“For    then    there    will   be    a     great   tribulation,    such   has   not   occurred   since   the   beginning   of    the   world   until   now,    nor   ever   shall….” .         (Math.24: 21).

The   last   3 ½  years…             (from   Rev. 13: 1   -    Rev. 20:3)

The     first    3 ½   years   of    the   7   year    tribulation   will    be    the   most   horrendous  period    in    world    history   that    any    generation   will   have   ever   experienced.     But,    the    last  3 ½  years   of    great tribulation    will    be   even   worse,    the   worst   period    ever.          It     is    also    called    the    “wrath  of  God”.         (Rev.16:1).

The    “start”    of   the   final   3½   years   is    launched   at  the   exact   mid-7  year  point     when    the   false  prophet   enters    the   newly-built    Jerusalem    temple   &   proclaims   himself   as   being   God   (2 Thess.2:4).      Scriptures  define  this   as   the   abomination   of  desolation.     (Math..24:15-21).         The    temple   is   shown   in     Rev.11: 1, 2      as   having    already    been    built    in     the    first    3 ½   years    because   it      “has    been   given   to   the   nations,    &    they   will    tread   under   foot   the   holy   city   (Jerusalem)     for   42   months     (the  last  3 ½  years). ”         (Rev.11: 1, 2).

Chronology  of   the   great  tribulation…     

The   sequential   chapters    from   Rev. 13:1   through   Rev.  20:3     portray   the    progres- sive    &   awesome   events  of    the    great   tribulation   nightmare    that   ensue   after    the    false prophet     has      “taken  his  seat  in  the  temple”     (2 Thess.2: 4) : 

*    “the  whole  earth  will  be  amazed”    at   the  unbelievable   world  power  which   the   Euro-kingdom    will    have   swiftly   become  over   the   first    3 ½   years  of   the   tribula- tion.       Its   body     “like   a   leopard”    (Rev.13:2)    shows   swift  development   into   its    massive   &   controlling   governmental   system.      

*    The   overwhelming   world  authority  of   the   European  governmental   “beast”,   which    has    “power,    a   throne   &   great   authority”   (Rev.13: 2),    will   cause  the   world’s   people    to    “follow  after  the  beast”   &    “will   worship   the   beast”   (EU).         (Rev.13: 3, 4).

*    The    Euro-kingdom   “beast“,      a   revived  old   Roman  Empire,    will    totally   over- shadow    all   of    the   atrocities   carried   out   by   the    Roman  Empire   under    Caesar   Nero.       “Having  feet  like  a  bear”    (Rev.13:2),     the   EU    will   stomp   over   &   rip    apart    all    peoples   &   nations   in    its    path.

*    The   EU   political   leaders   will    “blaspheme  God  &   His   name”    (Rev.13:6)    &    will   use    its    military  power    (likely,   the   United  Nations’  military   too)     to   “make  war  with  the  saints,   &   overcome  them”.     (Rev.13: 7).        Just    like   the   Roman   Empire   of    old,      the     EU    will    make   the    world    its    own    slaughter-house   of    Christians,     Jews    &     all    who    oppose    its    End   Time    authority. 

*    The   EU   will   have    control  over   all   of   the   earth’s    people.    (Rev.13: 7, 8).     Its    far-reaching    geo-political   tentacles   &   the   religious   hierarchy    (from  Rome)    that  al- ready    stretch   throughout   many   countries   of    the    world   today   will   easily   tighten    its    death-grip    on    “every  tribe  &   people  &   tongue  & nation”.        (Rev.13:7). 

*    the    false  prophet    will   command   the    human   race    to    “worship”    the   Euro-kingdom’s    ruling   government   &   its   authorities.   (Rev.13: 12).       At   this   point,   the    modern-day   Caesar   &    his    revived    Roman   Empire     will   be   as    one   destroying    unit.      From   the    Jerusalem   temple   where    he     “sits“,     the    false prophet    will   still     “exercise   all   the  authority  of   the  1st   beast”   (EU)   during   the   entire   last    3 ½   year   period.         (Rev.13:12).

*    the    false  prophet    will    “deceive  those  who  dwell  upon  the  earth.”    (Rev.13: 14).       Of   the   false  prophet,     the   Apostle   Paul   stated   that    he      “is   the   one  whose   coming   is   in   accord   with   the   activity  of    satan,    with   all   power   &  signs   &    false   wonders,     &    with    all     the   deception   of    wickedness   for    those    who   perish,   because   they  did   not  receive   the   love  of   the   truth  so   as   to   be  saved…” .  (2 Thess.2: 9, 10).

*    the    false  prophet    will   command     “those  who  dwell  upon  the  earth    to  make  an   image      (a   statue  of  himself)     to    the      (1st)     beast”    (EU).       (Rev.13: 14).   This    shows    the   unmatched    dictatorial  control    of    the   false prophet    over   both   the    world’s    people    &     the    Euro-kingdom    leaders    themselves.       The    world’s   people   are   the   ones   who    construct    (“make”)    the    statue.      The   purpose   of    making    it     “to”    the    1st     beast    (the  EU),     reinforces    “to”    the   EU   leaders  that    the    people’s    allegiance   towards   the    false prophet    is    even   greater   than   the    people’s    allegiance   towards    the    Euro-kingdom.       (Rev.13:14).
*Even    the    EU   leaders   themselves   will   submit   to   the    false prophet’s    dictator- ship,     making   him   the    one    who     “excersises   all    the   authority   of    the   1st beast    (EU) .”                (Rev.13:12).      

*    the    false  prophet    will    “give  breath”     to     the    statue    of    himself.      The  statue   will   then,     by   satanic   powers,     come    to    life    &    publicly   “speak”   in  order    to     “cause   as  many   as    do   not   worship   the   image   (statue)    of   the   beast   (false prophet)    to   be   killed.”           (Rev.13:15).

*    the    mark of  the  beast     will    be    enforced    by   the   false prophet.      During    the    great  tribulation    he    will    “provide   that    no  one    should   be   able   to   buy   or    sell,     except    the   one   who   has   the   mark    on   their   right   hand   or    their    fore- head.”    (Rev.13:16).       All    levels   of    the   world’s    economy   will   be   in   his    com- plete    control,    &    based   on    a    person’s    acceptance   of    the   “mark” .

(*Importantly,   today  in   the   body  of  Christ  there   exists   an   erroneous   teaching   that    the    “mark”   is   the   number   666.      As    explained   in    Chapter  6    on   the   False  Prophet,     666   was    Nero’s   number    &    is    key    in    identifying    the   forthcoming   false  prophet‘s    link   to   Rome  &  Caesar  Nero.       So,   666   has   absolutely  nothing    whatsoever   to   do   with    the    “mark  of  the  beast”.        But,    the   key   to  the   “mark”    (“scratching”  in  Greek)    is   that   it   will   be   either   the   “name”  of  the    future   false  prophet     “beast”    (Rev.13:17),     or     the    “number”   of    his   name.   (v.17).       But,   the   ultimate   safeguard    will    be   the   decision   that   having    any     kind   of    “mark”    (like  a  tattoo  or  skin  implant)    placed   on   the    “right   hand   or   forehead”    during     the   great   tribulation,     should   be   totally   rejected. )  

*    All   those   on    earth   who   receive    the    “mark”,     “will   also  drink  of  the  wine   of   the  wrath  of   God….  &     the   smoke  of   their   torment  goes   up   forever  &   ever;    &    they  have   no   rest  day  &   night…..” .  (Rev.14: 9-11).     This  will   be   the   ultimate   decision   during   the   great  tribulation.        That   is,   to    either    reject    the    “mark”    &    accept   Christ   Jesus,     or   visa  versa.

*    144,000   new   believers   will   accept   Jesus   as   the   Messiah   &   will    be  divinely    protected   through    this   period,     as   oracles   of   God.         (Rev.14: 1-5).

*    the     “eternal  gospel”    will   be    “preached  to  those  who  live  on  the  earth,  &   to   every   nation  &   tribe  &   tongue  &   people.”          (Rev.14: 6, 7). 

*   Many   persons   will   be   killed   for   their   resistance  to   the   mark  of   the   beast  &    because  of    “their  faith  in Jesus”.   (Rev.14:11-13).      “Beheadings”  will   take   place    as    a    means   for    killing   believers  who   resist   the   mark.        (Rev.20:4).

*     a     “loathsome  &  malignant   sore”     will   come   upon   those   who   receive   the    mark   &    who   worship   the    statue   of    the    false  prophet.        (Rev.16: 2).

*    “every   living   thing   in   the   sea   will   die”.       (Rev.16:3).

*    “rivers  &   springs  of   water    will   become   blood”.       (Rev.16:4).

*     the   sun  will  become  so   hot   it    “will  scorch  men  with  fire”.    (Rev.16:8, 9).

*     people   will   continue   to   curse   God   in    their    unrepentance.      (Rev.16: 9).

*     the   Euphrates  river   will   totally  dry   up   in   the   Mideast.       (Rev. 16:12).

*     all   of   the   world’s   military  armies   will   converge  in   the   valley of  Megiddo   in   the   Mideast,    including   China    (“kings  from  the  east”).         (Rev.16: 12, 16).

*     the    greatest  earthquake  in   world  history    will   occur,      “such  as  there  had  not    been   since   man   came  to   be   upon   the   earth,      so   great   an   earthquake   &   so    mighty.”   (Rev.16:18).      The   whole   earth  will   shake  on   its   axis   so    that    “every   island   &   the   mountains   were   not   found….”.   (Rev.16:20).       It  will   cause    the    “cities  of   the  nations  to   fall”     &    crumble,      including   Rome  which   will    “split  into  3   parts”.           (Rev.16:19).

*     a    plague  of   “100  pound”    hailstones   will   fall   upon   men   in   a    “plague  of   hail”.           (Rev.16:21).

*     After  splitting   into   3   parts   from   world   history’s   most   catastrophic   earthquake,   then    the    “great  city”    (Rome)     will    be    destroyed   in    “1  day“    &    “will   be  burned  up  with  fire”,      much   like   it   did   in   the   1st   century   in   64 A.D.   under   Caesar  Nero.          (Rev.17:18;   Rev.18: 8, 18).

*     The   world   leaders   &   “kings of  the  earth”   who  still  remain  on  earth   will   act- ually   “weep  &  lament”   over   their   witnessing  of   Rome’s   burning.    (Rev.18:  9, 10).    Their   loss   of   wealth   &   hope   will   have   disappeared   with   the   burning   of   Rome.     (Rev.18:15).

*     the   whole   “earth  will  be  illumined  with  the  glory”  of   an  angel  of   God   who    descends    from    heaven     (Rev.18:1) ,      during    the    last    day(s)     of     the    great   tribulation,    just    before   the   glorious   return   of   Christ.        (Rev. 19:11).

On   the   final  day   of   the   great  tribulation….           (Rev.19:11 -  20:3)

*     The   Euro-kingdom  political  leaders,   the   false prophet   in   the  Jerusalem  temple    &     all     the      “kings  of  the   earth   &    their   armies,    will   be   assembled     (in  Megiddo)     to   make  war  against   Him  who  sat   upon  the  horse   (Rev.19:11) ,    &   against   His   army.”        (Rev.19:19) .    

*     Christ’s   awesome  descension   from    the    “opened”    heaven  on   a    white   horse    (Rev.19:11)    along   with     “the   armies   (saints)   which  are   in   heaven   following   Him    also   on   white   horses”   (Rev.19:14)    will   totally  overwhelm   the  confrontation.    Then,    as   the    Lord   approaches   the   earth   from   the   heavens,     all    of   these   remaining   evil-doers   on    earth   who    defy   God    will    be    “killed”   (Rev.19:21)    &    will     be     thrown    into    the    “lake of  fire”.    (Rev.19:20, 21) .     Satan  himself   will   be   nabbed,     bound   &    thrown   into   the   abyss     “for    a   1000   years” .       (Rev.20:1-3).      

*Amazingly,  even  though  numerous  angels  of  God,   like   the  “strong  angel”   Michael    (Rev.10:1),      are    shown   carrying  out   their   divine   assignments   during   the     great  tribulation,      it   only   takes   1   un-named   angel     (Rev. 20: 1)     from    God’s    entire   countless    host   of    angels,     to   yank    the   devil   up,     bind   him   &   then     “throw   him   into   the   abyss”.           (Rev.20:3).    

Chapter 12
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