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In  the  book of  Revelation,   the Great Harlot  symbo- lizes   the   unmatched  ungodly  nature   of   the  End  Time   generation   preceding   the   return    of  Christ.

Today  just  as  scriptures predicted:   Idolatry,  corrup- tion,    gross   immorality,   wickedness,   deception  & rebellion   against   the   God   of   the   Bible   exist   in the   world   at   unrestrained   levels   &  in   all   walks  of   life,   greater   than  at   any  other   time  in  human  history.        This   is   why  she   is   also   named   the  "Mother"   of   harlots   in   these   End  Times.

She  "sits"  on  "7  mountains"     (Rome)

John   the   Revelator  saw   the Great  Harlot  having  her  final  position  as "sitting  upon"   7   mountains.  He  specifically   clarifies   that   the   7   heads   repre- sent     "7   mountains  on   which   the   woman  sits".  This   clearly   pinpoints   Rome    since   Rome   has  been    known   as    the    "city  of  7  hills"   for   over  2000   years   &   to    this   day.       The  Apostle  John  himself  &   the  1st   century  church  recognized   the   correlation   of    this   symbolism   with    Rome.  

"The  7   heads   are  7   mountains   on  which  the  woman   sits."       [Rev.17:9] .

She   "is"   Rome....

Later,   in  a  subsequent  verse, Rome's   End Time role   is   completely   crystallized   by   John  when  he  specifically   states    (Rev. 17:18)    that    the   Harlot herself    whom    you   saw     "IS "   the    great    city.  Clearly,   Revelation   pinpoints  Rome    as   the  final  End   Time    city   of    sin   &    headquarters   of    the   Great  Harlot.  No  other  city  qualifies.   Just  Rome.

"And    the   woman   who    you   saw    is    the   great  city,    which  reigns  over   the   kings   of    the   earth."

In   effect,    John   saw   the    woman-Harlot  (Rome) sitting   upon  7   hills    (also   Rome).

"The  great  city"        [Rev.17:18]

Without   question,    the   city   of   Rome    (the  Great Harlot)   stands  alone   throughout   world   history  as being    "the  great  city".       No   other   city    in   over 2000   years     (from  before  the   1st   century)    even comes   close   to    Rome   in   terms  of   duration  &  abominations   &    atrocities    performed   upon    the  human   race.       [ ie. crusades,  Inquisitions ].

The   Roman  Empire  (Rome)   of   2000   years  ago under  Caesar  Nero   slaughtered   up   to   5   million persons   including   children,   women,  Christians  & Jews,    by   most   historic  records.      Then,   Israel's last    standing    Temple   in    Jerusalem    was   also destroyed    in    70 AD   by   the   1st   century   Roman Empire   (Rome)   with   well   over   1   million   killed.

Today,   over   1700   years  have  past   from  the  rise  of    the    Roman  Papacy   (313AD  -  today)    proving Rome's   horrific   track   record   of    the   Inquisitions  where   tens  of   millions  of   persons  were   tortured  &    killed    (by  the  Papacy  of  Rome)    for   non-sub- mission   to    Rome .                [view Inquisitions below].

This  is   the   exact  meaning  of   what   John  saw  in  advance    (in  his  95AD  vision)    when   he   wrote:

"And    I   saw   the   woman  (Rome)   drunk  with  the  blood   of   the   saints,    &    with  the   blood   of    the  witnesses  of   Jesus.      And   I   wondered   greatly."   [Rev.17:6].   
Prophetically  today,    Rome's    religious   tentacles  have  now   gripped  over  1   billion  religious  people  worldwide   in  fulfillment  of   her  role  as   the  Great Harlot  of  the  End  Times.    The  rest  of   the  unsus- pecting    world   naively   looks   at    her   with   some  degree  of   favor   or   even  reverence   as   predicted.

Yet,    even   with   unparalleled   amounts   of    blood  on  her   hands   historically,    the   church  of   Rome   still   exalts   herself   while   carrying  out    blasphem- ous    &     false    traditions    which    oppose    God's   Word.     At   the  same  time,   Rome   adorns  herself   with   a   religious   facade  as   being   today's   "Holy  Roman  Church".     Again,  John's   foresight  of   this  is   recorded   in   the   book   of   Revelation: 

"And    I    saw    a    woman   (Rome)......  full  of   blas- phemous   names...."   (Rev.17:3).        "And   the   wo- man  (Rome)   was  clothed  in   purple  &  scarlet  &  adorned   with   gold   &   precious  stones  &   pearls,  having    in    her   hand   a   gold   cup  full   of   abom-  nations   &   of   the   unclean  things  of   her   immor- ality......".        [Rev.17:4].
"And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names,  having 7 heads & 10 horns."   [Rev.17:3]      "And upon her forehead a name was written,  a  mystery,   Babylon the Great,   the Mother of Harlots &  of  the abominations of the earth."    [Rev.17:5]
of the End Times
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