A    7   year  contract     ( &  the False Prophet )

Daniel  9:27    shows  that   the   final   7  year   tribulation  period    will   officially   start   by    the    signing   of   a     7    year   agreement.       It    will   be   made   by   the     “prince   who   is   to   come”   (Dan.9:26)     with    the    Jews    of    Israel   of    the    End   Times.    In    the   context   of    Daniel’s   writing,      1     “week”    represents   1    period   of,    not     7   days,    but    7   years.    (Dan.9: 24-27).     Today,  this  is  on  the  verge  of  occurring.

“And    he     (the  prince  who  is  to  come)    will   make   a   firm   covenant   with  the   many    for    1    week….”.      (Dan.9:27).         This    is   the    “70th  week”    of    Daniel    which  is   yet  to   be   fulfilled.      It   is  one  &   the  same   with   the   7  year   tribulation  period   as   the   New  Testament  names   it.    (Math.24:9, 29).      Although   Daniel   saw   the   future   antichrist   as     "the   prince   who   is   to   come",     the  Apostle  John   was    given    a    closer   look   at   him     (in  the  95AD  Revelation  vision),    clarifying   him   to    be    a     "false prophet".      (Rev.16:13, 19:20,  20:10).         Today,   after   almost   2000 years    (from  John's   vision),     this   prophetical   writing    ["Here  is  Wisdom"]    delivers     a     "virtual-reality"    look   at    this    End  Time    false prophet    (the  Papacy of  Rome)    face-to-face   &   on   the   world's  stage  as  predicted.            [*See News / following].

the    False  Prophet    will     “make”    the    contract….

The    End   Time   false  prophet    himself   will    be    the    sole    leader   who   will    be     the    executor    of    this    7   year   contract.     When    it    happens,     it    will   be    an    obvious    public    event    which    the     world’s     people    will     recognize    as    having     been     accomplished    exclusively    by     the    End   Time    religious   icon.      (Dan.9:  26, 27;   Dan.11:21-23;   Rev.6: 2;   Rev.13:18).          Again,   this   is   near   to   occurring.

His    execution   of    this   “firm”     7   year  contract     is    what    makes   him   initially     appear     (in  the  world’s   view  of   him)    as    a     “rider  on   a  white  horse”   at   the    very  start   of   the   7   year  tribulation.   (Rev.6: 1, 2).        Clearly,   the  Papacy of Rome    is  about   to   fulfill   this   Bible  prophecy  in   the   End  Time  days  ahead.     [*See News   that confirms / below].

Today’s   Mideast  Peace   talks…

Today,    the    Mideast   Peace   discussions    which    are    continually   seen    as    top   news      stories     have     been    going    on     for    decades,      since     the    rebirth    of    Israel    in    1948.          However,     these     discussions    have     become    even     more    intensified    in     the    last    25    years    as     a      result    of    the    increased    tension   &    violence    in     Israel    instigated    by    other    religious    faiths    who    consider   the    city   of    Jerusalem    as    rightfully   belonging   to    their    own    religion.

Although   many   world   leaders   over   the    last    20-30   years   have   made   strenuous   efforts    to    quell    the    hostilities   in    Israel    &   in    the   Mideast,     none   of    them  have    been    able    to    accomplish    peace    in    that    region.      This    scenario   was   predicted    of    Jerusalem    for    the    Last    Days    in     Zechariah  12:1- 3 :

“Behold,    I    am   going  to   make  Jerusalem   a  cup   that  causes  reeling  to  all   the  peoples  around;   &   when  the  siege   is  against  Jerusalem,   it   will  also   be   against   Judah…..And    it    will    come   about   in    that   day    (Last Days)     that    I   will   make   Jerusalem   a   heavy  stone  for   all   the  peoples..... &   all   the  nations  of  the earth   will   be   gathered   against   it.”  

the    “signing”    is    at    hand …               (Dan.9:27;  Dan.11:23)

Since   the   early   1980’s,      the   papacy    has   strengthened    its   relations   with   the    Jews   of    Israel    (&  the  Palestinians)    &    has   laid    all    the   ground   work   for   the    papacy’s    prophetical    role    in   the   tensions   of    the   Mideast    boiling   pot.       No   other  world   leader  equals  the   papacy’s   world   clout,   as  scriptures  predicted.    [*See News / following].      Together,   John  Paul  II    (from 1978)   &    Benedict  XVI    (from  April 2005)   have  zoomed  the   papal  icon    to   the   world's  forefront  in   these   End  Times.       
The   Vatican’s   Mideast   efforts   have   succeeded   so   powerfully  over  the   years   that   today,    the   leaders   of    Israel    &    Palestine   are   looking   to    the   Roman  Pontiff   himself    as    the    top    world   leader   who   “can  carry  out   a  decisive  role  for  peace.”    In    fact,    both    Israeli   &    Palestinian   leaders   have   already   formally   invited   Pope  Benedict  XVI    to    visit   the    Holy   Land   of    Israel    as    a    special   honored   guest    "in   2007".         After    Sr.  Israeli   Leader  Shimon  Peres'    meeting   with    Benedict   in    Rome   (April  2006)   Peres  stated:   "I    do   believe   his   (Benedict's)    visit   could   have  a   positive   impact  on    the   peace   process."              [*See News/ following].

Prophetically,   the   stage   is    now   set     for   this   Pontiff   (or  any  Pontiff)   to   step     up    &    fulfill    the    Bible   prophecy   of     the   signing    of    the    “firm  covenant  for     1    week”,      which    will    start   the     final    7    year    tribulation   period.    (Dan.9:27).    The   pontiff    who   actually    “makes”    this    covenant    is    himself    the    End   Time    false  prophet   of    Rome:     the    “antichrist”.  

Chapter 7
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