Headlines  PROVE  the  Vatican's  evil  mode  of  operations and cover-ups  concerning  decades  of  thousands  of   Priests  who have  been   PROVEN   as   evil   sexual   predators  of   children.
Judge  OKs  Settlement  between  Los Angeles Archdiocese  &  Child  Sex  Abuse  Victims
[  Landmark  $660  million  settlement    /   more  than  500  sex
abuse  victims  ]     July  15,  2007   /    L.A. Times News
Mahony / Head-Los Angeles Diocese

National  News  on  Priest  Abuse: Survivors Network of
those abused
by priests 
Cardinal Bernard Law:
resigned after covering up
for pedophile Catholic priests
News: US Catholic Sex scandal/ Feb  2005  /  BBC  News
"Many  false  prophets  will  arise... and will mislead  many, even the elect  [true Christians]  if  possible...."                                                              [Math.24:11,24]
Roman Catholic Cardinals at the Vatican
Benedict on his throne
UNPRECEDENTED  in  history:   World's   #1   unashamed,  unaccountable,  Child  sexual  abuse  Institution     (Global Vatican hierarchy)     is  going  com-    pletely  unchecked  TODAY,   foretold  of  the  False Prophet  &  Great  Harlot
May  17,  2011   /
LA Times

Vatican  orders Bishops  to  draft
guidelines  on  child  sex  abuse
End Time False Prophet
Vatican's OUTRAGEOUS,  self-  protecting response to decades of child sexual abuse:

After all of the thousands of children sexually abused by Catholic clergy globally, the Pope's ultimate answer is outrageous:   1) he finally orders to have guidelines "drafted"   2)  he places the deadline to be another  1 year away  (May 17, 2012)   3)  he orders the  "Bishops" to  draft  the new guidelines,  who are the very ones (along with priests globally)  who ARE GUILTY  of THE  VERY  CRIME !
Feb  27,  2004   /

Over 10,000 Children sexually abused by  4000 U.S. Catholic Priests                 [Legal charges]

Child Sex abuse cases  in world history
Over 10,000 Children sexually abused by 4000  U.S. Catholic Priests

[ News below show Legal charges ]
Global Priests
have carried out:
USA  &  Worldwide
Catholic  Demographics
Approx. 50K  Priests  in  USA /
Over 400k  Priests  worldwide
Feb. 27, 2004    ^
10,000  children sexually abused  by  U.S.  Priests
over  last  50  years  [Legal
Aug  23,  2011   / Atlantic-Canada News   (via)   Washington Post)

Vatican  Denies  Responsibility  for  Sexually  Abusive  Priests  Worldwide
Most Recent 1st
The  POPE   "has  the  Highest  Word  of  Authority  on earth" ??   ...says the Pope      /   *Other  shocking  FACTS  about  the  Papacy  of  ROME  >>
Aug  19,  2011   / Assoc  Press (OregonLive)   News

Decade  Old  Catholic  Priest  Child  Sex  Abuse Case ---  VATICAN gives  Court  Doc- ments..... IN LATIN
July  10,  2007  "Catholic  Church  only  true  Church
says  Vatican     [  *ALL  OTHER  denominations  like   Protestant 
&  Lutheran  are  not  since  they  do not  recognize  the  authority  of   
the  POPE  ]     /   ( CBC  News )    *MORE  Deceptions  in  ROME >>
Sept  4,  2011   / ABC  News

Vatican  Admits  Grave  Failures  over  Abuse  Scandal  of  Ireland's  19  child-predator  Priests
May  16,  2011   / Telegraph  UK News

Vatican  stops  short  of  handing over  pedophile  priests
Sept  13,  2011   / New York Times

International  Court asked  to  Investi- gate  &  Prosecute  Benedict  XVI   for  Aiding  &  Covering Up  child-sex  Abuse  by  Priests

Sept  13,  2011  /  UPI News
Benedict  XVI,   Top Vatican  Officials  charged  with  "tens of  thousands" of  child- sex  abuse  victims,  in  INT'L  Criminal  Court
       OTHER  NEWS  about  the:
  "Holy"  Roman  Catholic  Church
Nov  23,  2011   /   CNA  News

Benedict  XVI  and  Catholic  Church
decide  to  sell   its   Internet  Invest-  ments   in  PORNOGRAPHY 
*Also in:    the Great Harlot section
May  11,  2012   / FOX  News

VATICAN  Investi- gates     7   more  Priests  for  sexual  abuse  of  children
June  20,  2011   / Daily  Mail  UK

Vatican  pledges  to  submit  United  Nations  Report  of  its  own   mistreat-  ment   of  children
---  14 years  late
May  16,  2011   / ETWN  News

Vatican  gives  Catholic  Bishops exactly   "1  Year"  to  draft  child  sex abuse  Guidelines  
--  new  deadline:  May  2012
FRANCIS  /  March 2013
100% PROOF Pope Francis is ANTICHRIST
May  23,  2013   / Reuters  News

CATHOLIC  CHURCH child-care   to  pay $16.5  MIL   to  400  sexually-abused  victims  of  priests
July  11,  2013   / CNS  News

United  Nations Grinding  VATICAN  RE:   thousands of child-sex  abuse victims  &  Priests  selling  babies
Only site in the world Identifying ANTICHRIST on world stage now with jolting clarity