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CHAPTER  5       Deceitful spirits  and  Doctrines of Demons

Deceptions  within  Today's  body  of  Christ

Within   the   body  of   Christ   today   an   alarming  and  critical   fact   for  these  End  Times  is   Jesus'  own  repeated  warning  that   even true  believers  themselves  could   potentially  be   misled.       He   foretold  of  this   scenario  as   arising    through  the   centuries  and   into   the   End  Times saying   that,  '....false Christs  and  false  prophets  will  as  to  mislead,  if  possible,   even  the  elect.'      [Math.24:24].        About  30  years  after  Christ,   the   Apostle  Paul  reiterated   [as  did  other  New  Testament  writers]  this  vital   forewarning  stating   that   in   the   last  generation     'many  will  fall  away  from  the  faith,  paying  attention  to  deceitful  spirits  and doctrines  of  demons.'        [1 Tim. 4:1].      

Across  America  today   there  are   many   deceitful  spirits   [persons]  and  deceitful  mindsets  of   which   America's   populace   is  readily   'paying  attention to'    within   our   backslidden  and   undiscerning   society.      Even   public  persons   [ie.  celebrities,  politicians,  sports figures,  religious  leaders,  etc.]     who   demonstrate  or   are   exposed   in    the   most    blatant   cases  of   anti-scriptural   beliefs   and   behavior   [like  racism,  homosexuality,  alcoholism,  outbursts  of  anger,   cursing,  adultery,  fornication,  criminal  behavior,  drug  usage,   etc.]     are   typically   still   regarded   by   many   as   being    'Christian'    if     that   person   professes   himself   as   one.

Many  Americans  today  are   quick  and   bold   to   announce   themselves  as  'Christian'   and  also  quick   to  accept  others   as  'Christian'   yet   their  unChristlike   speech   and   behavior   bring  a   mockery  to  Christianity  and   a   reproach  upon  the  Lord.    This  must  be  stated  in  order  to  help  sharpen   discernment   and   bring  alertness   within   today's   End  Time   body  of   Christ.

Yet,  scriptures  are  clear  that   'believing'   in  Jesus  is  only   the   'starting  point'   of   submitting  to  the  guidelines  of  growing   into  a   disciple  of  Christ.     Scripturally,   there  is   a   huge  difference  in   being   just   a   first-base   'believer'   in   Jesus  versus    becoming   a    true   'disciple'   of  Christ.    [John 13:34,35].         Jesus'   own   parables   describe   believers  who  fell  away   and    back    into   the  deceitfulness  of   riches   and   the   world's   ways,    having    no    root   in   Christ.       [Math. 13:21,22].  

But,  in  today's  deceptive  times,   it  is   imperative  for   true  believers  to  prove   their   Christlikeness  as   a   mature   'disciple'   of   Christ   and   to  maintain  their   testimony   which  exalts  Christ.    [John 13:34,35;  Rev.6:9].  Unfortunately,  many   believers   have   the   testimony  of   truly   recognizing   Jesus  as   their    Savior  yet   they   continued   right   on   serving   themselves  and   walking  in   their   worldly   behavior   and   deeds  of   the  flesh.      This   kind  of   testimony   brings   no   glory   to   God   and,   in  fact,   mocks  Christ.

However,   the  New  Testament  is   loaded  with   black   and   white   principles  which   profile   a    true    follower   of   Christ   like:     '....the  one  who  says  he  abides  in  Jesus  ought  himself  to  walk  in   the  same  manner  as  Jesus  walked.'     [1John 2:6].       Conversely,   Jesus   said,   'Why  do you  call  Me  "Lord"   and   do  not  the  things  which  I   say?' .        [Luke 6:46].

A  recent   example   of   America's   body  of   believers   'paying  attention  to  deceitful  spirits'    was   exemplified  when  30  million  USA   evangelicals  were   completely  fooled   by   their   elected   and   highly  celebrated  President   and   mega-church  Pastor  who   was  exposed   and   soon  admitted   to   being   homosexual.       Also   highly   alarming   is   that   none   of   his   other   Christian  ministerial   associates  and    leaders   who   are   called   to   watch   over   God's   children   discerned   the  deceitful  spirit  of  deceptiveness  nor   the   homosexual   spirit   in   the   man.    In  fact,  the  Pastor   was  exposed   by   his   homosexual  partner  to  the  shock  of   the  Pastor's  associates  and   followers.     This  is  a   serious  and   loud  statement   about   the   lack  of   discernment   within   the   body  of   Christ  and    its    ministers   today   in   America.

Many  other  religious  hucksters  can   also   be   seen  today  on  the   Christian TV   airwaves  daily   as    those   who   are   identical   to    Simon   in    the  book  of   Acts.      He   was   one   who    truly    'believed'   and    then   was  water   'baptized'    yet   the  Apostle  Peter  came  along   later   and  confronted   and   exposed   him   as   one   in   need   of    repentance   from  'wickedness,   the  gall  of   bitterness  and   the  bondage  of   iniquity'.    [Acts  8:13, 21-23].        

This   profile  of    'believer'    is   also   prevalent  across   America   in   persons  and   even   ministers   who    'believe'   in   Jesus   and   may   also   have  been   'baptized' .      Yet,    they   mostly   remain   in    the   world   and   in  the  deeds  of    their   flesh  and    bring   mockery  to   Christ  and   Christianity, even   being    stumbling   blocks   to   others   who   truly   seek   Christ.

An  even  more  extreme   example  of   a   deceitful  profile  seen   today  within   the   body  of   Christ   parallels   the   woman  who   was   in   the   midst  of   the  great   Apostle   Paul's  ministry.     As  she  stood  up   'for  many  days'   amongst   the   body   of   Christ   delivering   an   accurate  prophecy  then  most   assuredly   the   witnessing   believers   probably  gave  her   much  favor   and   respect,    thinking   of   her   as   a    wonderful   Christian.   

How  shocked  must   they  have   been  when   Paul's  discernment  was  that  she   was   no   Christian  at   all,    but   that   she   was  demon-possessed?  He   turned   to   the   deceitful   woman  and   cast   the   evil  spirit  out  of  her.   [Acts 16:17,18].       This   exact  scenario  is  occurring  today   across  America   as   various   popular  and   internationally  known   TV   ministers  [men  and  women]    can   be  seen   standing   in   the   forefront   of  God's  people  and   receiving   great   applause  and   respect   as    'Christian'  leaders,    yet   they   have   evil   and    deceitful  spirits.     

As  stressed,  scriptures  have  foretold  of   these  great  deceptions  for  today's  End  Times.      However,  Spirit-filled   believers   who  are   keenly  operating   in    the   solution   which   is     'handling  accurately  the  word  of  truth'    and     'having  our  senses   trained   to   discern  good   and   evil'   will    not    be  'misled'   in   these   deceptive   days   ahead.       [2   Timothy 2:15;  Heb.5:14].

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