At the exact "middle"  point  of the  7 year Tribulation  the man of sin   ["antichrist"  as he is called today]  will stand in the newly-built Jerusalem  temple &  "exalt himself above God & every object of worship......displaying himself as being God".           [2 Thess.2:4]

It  is  at  this  "mid-7 year point"   when he  is  "revealed"   to  the world  in  his  true  wicked  nature.   Up  until  the  Mid-7 year  point,  his   masquerade   of   'goodness'   will   still   fool   spiritually-blind and   unsuspecting  people  worldwide.   This  is  symbolized at  the "start"    of   the    7  year  Tribulation   when   he   appears   to  the  world  as  a   "rider  on  a  white  horse".    [Rev.6:2].       Clearly,  this is  the  exact  scenario  already  shaped  up  today.       [ below Link ]

However,   in  the  "middle"   of  the  7  years   at  his  "revealing", the  most  extreme  evil   that   will  ever  exist  on   earth  will   sud- denly   become  unleashed   in  this   1  man   during  the  ensuing nightmare  of   the   Great Tribulation.     Prophetically,   this  event is  clearly  in   view   &  will   occur  in   the   not-too-distant   future.

Daniel,  John  &  Paul....              [  revealed @ Mid-7 years  ]

Daniel  pinpointed the  man of  sin's  "revealing"   as  taking  place at  the  exact   "middle"   of  the  7 year  Tribulation.  He called  it the   "abomination  of  desolation".        [Daniel 9:27].    

Then,  in  line  with Daniel,  the  Apostle John   unfolds the  man  of  sin's   "revealing"    also  at  the  exact  Mid-7  year  point  of  the  Tribulation period,   represented  in  Revelation  Chapter 13.   

Of  this   Mid-7 year  point  &  the  man  of  sin's  "revealing"   the  Apostle  Paul   said:
"And then that lawless one will be revealed   whom the  Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth &  bring to an end  by the  appear- ance of  His coming;   that is the one  (antichrist)  whose coming is   in  accord  with the activity of satan, with all power & signs &  false wonders,  &  with  all  the  deception of  wickedness for  those who perish,  because  they did  not  receive the  love of  the  truth so as to be  saved.  And for  this reason God will send upon them a  delu- ding influence so that they might believe what is false,  in order that they  all  may be  judged  who did  not  believe the  truth,  but  took pleasure in wickedness."         [2 Thess.2:8-12].

God's  people  will   "recognize"   him   before  the beginning   of  the  7  year  Tribulation...

True  believers  who  are   led   by  the  Spirit  &  rooted  in  God's Word   will  have  the  spiritual  discernment  to  identify  the  man   of  sin,    even  before   the   "start"    of   the   7  year  Tribulation.   God's  Word  itself   will  be   the  cause of  this.   The  End  Time body  of   Christ  is   given   much  insight  from  God's  Word    in  order   to  accurately  discern  &  recognize  the   the  man of  sin when   he  appears  in   the  world   at   the  beginning   of   the  7  year  Tribulation  period.       [Dan.9:27 / Rev.6:2 / graph below]. 

2500 years ago,  Daniel  gave much insight  about  the  End Time  man  of  sin.     After  Daniel,  came  the  Apostle  John  who  pro- vided  even  more  insight  & clarity  to  the  forthcoming  man of sin,  calling  him  a   "false prophet".         [Rev.16:13, 19:20, 20:10].  

Then,  over the  next  1800  years,  other major  men of  God also recognized  the  true  profile of   the  man of  sin.   Christians  like  John Calvin,   John  Wesley,   Sir  Isaac  Newton,  John  Wycliffe,  William Tyndale,   John  Knox,    D. L.  Moody,   Charles  Finney,  Charles Spurgeon, Galileo Galilei...  ALL  recognized  &  AGREED   on  the  exact  profile  of  the  man of  sin,   as shown in scripture.     
But  today,   after   200  years   have  passed  since   the  1800's,  God's  End Time  people  have  become  naive to  handling  accur- ately  God's  Word  on  the  topic  &  profile of  the   "man of sin". 

But,  in  the prophetical days ahead,   the  razor-sharp  truths of   His  written  Word  will  AGAIN  be  handled  accurately  on these  deeper  &  critical  End Time  insights.    Eyes will be powerfully  opened   within  God's  house  to the  man of sin's   presence  in  the  world  today.   The  sudden  awareness  of  the  closeness  &  reality  of    Daniel  9:27's   fulfillment    [signing  of  the  7  year  Mideast Peace Agreement]   will  explode  God's  people to  readi- ness  for  the imminent return of  the  King.   This spiritual  awake- ning   amongst  God's  people  is  in  the   beginning  stages  now.

the  Lord  is  about  to   "open  the  eyes"   of   His  people...

Ironically,  numerous successful  authors  in  this  generation who have   been  used  greatly  to  ignite  interest  in   Bible  prophecy are  also  responsible  for  causing  today's  blindness  within  the body of  Christ.   For example,  in  their mis-handling of  the  man    of  sin's  true  profile,   then  most of   today's  "prophecy-experts"  are  still  looking  for   "2  men coming":    the   "antichrist  &  the  false prophet".     God's  people  today  have  also   naively  fallen  into   the  same  mindset,   pondering  about   "who?"    these   2  men  might  be.    How  many  millions of  books have  now been  bought  that  promote  this  error?

But,   God's  sharp  written  Word  clearly  shows   that  there   is  only 1 man coming:  the  False Prophet.   This insight & others from   God's  Word   are  about  to   ignite  a   fresh   discernment   &  realization  within   the  body  of  Christ   of  the  magnitude  &  nearness  of  all  End  Time events.   As  a  result,  God's  people  will  suddenly become on  fire  with  a  total  commitment  to  the  Lord  &  His  Word  in  readiness  for  His  soon  return. 

Daniel   prophesied  about  TODAY'S  body of Christ
of  the  End Times...

Daniel's  prophecies are  about  to come  to pass  in  the body of  Christ:  "And those who have insight will provide understand- ing  to the many."        [Dan.11:33].                

And,  he  said:   

"And  those who have  insight  will  shine  brightly... & those who lead the many to righteousness,  will shine like the stars forever & ever."       [Dan.12:3]. 

Right  now,   the  Spirit of  God  is  apprehending   believers who "have insight"   concerning  these  End Times.    In  the  proph- etical  days  ahead,   He  will  use  these   Spirit-filled  bond-serv- ants  to  initially bring  forth  End Time  insight   from  His written  Word  to  His  people.   Truly, these  Spirit-filled  believers will  be   used   powerfully  of   God  to   "provide  understanding  to the  many"   with  millions  of  lives  being  saved   to   the  glory  of  God.

the  Wise  vs.  the  Foolish...

Prophetically &  in  the  face of  these truthful  insights which  are  soon-coming  into the  body of  Christ,  some prophecy  teachers,  book  authors   &  even  Christian  leaders  will  cling  steadfastly    to  their own  errors  from  their  sheer  pride &  arrogance.   Their prime  concern  will   be  the  preservation  of   their  ministries  &   the  exalting  of  their own  reputation &  name that they've  made   for  themselves.  Their  attention will  become  gripped  on  deceit-  ful   spirits  &  doctrines of  demons  which oppose  God's  Word.
[I Tim. 4:1]. 

Others  will,   in  humility  &  by  the Spirit,   recognize  the  truth versus  the  errors of  their  past  teachings.  These  humble  men   of  God   will  continue  to   be  used  of  God   because  of   their   humility  &  stance  in   the   fresh  truth  of   God's  Word   rather  than   any   interest   in  exalting  their   own  ministry   or   name  above  God's  Word. 

This  will  be  the  "falling  away"   as  Paul   predicted  which is coming.    [I Tim.4:1].    The  Lord  Himself  profiled  this  sharp  div- ision   in  the  End Time  as   "wise virgins"   vs.   "foolish virgins".     [Math.25:1].     This  coming division will be   caused  by  the  sharp truths  of   God's  Word   for  the   End  Time  which  will   pierce  through all  of  the  worldliness  &  blindness  that  exists  today. 

His  Word  will shine so  brightly  upon  people's  minds &  hearts    in  the  days  ahead   that  a   collective  &  overwhelming  aware- ness  of   End  Time  events  will   prevail  worldwide,   from  daily  chat   to  the  prime  topic  on  the  Headline News.    The  result   will  be  a  sharper &  more  dramatic  stance  globally  made  by  people  in   their  decision  in  favor  of  Christ,   or   against  Him.    In the awesome days coming,  God's people  "will shine brightly." 
the  "Revealing"  of Antichrist  in the End Times...
"Revealed"   to  the  world                  [  at the Mid-7 year point  ]
End Time prophetic insight from God's Word
Rev.13:1 / Exact Middle of 7 year Tribulation /  the man of sin  "REVEALED" in his true NATURE
"Those who have insight will provide understanding  to the many...."      [Dan.11:33, 12:3]
<------------------   7 Year Tribulation Period  ------------------->
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
Great Tribulation
Return of Christ Jesus Rev.19:11
Rev.6:2   Dan.9:27
False Prophet  -  Mark of the Beast IN  PLAIN  VIEW
*Video / 6:03 min
Antichrist on the world's stage TODAY   coming to pass right now 100%  to  the  "T"   precisely as scriptures detail  and  as  exclusively
pinpointed  at
the  First
Contrary to ALL popular TV prophecy preachers and prophecy book authors who  unanimously  say  that   'No one can know who Antichrist is' ,   the  Bible  provides  vast  amounts  of  information about  him   and   pinpoints  his  exact  profile   for  us  to  know.

One  of  many   false   notions  created   by   today's   popularized   yet  blind  Prophecy   preachers/authors   is   that   Antichrist's   "revealing" means    "no  one   can  know   right  now,    until   he's   revealed  at  some   point   in   the   future.....".

This  not  only   is   inaccurate   but   has   blinded  a   whole  generation  for  over  41  years  since  "The  Late  Great  Planet  Earth"   promoted  the   idea   in   1970.            [ *biggest blinding blunder RE: Antichrist >> ]

However,   as   overwhelmingly   shown  at   and   its books,   Antichrist's  virtual   profile   and   presence  on   the   world  stage   has   been   spotlighted   by    God's   Word   since   95AD's writing  of   the   Book  of  Revelation.      Antichrist's  identity   has  also been   virtually    witnessed    by   each  of   the   last   20   centuries, starting    in     222  AD    with   Rome's    first    "Bishop":      Urban   the  1st.

Since  then,   the  Papacy  has   "come up out of  the  earth"    (Rev  13:11)   as  foretold   with   an  unprecedented   ever-inreasing   worldly  presence  second  to  none.     Today,   the  Pope  is  the  unmatched  #1   icon   on   the  world's   stage   with   over   1.2   Billion   followers  as   he,    alone,     emphatically   brings   every    foretold    action   of  Antichrist  to  its   peak,   ready  to   be  fulfilled   in   today's  End  Times.        [  False Prophet / News >>  ]
The   'revealing'  of   Antichrist  simply   refers  to   the   ultimate  unmasking   and    FINAL  UNLEASHING   of   his   full   satanic   em- powering    on   earth    at   the   Mid-Point   of   the   7   Year  Tribulation.
FINALLY    'revealed'  and
UNLEASHED   in   full   evil
Chapter 4
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