Things  to  be  Revealed 

Spiritual  blindness  today…

Prophetically,  the  beginning  of   the   final  7 years  of  human  history,   as  man  knows  it,   is    face-to-face   with    this   generation   right   now.     All   of    the  End  Time   signs    are   clear    to   those   who   are    astute   scripturally,    only   closer   than  most    recognize.

Scriptures   are   clear   that   just   before   the   1st   earthly   judgement  of   flooding   occurred     (almost   4500  years   ago)    the    earth’s   population    was    keen   to   that   impending    1st    judgement.     No   doubt,   that   during   Noah’s   building  of    the   ark  for   approximately  100   years   (Gen.5: 32,  6:3,  7:6)   that   his   generation  heard   repeatedly   his   prophetical  cry  to   repent.     But,   Noah’s  generation  did  not  repent.    “Then,   the   Lord  saw   that   the  wicked- ness   of   man   was   great   on  the   earth,    &    that   every  intent   of   the   thoughts  of   his   heart   was   only   evil  continually.”         (Gen.6:5).

Today,    just   as    scriptures   predicted   for    the   End  Times,    the   Bible’s   2nd  judgement     involving     “fire   &   brimstone”   (Rev.14:10)   is   also  approaching  rapidly   in  the   forthcoming   Great  Tribulation   period.      But,   the  same  global  blindness  &   wickedness  that  existed  in    Noah’s    era    also    exists    today    as    predicted,    so   far.  

Jesus   made   the   comparison    when   He    said,     “For   the  coming  of   the   Son  of  Man    will    be   just    like    the   days  of   Noah…... for    in   those  days   which   were   before   the    flood….. they    did    not    understand   until    the    flood   came  &   took   them   all   away…”.   (Math.24:37-39).      He  also said,   "Be  on  guard.....lest  that  day  come upon  you  suddenly   like       a   trap."       [Luke 21:34].        "They"    refers   to     rebellious   people    left    in    the    Great  Tribulation.

Daniel   also   predicted   the    last   generation’s   evil   mindset   &   blindness.     He  predicted    that,     “….none  of   the   wicked   will   understand.”    (Dan.12:10).    Other   writers   (like  Paul    &   the  Apostle  John)    are   also   specific   regarding   the   last   generation’s   wickedness  of    heart.    Paul  prophesied   that,    “…In   the  last  days,   perilous    times   will   come….”.     He    then   went   on   to   detail   the  numerous   profiles  of   End  Time   mindsets  &   evil   behavior.     (2 Tim.2:3: 1-9).        Today,   those    “perilous  times”    are   here   right   now   &   will   become    even    more   perilous    while    many    of     the    world’s    people    remain     stiff-necked     in     the    face    of    God’s    clear    &    imminent     re-intervention    into    the    human     race.

Spiritual  Awakening  coming… 

Today  in   the  USA  ,    the   greatest  Christian  country   in   the   world,    most  ministers  are    largely  seen   tickling  the   ears  of   the  body  of   Christ  with   “elementary”   things   (Heb.6:1)    rather   than   exhorting   God’s   people   with   the  prophetical  voice  of   God.    Only  a   small   percentage  of   American  ministers   today  can   be   heard   continually   blowing  the  trumpet    as   to   the   imminent  return   of   Christ,   &   with   teachings  that    “press  towards  maturity”    in   Christ.     (Heb.6:1, 2).

Prophetically,   this   is   about   to  suddenly  change  so   that   God’s   leaders  &   His   people    will    collectively   rise   up   into    the   unity   of   the   faith   (Eph.4:13)   &   into   virtual   readi-  ness    for    the   coming   of   Christ,   our  King.      A    true   spiritual  awakening   is   about  to    occur   &    will    ignite   the   children  of   God   into   a   mature,    holy  &   glorious  bride   who    is    prepared    for    the    soon  coming   bridegroom.     (Eph.5:27).      ( Chapter 15  expounds )   

God’s   written  Word   itself    will   be   responsible   for   this  spiritual   awakening.     Soon,   in   one   day,     God’s   written   Word    will   draw   millions   of   persons  worldwide  to   the   reve- lation   of    the    Lord   Jesus   Christ   &   of    the   nearness  of   His   return.     No   one   man    will    receive   any   credit   for   this   coming   awakening.      But,  God  Himself  &   His  written  Word    will    be    exalted,   honored   &    feared.

“Concealed”   until   the   End   Times…

Over   the   past   decades   (even  centuries)   many   commentaries   have   been   written   con- cerning    the   End  Times.        In    fact,   numerous   End  Time   topics      (like   “who   is  the antichrist?”)    have   been   misunderstood   &   even   mysterious   from   the   times  they   were   actually   written   thousands   of   years   ago    by    prophets   like    Ezekiel,   Daniel   &   John     the    Revelator.      Significantly,    Daniel    himself    stated    in    the   closing    of    his    own    predictions   for   the    End  Times   that    full   understanding  would   be   “concealed  &  sealed   up   until    the   End   Time”,    when  they  are  finally   fulfilled.      (Dan.12:4, 9).

But   today ,    the   End  Time    topics   that   have    been   hidden   in   God’s   Word   &   have     been     “CON”- cealed,      are     about     to     become     “RE”-vealed,      as    found    in    this    writing.      The    written   Word   itself    will    pierce   through    the    spiritual   veil,    causing  a    massive   worldwide   revelation  of    the   Lord   Jesus   Christ   &    of     His    imminent    return.    People    all   over   the   world   will   suddenly   match   today’s    world   events  with   the   clear    predictions  of    the   Bible   for   the   End  Times.

Outpouring   of   His   Spirit…

After   spiritual   eyes   are   opened   worldwide   from  the  written  Word,    then   an   awesome   worldwide    move    &    outpouring   of    God’s   Spirit   upon    His    people   will   also    occur.      Millions  of   people   all   over    the   world   will   surrender   to   Christ   as   their   Savior,   Lord    &   soon   coming   King.     Then,   God’s   Spirit   will    increase   mightily   in    a   powerful   &   awesome   display   of    His   End   Time    favor   &   anointing   upon   those   who    hear    His  voice.    (Dan.11:32).      The   body   of   Christ  will   truly   be   likened   to    “wise  virgins”    as    Jesus    predicted   for   the  End   Times.       (Math.25:2).       

At    that   point,    His   people   will    truly   be    on    fire   for   Christ   with    a    fresh,   eternal   commitment  to   Him   &   with   the   heightened   awareness  of   His   nearness.     This   is  so     “that    He   might   present   to   Himself   the   church   in   all   her   glory,   having   no  spot   or    wrinkle   or    any   such   thing;    but   that   she    (the   body  of   Christ)   should   be   holy   &     blameless.”          (Eph.5:27).

A   falling   away…

However,    also   soon   coming,    scriptures    say    that     “some   will   fall   away   from   the    faith.”   (1Tim.4:1).    Jesus  called   these    “foolish  virgins”   who   went   back  into   the   world.    (Math.25:8-10)        Instead   of   embracing   Christ    &    readying   for    His   imminent    return    they   will    turn   to    “paying   attention    to   deceitful   spirits   &    doctrines   of   demons….”,     as   Paul   stated.   (1Tim.4:1).       From   the   secular  perspective,    some   will   downplay   or   even  scoff   at   the  whole   idea   of   Christ    and/or    of   His   imminent   return.    Even  some   USA   ministers   will   be   heard   publicly   pondering   or   scoffing   about   the   prophetical   &   spiritual   things   that    are    at     hand    today.  

But,   the   Apostle  Paul   confirms  that   End  Time   scoffers  of   Christ   will   be   so   wicked-minded    that   they   will    be   under     “a    deluding   influence   so   that   they  might   believe  what   is  false,    in   order   that   they  all   may   be   judged   who   did  not   believe  the   truth,     but   took   pleasure   in   wickedness.”   (2 Thess.2:11, 12).     This   reverse-mindset  is   already    recognizable    today    in    the    world    &    also   in    the   USA.       Biblical   principles    that    are    true  &   good    are   viewed    today   by   many   as    evil   &   false.     Conversely,   what    the   Bible    identifies   as    evil    &    false   is    viewed    by   many   as   acceptable   &    true.


God’s   people   will  be   His   End  Time   voice…

The   prophet    Daniel   predicted    that   in    the   End   Times,     “…those   who   have   insight  among   the  people   will   give  understanding  to   the  many.”     (Dan.11:33).      Now,    in   this   last   generation   today,     the    true   people   of    God    who   hear   His    voice,     obey    His   Word   &   glory   in   Christ  Jesus,     will    be   used   mightily   to   provide   insight   to    many    worldwide   as   to   the   prophetical   End   Time   events   that   are   about   to   unfold.     Many    of   God’s   people   will   do   incredible  exploits  to   the   glory  of   God   in   these   prophetical   days   ahead   &    will   be   a   feared   people.     Accurate  handling  of   God’s  Word   &  sharp   discernment   by   His   Spirit,    will    both   be   essential   to   the   believer   in   these   coming    times.

Fresh    insight    from   God’s   Word   &    by   His   Spirit   will   open   the    spiritual   eyes   of    millions    of     people    to     the    nearness    of    Christ’s    return   &    to    the    promise   of    eternal    life    found   only    in    Christ   Jesus.       The   shocking   reality     of    what     exists    right   now   on    the    world’s    stage    today   plus   End  Time   truths   revealed   from   God’s   Word,   are   unveiled   in    the   following    pages   of    this   major   prophetical   word   to   End  Time   believers.  

Chapter 1
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