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NO   "Prosperity Coming to America!"   as  falsely  Prophesied   unanimously  today by America's  BLIND  Ministers...

Today's BLIND and false Prophecy TV Preachers in America  are  ALL heard TODAY still saying, "NOW is the season of Prosperity  in  America!   TODAY  is  the  season  of  a  DOUBLE  PORTION!  TODAY is  the season  which  God  is  RESTORING ALL THINGS  TO  HIS  PEOPLE  in  America!".  

They  can  be  heard  daily  from  the  Christian  TV  airwaves whipping  the  unsuspecting  body  of  Christ  into  an  emotional frenzy  and  driving  them  to  the  TBN  and  Daystar  phones  to "sow  your seed for your financial  rewards  and  the end  to your economic gloom!"

These  are   ALL  100%   FALSE   PROPHECIES.

Why?  Because  America is  in  a current state of HUMBLING. NOT   a  state of   "prosperity,  double portions  and  restora- tion".        [ All  Prophecies  RE:   America's  Future ]

A  Prophetic  Word  to  America  TODAY:

dear friends:   HERE is the TRUE WORD OF THE LORD TO AMERICA which is:   America's current spiritual state of HUMBLING  will CONTINUE   in being  ABASED  ECO- NOMICALLY, with another ("a 2nd") BIGGER ECONOMIC  DOWNTURN  COMING  TO  AMERICA !!

Whether America's  next  DOWNTURN  comes  in  chunks as  it  drops,  or  is  a  steady,  gradual  declining  (as  currently)   or   is   just  one  big  giant  drop   economically...
more  DOWNTURN  is  coming,  again.

Why?   What's  the  ROOT  REASON ??

So that God's people in America, AND ALL WHO HE IS DRAWING TO HIMSELF,  will be brought to the place SPIRITUALLY, and as THE BODY OF CHRIST as a whole, where we are COLLECTIVELY LOOKING TO HIM and TURNING TO HIM and HEARING HIS VOICE at this crucial time in End Time history.   ....and becoming READY FOR HIS RETURN as the spotless, upright and glorious body of Christ.     [Ephesians 5:27]

AND, since "God's people" have NOT initiated OUR OWN "humbling" as 2 Chronicles 7:14  instructs  and  since  today's MOST INFLUENTIAL Religious "voices" in America (ie. TBN, Daystar, etc)  are the prime platforms  for FALSELY PROPHES- YING and misleading the body of Christ with  their  "this is the season of prosperity!"   pitch ....

then God is NOW allowing for Americans' OWN DISOBEDIENCES (ie. DEBT, SIN, ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY, REBELLION, ETC) and for our own SELF-INVOKED CIRCUMSTANCES (sin, Debt, idolatry, lusts, compromising, etc) to be THE VERY DOING for OUR OWN "HUMBLING".     If we're not going to "humble ourselves"  (2Chron 7:14)  as  God's Word  requires,   then God will  let  OUR  OWN  CIRCUMSTANCES  do  it   for  us !!     This is  what  is  occurring  RIGHT  NOW  in  America,   and WILL  CONTINUE.

WHY?   Again, so Americans will finally "Hear His Voice" and "REPENT" and "TURN TO HIM" at this MOST CRUCIAL TIME PROPHETICALLY.    

America's BLIND, Flashy Self-Serving  Ministers

NO  TALK  of  "Repentance"   like   the   true   Prophetic   Word  being  prophesied  here  by  myself  is  being  heard  in  America  by  99%  of   America's   popularized  so-called  "prophets"   and  "Reverends"  and  self-exalting  self-sent  TV  Ministers.    They're  too  busy  making   a  name  for  themselves,  fleecing  God's  flock,   being  seen  and  approved  of  men  and  cherishing  the  applause  and admiration  of  the  TV  cameras  and  the  unsuspecting  body  of  Christ  in  America.   Their  own  self-serving  desires  of   stardom  and  riches   are  exactly   what  the  devil  offers  everyone  who  exalts  themselves  first,   above  God  and  His  Word.     Until  they  repent,  today's  famous  old-wineskin  Preachers  have  received  their  reward,   from  men.

But, has God turned His back on America?   ABSOLUTELY NOT! But,  the  urgency  and  timing  for  His  people  in  America  to "Hear His true Voice"  is NOW SO CRITICAL,  that God is mercifully with His outstretched hands toward AMERICA allowing a FURTHER ABASING so WE AS A BODY OF BELIEVERS IN AMERICA DO NOT MISS our time to BE READY in the TIME OF HIS COMING VISITATION !!    Sometimes  a  person,  or  nation, has  to   'come  to  the  end  of  his  rope'   before  he  finally  turns his heart towards God.  This applies  exactly  to  America TODAY.

America's FALSE PROPHETS and Blind TV Preachers can be heard  today  UNANIMOUSLY  telling  the  body  of  Christ  of "Today's  most  UNCERTAIN  times......".

No wonder ALL of  today's top  Preachers in America are "uncertain"   since,   just  like  the LAODICEAN CHURCH,   they are  TOTALLY BLIND  to  today's  End  Time  things  LINED UP RIGHT NOW  about  which  the  Lord's  instruction  to   His  people was  to   "SEE ALL THESE THINGS"   and  then  to   "KNOW" !! (Matthew 24:33).    

Just  like the  Laodiceans America's Preachers  also  DO NOT hear  the   "voice"   of  the   Lord  Jesus,   having  pushed  Christ all  the  way  OUT   of  their  lives   and  of   His   own   church!! [Rev 3:14-20].   America's top  Christian  Ministers  and  TV Christian  Networks  (TBN, etc)  have turned off  course  over the  last  25  years,  since  the  mid-80's.     They've  made  a mess  out  of  the  House  of   the   Lord  in  America  and   have brought  a   reproach  upon   Him  with   their   arrogance,   wordli- ness,  unChristlikeness,  their  'wealth-oriented'  fleecing  of  God's children  and   their   misleading  of   the  body  of  Christ  in  many vital  keys  of  His  Word  in  today's  crucial  End  Times.  

The  prophetic  Word  now  for   TBN,  Daystar   and    America's other  thriving  Christian  TV  networks  is:    IF  you   repent  from your  current  LUKEWARM and  stumbling  block  modes  AND quickly  change  from   your   current    LAODICEAN   BLINDNESS, and  bring  back  the  true  anointed  voice  of  the  Lord    and STOP  hindering  and   quenching  His  Spirit   with   worldliness and  compromise,   then   your  TV  platforms  are  positioned  now to  be   used  mightily  of  God,   even  greater   than   in    your beginning  years,   in   the   closing  hours  just   before  Christ's Return.    If  not,  then  your  LUKEWARMNESS   will  wind  up  as 'vomit'   out  of   the  mouth  of  the  Lord.      [Rev 3:16]

AFTER America  Repents,  then what's coming?

Dear  friends:   God is  not  mocked.   [Galatians 6:7).   Although today's  BLIND  Preachers  can  be   heard  talking  of   "Today's UNCERTAIN  times",   Hundreds of thousands of believers today HAVE  NEVER  BEEN  SO  CERTAIN  IN  THEIR  LIVES,   just  like God's  Word  says.   

HOW?    Because as the Lord instructed:   "Even so, you too, when  you  SEE ALL  these  things,  KNOW  He is near,  even right  at  the  door!"      [Matthew 24:33]

Over  1.3  Million  Visitors  to  Heisnear.com  with  over  800,000  of  them  in  the  last  31  months  NOW  have  their  EYES OPEN  to  the  Nearness  of  Christ.    Plus,  almost   400,000   YouTube  Viewers  in  the  last  26   months.    God's   "body"  of   believers  worldwide  and  in America  are  RIGHT NOW  beginning  to  "KNOW"   with  certainty   about  today's   End  Times,   even  though  today's  fancy   preachers   and  BLIND   'prophets'   can't  'see'    with  ANY  certainty  at  all.   

This  EYE-OPENING  move  of  God   is   now   only  in   its  infant  stages  compared  to    the  coming  EXPLOSION   of  His   people in America  who  will  "SEE All these things"  as  Bible  proph- ecies   clearly   show    is    the   inevitable   End  Time   scenario. [Matthew 24:33 /  Daniel 11:32,33]

Dear friends:   Although  more  ABASING  is coming  to  America, God  is  NOT going  to  leave  His  children  in America   destitute or  hungry!     But,  the  coming  scenario   for  God's   people  in the  United States  through  AND  AFTER  this  ABASING   is  far greater than what  ANY  of  today's  BLIND  Preachers  and  self-sent   'prophets'   are   falsely  prophesying  today   saying,   "This is  the  season  of   prosperity  and   the   season  of   a   double-portion   and   restoration  to  America!"     

Again,   in   NO  WAY   is  America   being   "restored"   currently but   is  ready  for  more  humbling  and  abasing   leading  to  the required  repentance  FIRST.   Then,  the  result  in America  will be   His   FINAL  End  Time   body,    AS  A  WHOLE,    being   able to  accurately   "see"   and    "hear"   the   precise  Word  of   the Lord   at    this   time    prophetically  and   as   presented   elabor- ately   at  Heisnear.com.    Others  will   fall   away  at   that  time coming   [1 Timothy 3:1]   in   a   far   worse  condition   than  what is   already  seen  today   in  America.       [Matthew 25:1-13]

These  2  MAJOR  End  Time  Prophecies  are  occurring  right  now,  and  will  explode in  the coming  days.    The  Lord's  "Sheep,  who hear His voice"   [John 10:27]   are  already  beginning  to  line  themselves  up  with  His  Word  in  these  2  Prophecies  for   today's   End  Times:

"Even so,  you too, when you  SEE  ALL these things, KNOW He is near, even right at the door."  [Matthew  24:33)


"And those who have  insight  among the people will  provide understanding  to  the many."     [Daniel  11:33]

Tue,  Nov  2,  2010
Rob Conrad  ~founder, Heisnear.com 
A  Prophetic  Word  to  Believers  in  America
"He who has ears to hear, let him hear."  (Mark 4:9)

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