He  is  near…
                        (the signs)

The  Lord  Jesus  said,   
“Even  so,    you  too,    when  you  see   all   these   things,    recognize  that  He  is  near,    even   right   at   the   door.”      (Math.24:33).

Speculation  of   past   generations   who   believed   that   they   were   witnessing   the   Biblical   Last   Days   &   the   imminent   return   of   Christ   has   been  around   for   centuries.

But   today,    all   Bible   prophecies   for    the   End  Times   have   accelerated   into   place   in     the    last    60   years   so    that   this    generation   is   suddenly   looking    “the  end  of   the  age”    (Dan.12:13)    squarely   in   the   eyes.     The   Bible   key   that   confirms   which   gen- eration    is    truly    witnessing   the   Biblical   End   Time   events,    is    when   all   of    the    prophecies   of    the    Last   Days   line   up   simultaneously  &   globally   in   scope.     Today,   they   are.   

Many   generations   have   seen   various   world    leaders   arise   and/or    world   events  shape    up     that    caused    that    generation    to     believe    that    the    fulfillment    of     End   Time    prophecies   was   occurring.       However,    up   until   now,    no    generation   has    ever    wit-nessed      “all”     of     the    major    Bible    predictions    for     the     End   Times    occurring     simultaneously   &    globally   in   scope.

At    the    end   of     Jesus’   discourse   on   the   prophecies   which   would   take   place   right     before   His    return,     He    said    that    His    followers    would   accurately   “recognize     (to   “know  with  deep  conviction”    in  Greek)     that   He   is   near,   even   right   at   the   door” .    (Math.24:33).     Not    the    “day   or  hour”,    but    the  nearness.     The   specific   criteria   He   gave     believers    was       “When   you   see    all     these    things….”      occurring    together .

He   also   confirmed   that   the   generation   which    witnessed     “all”    these   events   occur-  ring,     would    also   witness   the    fulfillment   &   completion   of    “all”    End  Time   events,   including    His    return.       “Truly   I    say    to   you,     this    generation    (which   sees   all    End   Time   events   occurring)    will    not    pass    away    until   all   things    take    place.”  (Luke 21:32).       


The   formation  of   nations  &  the  Re-birth  of   Israel   as  a  nation...

One   major   sign     Jesus    said     to    watch    for    that    would     earmark    the   End  Time    generation    is    the   aligning  of  nations   as   scriptures   predict.     He   said,   "Behold  the  fig  tree   &   all   the  trees;  as   soon   as  they  put  forth   their   leaves,   you  see   it  &   know     for    yourselves    that    summer    is    now    near.      Even   so   you,    too,    when   you   see    these   things    happening ,    recognize   that    the   kingdom   of   God   is    near…..” .    (Luke 21: 29-31).

The     “fig   tree   &   all   the   trees”     directly     refer    to     Israel    (the  fig  tree)    &    the    other   key    nations    (all  the  trees)     which   will   arise   in   their    predicted   geographic   positions.        Today,    these   four    key    countries   of    the   End  Time    scenario    clearly     have   arisen   simultaneously     on     the   world’s    stage    as   an    unmistakable   sign    that    this    generation   is   literally   that   End  Time  generation    foretold   by   Bible  scriptures.
The     Soviet   Union     has    now    become     the     super-power    in    the     “remotest   parts   of    the    north”      as    predicted.    (Ezek. 38: 15,  Ezek. 39: 2).       Moscow,   its   capital,   is     located     exactly     due   north     of     Israel.          China     is    also    in    position    as     the     “kings    from   the    east”.     (Rev.16:12).         The    European  Union     (a   union  of  countries)    has     also    formed     to     the    west    of     Palestine    on     old     Roman   Empire     terrain.    This    is     predicted   in    Daniel    &    the    book   of    Revelation.    (Dan.8: 8;   Rev.17: 9, 10).    And,     Israel     herself     (the  “fig tree”),     has     also    been     miraculously     re-born    as     a    nation    in    1948    in    a    major   fulfillment   of    End   Time    prophecies.     (Ezek.38: 8).

Other  End  Time   prophecies  that   are   lined   up   now…

*     Jerusalem   has   become   the    world’s   hot   spot   &   focul   point   of    all    the   nations            of    the   earth    as    scriptures    predict.            (Zech.12: 1- 3).

*     The  Mideast  Peace  talks   to   solve   the  continual   violence  &   turmoil   involving   Israel            &    her   hostile   Arab   neighbors  are   on   the   table   right   now   for   the   world   leader            (antichrist)    to    mediate.        (Dan.9: 27 /  Rev.6:2).

*     Corruption,    crime   &   immorality   are    “increased”    at   all   levels  of   society,   religion            &   government   worldwide.          (Math.24:12;   2 Tim.3: 1-9).

*     Many  false  Christs  &   false  religious  leaders  have  arisen   worldwide  who  are   mislead-            ing    millions  of   people  with  false,   empty  religions.     (Math.24: 24).

*     In   the  Last   Days   “knowledge  will  increase”.  (Dan.12: 4)      Clearly,  this  has  occurred           almost   overnight    with     unparalleled    information   technology    that    has   helped    to             “increase  knowledge”    in   countless   fields   worldwide.

*     The  gospel  of  Christ   is   being   preached   around   the  world   right  now  &  to  countries            which  have  never  heard  it  before.     This  is  a   key  sign  of  the  End  Times,  spoken  of            by  the  Lord  Himself.          (Math.24:14).    

*     Today’s   famine,   earthquakes,   tsunamis  &   hurricanes   are   increasingly  more   intensi-            fied    &   catastrophic  on   a   worldwide  scale  with   unprecedented  effects.     
       (Math.24:7;   Luke 21:25).

All    of    these    prophetical    occurrences   happening    together    today   are    what    Jesus  called   “birth  pangs”.     These    “birth  pangs”,     He   said,    are   what    would   lead   the    world   right   into   the    final   7   year   period   of    history   recorded  in   scriptures.     Without    any   doubt,     this     generation    is   up    close   &    personal    with   that    next    prophetical    event  right  now.    

But    to    believers   the   Lord   said,     “See    that   you   are   not   frightened,    for   those   things   must   take   place,    but    that    is    not   yet   the   end…   But   all   these  things    are   merely   the   beginning   of    birth   pangs.        Then,    they    (the  birth pangs)    will    deliver   you   to    tribulation….” .        (Math.24:6-9).      

The  Lord  also  exhorted   His  people  who   would   actually  be  alive  to  see    the  shaping  up   of   the   foretold  events   as  they  have  TODAY:    "But,  when  these  things  begin  to  take   place,   straighten   up   &  lift   up  your  heads,   because  your  redemption  is   drawing  near!"          [Luke 21:28].

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