  who  deal   with   some  varying  degree  of   demonic  activity.   Constancy  &  severity  of  the
manifestation[s]     will   vary   depending   on   the   individual.

Demonic  Manifestations:        brief  overview:

the eyes   themselves   [this  is  an  absolute key  which will  show
the  definite  numerous  traits  of  demonic  presence]   [actual  eye charts   which   have   been   tested  &  proven  to   match  common  mindsets   are   presented   in   'The Eyes Have It'    book  /  2005]
evil speech     [intentional & vehement cursing of others, cursing  God,  cursing Jesus,  cursing the Bible,  worldly & perverted talk;  a  bold,  self-exalting  arrogance  in  speech;  racism;   evil  talk,  etc.]
foul  body  odor[s]    [typically  is  a   'foul  or  unclean spirit'  as  shown  in   scriptures]           [Mark 9:25, Luke 9:42]
patterns  of  vomiting  or  foaming  at  the mouth
hearing voices    /    hallucinations
burst  of   increased  &  violent  human  strength
patterns of  constant  &  desperate  loud  crying
hearing  animals  speak
levitation  or   astro-projection
driven  to  cutting  one's  own  self,   even to bleeding
driven  to  piercing  one's  own  self,   even to bleeding
extreme behaviors of self-destruction   [can  include  smok-       ing,  drinking,  drugs,  various lusts,  self-condemnation, self-inflict-    ing    wounds,   self-cursing /  self-degradation,  suicidal  patterns]
continual torment   [in  a  person's  daily thoughts,  nightmares, speech]
patterns of   shrill,   over-bearing  &  annoying   laughter
patterns of  over-bearing,  annoying  &  disruptive  loud talking  [typically  is  found  in  persons  with  attitudes  which are either  arrogant,    self-centered    and/or    insensitive  to   others]
extreme & continual abuse of others   [physically,  verbally,
emotionally   and/or   sexually;    patterns  of  verbal   threats]
patterns of  demonstrating  obscene gestures  or  beha- vior    and/or    obscene  speech
gutteral,  foreign  voices  from  within  the  person
bodily  stiffening  like  a   board,    even  appearing dead
bodily contortions    [ie. changing shape unnaturally, slithering    like a snake on the ground, sudden twisting of the  body  or  limbs]
drooling from the mouth     [with typically a blank or evil stare]
snarling  or  growling  with  hatefulness  or viciousness
extreme  facial  contortions   [typically  the  face  &  eyes  will  appear  either  as   vicious,    or  as   an   evil  sneer  or   as   total  torment]
flittering, wagging or  sticking the tongue out  with lust  or  hate  towards  another  person
eyes  rolling  back in  the  sockets  exposing only  the  white
barking,  growling  or  hissing  uninhibitedly
markings,  cuts  or  bruises    appearing  on  the   body  unex-    plainably   &   without   human  contact 
patterns of  constantly  accusing  others  and/or   pointing     out   others'    flaws,  problems,  mistakes,  shortfalls    [particularly  when   accompanied  with   a   condemning  or   ridiculing  attitude]
having  joy,   pleasure   and/or   satisfaction  at   another person's   tragedy  or   failure(s)
patterns of  constantly  causing  disorder  &  disruptive-ness
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