"Prosperity"  Preachers

The body of Christ is starting to 'see' the unChristlikeness and folly in America's pulpits today.  The Spirit of Truth is now opening EYES in today's End Times to 'see all these things'.  (Math 24:33).   This not only refers to the major Bible prophecies lined up EXACTLY TODAY but also to End Time false prophets and  those ministers within the body of Christ  who mislead  'even His elect'.    (Matthew 24:24).

For example, America's Christian TV Programming IS FLOODED with flashy and cocky "prosperity" TV preachers and "plant your seed NOW for a miracle!" TV ministries. Still overall, much of the body of Christ in America flocks to them, unsuspectingly.

However, you WON'T FIND even 1 TRUE man of God, NOT 1, in the entire Bible who SOLELY DEDICATED his whole ministry for 10, 20, 30 years (like today's preachers) to TRAIN and INSTRUCT OTHERS on 'how to prosper financially and gain material wealth'.      It's not in the Bible.  

Do  you  find  the  first  century  Apostles  like  Peter  or  even  Paul  running  around in  the  book of  Acts   DEDICATED  to preaching  how to prosper  financially,  and  then  living  luxuriously  like today's  fancy  preachers?    You  don't.

Yes, God's Word shows we can prosper.  But, with the #1 condition being "IF" that TRUE man/woman of God OBEYS His entire Word.  (Deut 28:1,2).    AND IF that man of God truly 'seeks 1st THE KINGDOM of GOD'.  (Math 6:33).   But, today's prosperity pitch from America's pulpits is an imbalanced pitch for the last 20-30 years on TV Christian airwaves which is a self-centered, worldy and materialistic mindset.  

It  is  a  'serve me first' mentality  which  is  the exact opposite  from  the mind of Christ who placed no value in earthly things,  but  placed  as  priorities  'serving God first'  and  also  prioritizing  others'  well-being as more important  than  His own.

Word of the Lord:   NO more  involvement in DEBT  by believers in America!

I've  written/prophesied  much at  Heisnear.com  about prob- ably the biggest example of today's 'financial ERROR' carried out by America's self-centered Ministers, Church Pastors  and so-called 'prophets'.   Namely, those ministers who  have  WRONGFULLY  taken out  BANK DEBTS  and million dollar  BANK LOANS.

First, they've disobeyed God's Word which emphatically states that His people should NOT borrow nor be 'en- slaved to the lender'  nor have ANY DEBT.  (Proverbs 22:7 / Romans 13:8/ Deut 28).     Yet  today's  worldly  ministers have  GONE  INTO  HUGE DEBT  to  'build a church'  or 'buy a property for their NEW church building'.

One of many top TV ministers is boasting that he's recently taken out a $45 Million BANK loan to build a huge complex which won't be done for 3 more years anyway.  This epitomizes my points in this prophetical word.

Secondly, and WORSE, is that same Minister and ALL of today's Church Pastors or TV Ministers who have TAKEN OUT BANK DEBTS, HAVE THEN PLACED THAT VERY BURDEN of PAYING BACK the multi-Million Dollar DEBT...... UPON  the  innocent  BODY OF Christ!!

Imagine God's people being led by a man or woman involved in outright  disobedience to God's Word and  sinning,  BUT then places the YOKE of his own sins upon God's precious children,  burdening them to carry it.

Dear Friends:  God is not mocked.  The LINKS below expound on the prophecies given to me by the Spirit and according to His Word on all of this, which are now coming to pass in America.   Specifically, "The Lord will turn over MORE tables of the money-changer Preachers/ Church Pastors/ Ministers in America in 2010-2011" for them to finally learn AND so they won't burden God's children anymore.    And,  the body of Christ  itself  must  NOT  be involved  in  DEBT  anymore.

It  is  no  accident  in  America   that  right  now  and   over the  last  10-16  months  American  Banks  themselves have all  but  STOPPED  making  loans  to Americans.   So much so,   that   Pres. Obama   basically  ordered   Banks  to   start  lending   a   few  months  back.       [ CNN/Money News/Feb 2010 ]

But,  America's Banks have even  become  more  stringent  than before.   Amazingly, God  has  His  ways  of  getting  His point  across to  His  people  in  America  about  NOT BORROWNG  nor going into DEBT anymore.   How?   By  freezing  up  the  Banks  and  causing  them   NOT TO LEND regardless of  Obama's  pressure  on  them   to   do   so. Why?      DEBT   brings   BONDAGE.      (Proverbs 22:7)

This,  God has done while  knowing  that  today's  prosperity Ministers and  so-called  'prophets'  would  continue   push- ing  God's children  with  the  same  imbalanced  and  self-serving 'prosperity'  messages  right  through  the  very  Economic  Collapse  and  worsening  economy  in  America  today.   

Blind, wealth-oriented, wretched
(Revelation 3:14-20)

*Here are 2 examples of this imbalanced 'prosperity - wealth-oriented' mindset in the BIBLE.  However, BOTH show this mindset to be evil and in gross sin before God:

1) ie.   Simon the sorcerer actually became a believer, being watered baptized & 'believed' in Christ.  (Acts 8:13).  Yet like many 'prosperity' Ministers or believers today, Simon STILL thought his own MONEY was the ultimate priority which could sway God and even acquire God, the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:18,19,20).

Likewise, daily in America we see top TV Ministers looking into the camera instructing God's people to, "Run to your phone, call the 800# and sow your SEED" .....so that you can obtain your biggest miracle from God yet, even a financial miracle!

But, Apostle Peter's discernment of Simon's money-priorities was the exact opposite of Simon's.   In fact, Peter confronted Simon telling him he was 'evil, in the gall of bitterness AND in need of repentance'. (Acts 8:20-24).  This scenario PRECISELY mirrors today's self-serving prosperity Ministers in America who need to hear this prophetic Word by the Spirit.   

2) ie.   The Laodicean Church profiled in Revelation ALSO mirrors today's "prosperity" TV Ministries and money-oriented Church Ministers in  America.  The Laodiceans were true 'believers' since Jesus ID'd them as 1 of the 7 "Churches".     (Revelation 1:11 / 3:14).

Yet they were so 'wealth-oriented' (Rev 3:17) that they literally became self-deceived since Jesus told them they "did not know" (Rev 3:17) that they were "wretched, miserable, poor, naked and blind".   (Rev 3:17).

Imagine a true believer in Christ (like Simon the sorcerer AND the Laodiceans) AND like many of America's Ministers today, being 100% confident -- CONVINCED -- that they are 'Right  On!'.

Yet, then the Lord comes along in perfect discernment and wisdom saying to them, "To the contrary.  In fact, you're sinful and wretched and blind, and WORSE, you  don't even know it!".

This Laodicean profile EXACTLY MIRRORS America's self-deceived TV Ministers and ANY minister across America who has wrongly placed MONEY as a priority.  Again, this can be quickly spotted in Ministers who disobey  God's Word by  taking  out   BANK DEBTS  or  Bank  Loans.  

Worse, is that  minister's placing of the YOKE  and  burden of his own DEBTS upon God's innocent children TO PAY IT OFF!!    Other ministers can be quickly ID'd  in their cocky and boasting  attitudes  about  money,  prosperity and materialism  which  is  never   in  the  Spirit of God.

Believers must not be naive anymore.  Today's self-serving   Church  Pastor  or   TV   Evangelist   (or  believer next door)   might  boast  that  he   just  "bought"   a   new  home.    However,  unless  he  paid  cash,   then  from  God's  TRUE  perspective  he  just  disobeyed  God's  Word  and, virtually   just  added  a   $250,000  bondage  of   DEBT   to  his   life!

It's time in America to:

Dear Friends:  Just  like the Laodiceans, America's  pulpits have NOW pushed the Lord so far OUTSIDE of the church that He is on the outside-looking-in.   Today , in America and exactly like the BLIND, WEALTH-ORIENTED Laodicean Church,  the Lord Jesus  is gently and  humbly  'knocking on the door' of men's hearts saying, "IF anyone hears My voice......".   (Rev 3:20).

However, in America today the Lord's true 'VOICE' in the matter of FINANCES is NOT being heard  right now!   Why?  Because the loudest VOICES being heard on  the biggest Christian TV airwaves are STILL spewing the SAME FALSE PROPHECIES!   It  is  the  same batch  of  flashy  prosperity preachers  and  so-called  'prophets'  who  are  seen  DAILY  hyping  God's  people  saying,  'Hurry!  Run to your phone, send the money, plant your seed ....and PROSPERITY  is coming your way and for America!!"

But, TO THE CONTRARY!   Today, the LORD'S TRUE VOICE  to  His  people  right  now  in America  is  to:

"Repent! Turn to Him and EMBRACE Him fully! Do NOT borrow any more! What you've lost, consider it joy because of an opportunity to learn from your mistakes; GOD IS YOUR SOURCE!  NOT A BANK!  Be stronger and wiser and FULLY OBEDIENT TO HIS WORD and Spirit, to GOD'S GLORY!"

And  "Look to Him!  Forsake ALL which is ungodly and of this world!! Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and ALL His righteousness!  And Almighty God HIMSELF shall supply ALL of your needs according to His Word and His riches which are in glory!  And PRAY for ALL of  today's Ministers, many of whom are our true brothers in Christ, so they also might "see" (Rev 3:18) and understand AND OBEY the Word of the Lord for America on this matter!"

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