Demonic  Profiles

These  are  the  most  common  profiles  TODAY    where  some degree of  evil  spiritual  activity  definitely  exists.   The  most  extreme  cases  involve  full-blown  demon-possession.
Each  case  will  vary  depending  on  the  individual:     

Demonic PROFILES:        brief overview:

Hearing voices   [99% of time=person is demonically influenced]
schizophrenia    [100% demonically influenced]
Hallucinating    [persons who constantly hallucinate  are dealing    with  demonic activity 100%  of  the  time]
multiple  personalities    [100% demon possessed]
depression    [particularly extreme  and/or  long-term depression       is  demonically-infuenced]
total  STOIC  personalities   [persons with  no  joy,  happiness or humor  whatsoever  have  been  robbed  of  it  by  the enemy;  typ- ically   this  results  from  an  extreme  event  in   that  person's  life which   either  he   himself  carried   out    and/or    which   he   was innocently  the  victim  of,    or  was  traumatized  by;    this  can  be
mixed  within  all  sorts  of  attitude  traits  including   arrogant-loud mouthed,  quiet  &  soft-spoken,   depressed,  suicidal,  outspoken,
etc...but  with  the absence  of  any  joy;   it  is a  hardened,  stone-faced,   despondent   mindset  and  attitude;   it  is  evil-influenced]
manic-depressive  or Bi-polar    [100% of time is demonically-influenced,  even  demon-possessed]
Suicidal patterns  or  thoughts   [100% of time is demonically-influenced,   even  possessed]
extreme  torment-fear   [100% of time is demonically-influenced, even  possessed]
Hypo-Chondriac    [100% of  time  person is demonically driven      to  obsession  with  sickness  &  being  sick]
Clepto-maniac    [100% of  time person is  demonically driven to
obsession  with  thievery  &  stealing]
Attention Deficit Disorder    [is mostly influenced by evil spirits, particularly  when a   person  or   child  is  perfectly  healthy,    then suddenly  is  diagnosed  with  ADD   with  no  apparent   cause]
Hyper-Activity   [particularly in extreme cases where a person or child is healthy,  then suddenly  becomes  driven  by  hyper-activity without  any  apparent  cause]
Excessive  Compulsive    [is  mostly  influenced  by evil spirits;      can  be  driven  by   spirits of  fear,  torment , rejection, anger,  lust      or  any  combination]
Recurring  nightmares     [99%  of  time  this  person  has   evil spiritual activity  hindering  their own mindset;   Typically the person   will  have allowed their mind to focus on & be  filled  with evil,  sinful  and/or    fearful   thoughts  allowing  spirits  of   fear  &   torment  to influence   their   waking   thoughts  AND   dreams.]
seizures   [95% of  time or  more= demonically influenced;  espec-  ially  when found  in a  person  or  child  who  was perfectly healthy,    then  suddenly  begins  having  seizures  for  no  medically  proven reason]
drug addictions [100% of  time=demonically influenced whether        hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, steriods, crack  are used  AND/OR  over-the-counter  medicine  or  prescribed  drugs are  being  used]
Alcoholism   [100% of time evil spirits are involved,  can become demon-possessed]
Gluttony      [extreme  gluttony  and/or   being  dangerously  over-   weight   with  eating  disorder  is  100%  influenced  by  evil  spirits]
anorexia / bolemia   [100% demonically influenced,  particularly  when  long  term]
Atheistic mindset     [100%  of  time  is  demonically  influenced,       even  demon-possessed; any extreme  arrogant-self-exalting  mind-   set   is   influenced   by   some  degree  of   evil   spiritual   activity]
Religious mindset       [persons  who  have   fixed   their  minds, especially for a  long-term period   and/or  by  indoctrination,  upon another religion  or  defined  beliefs  which  vehemently oppose the truth  of  the  Bible  AND/OR   opposes  Christ Jesus as the  Son of God,  are  demonically  influenced]
Gross sin     [persons who  engage in  gross sin are demonically influenced  100%  of  the time.  Long-term  indulgence in gross sin    can  bring full-blown  demon-possession.  ie.  perversion,  prostitu-   tion,  pornography,  homosexuality,  adultery,   various  lusts,  etc.]
Pedophiles       [100%  demon-possessed]
Criminal  behavior    [any  person  who  persists  in  patterns of crime,  corrupt  acts  and  corrupt   behavior   and/or    a   life-style      or  long-term  pattern of criminal activity  is  demonically-influenced  100% of the time.   Typically,  most = full-blown  demon-possessed.     ie. organized  crime,  gangs,  thieves,  cheaters, fraud,  profession-      al    criminals,   etc.]
Racism    [persons  who  have any  patterns of  either  constantly elevating  their  own  race,   constantly  demoting  other  races   or  becoming  agitated,  angry,  argumentative,  arrogant,  accusatory,  inflamed, antagonistic, condescending,  condeming  or  hateful  [or   any combination of  these]  based  upon the  issue  of   'race'   are  demonicaly influenced;  can become full-blown demon-possessed]
Psychic /  New Age  mindsets    [100%  of  the  time  are   in- fluenced   by   evil  spirits,   even  demon-possessed]
Spiritual  Mediums    [100%  of the  time  are  influenced by evil spirits,  probable  demon-possession]
Magic  Arts    [100% of the time  involves  demonic  spiritual  acti-    vity   by  the  enemy,   possible  demon-possession.   ie.  levitation, patterns of  death-defying acts, sophisticated  mindsets  of  deceiv-    ing   people  under  the  guise  of  Magic,   magic rituals or  demon- strations,   etc ]
Satanism / Witchcraft  practices    [100% of time = full-blown demon-possessed]
Compulsive  gambling      [ 100%  of   time  is   demonically-in- fluenced]
Fighting     [person's  who  are  driven  to   engage  in,    concen-      trate  on,    and/or   obsessively  promote  fighting  are   influenced      by  some  degree  of  demonic  activity,  even  demon-possession] 
Tattooing one's self     [particularly  when  a   person  engages    long-term   with  extreme  tattooing  of   the  body  is  100%   influe-    nced   by  demonic  activity,  even  possessed]
Terrorism   [100% demonically influenced,  even  possessed with  demons,   having  an  evil mindset which has been indoctrinated to hate,  destroy  &  kill  others,   even  themselves.]
Hatefulness   [100% of the time is demonically-influenced,  even possessed by  demons,  having harbored  hate  &  a  root of  bitter-ness  within  himself]
driven  to  engage  in  evil  practices  or  rituals   [ie. Ouija boards,  seances,   palmistry,   fortune-telling,  witchcraft,   voodoo,  magic arts    [white-black  magic, etc],     pronouncing   curses   on      others,   animal sacrifice,   bold   obsessions  with   death,      horo-   scopes,  Zodiac signs,  numerology,  chanting,  channeling,  Yoga,  eastern   religious   rituals,    mysticism,    martial  arts   &   fighting,   various  religious  rituals   [ie.  giving  homage to  statues,  praying       to   dead   people,    exalting   persons  as    idols   or   objects   of   worship,    meaningless   repetition   in   prayer   like   the   Rosary,       meaningless  rituals  like   bead-counting,   etc.],    drinking  blood,   cannibalism,  etc. 

[Above info is protected by U.S.Copyright  laws & is directly excerpted from the  copyrighted  book  "The Eyes Have IT"  /  Copyright 2005  /  Rob Conrad   /  All Rights  Reserved]

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