A   Revived   old   Roman   Empire

According   to   the   book  of   Revelation   &   Daniel,   the   final  world   kingdom  on  earth    before   Christ’s   return   will   arise   as    a   revived   old   Roman  Empire   from    2000   years   ago.       Geographically,    it   will   arise   to    the   west   of    Palestine / Israel    &     will   literally   have    its    root   in    the   same   territory   in    western   Europe   as    did    the   Roman   Empire  of   old.     Today,   the   EU   (European  Union)   clearly   has   taken    the    shape   of    this    End  Time    kingdom   &    is    ready  to   fulfill   its   role    as   the   governmental    “beast”    of    Revelation  13: 1- 3.       Eventually,  10   nations   out  of  the   EU   will   arise   together   (including  Rome, Italy)    before   the   Great  Tribulation   begins.

“And    I    saw   a   beast   coming  up  out   of   the   sea,     having    10   horns   &   7   heads…..&     I    saw   one   of    his    heads   as  if    had   been   slain,    &   his   fatal   wound   was   healed.”            (Rev.13:1- 3).

In    the   Apostle  John’s    vision   of   Revelation   in   95 AD,      he   recognized   that   the   future    End   Time    kingdom    was    directly    linked    to    the    horrific   &    murderous      Roman  Empire   that    he    witnessed   in    his    own   era    from    54 AD    to    68 AD.     The     “10  horned,   7   headed  beast”    that    he   saw     “coming  up  out  of   the  sea”    of    humanity    he   understood    to    be    the     1st    century   nightmare     (the   Roman  Empire  with  its  own  Caesar  at  the  helm),      arising   again   into   a    monstrous   Last   Days   kingdom.       

According   to   Revelation,     “Here   is   the   mind  which  has   wisdom.”      (Rev.17:9).     That   is,     the    mind   which   understands   this   concept   of   the   old   Roman  Empire    with    its   own    Roman     “Caesar”    as   its   leader,     coming  back   to   life  again    in   the   last   generation.       This     “wisdom”     is    found    in    the    meaning   of    the    “7  heads”.

the    “7  heads”    are   7   world   kingdoms….

The   scenario    of    the    old    Roman  Empire   coming   back   to   life    is    found    in   Revelation 17: 9, 10.        Here,   John   defines   the    Roman   origin    of    this   End  Time    beast   which   had     “one   of  his  heads   as   if   it   had  been  slain.”      (Rev.13:3).

The    “7  heads”   are   shown   to   represent   the    7   consecutive   world   kingdoms  on     earth   as    proven  out   by   the   Bible   &    world   history.  (*See GRAPH below).      The     6th   head   represents  the   old  Roman  Empire    of    the    1st   century    under   Caesar  Nero.

History   proves   that    Rome    burned    to   the   ground   in   64 AD.       This   is   why  in   John’s    vision    31   years   later    this    6th   head    (Roman  Empire)   had   the   appear-ance    to    John    “as   if  had  been  slain”.    (Rev.13:3).      But,   then   this    6th  head     “was   healed”.   (Rev.13:3).       This   shows   that    the    6th   head    will    come    back    to    life    as    the    future    “7th  head”    of    the    End   Times.      John   confirms  that    this     7th    head     is    to    come    in    the    future    when    he    states     that      “the   other    (the  7th  head)    has   not   yet   come…”.     (Rev.17:10).       Today,    this   “7th  head”     is    in     its     place    prophetically    in    the    existence   of    the    European   Union,    a     revived   &    “healed”     6th   head.      

(*Note:    Today   in   the   body  of   Christ,     an   erroneous   teaching   exists   about   the    “mortal    head    wound,     that    was   healed”      which    wrongly   portrays    the     future   'antichrist   as    sustaining   a    mortal   head   wound   &   dying,   &     then   miraculously     being   resurrected   back   to   life' .      This    has   absolutely   no   scriptural  merit   what- soever   &   has   been   wrongly  promoted   by   numerous  authors  &   teachers.) 

The    “7  heads”    also   represent    "7 mountains" :      Rome         (Rev.17: 9)

John  stated  that   also    “the   7   heads   are  7  mountains   on  which  the  woman  sits”.   (Rev.17:9).      Just   like   the   other   passages   that   point   to   an    End  Time    Roman kingdom     with     an     End   Time     Roman  Caesar,      this   passage   also    puts    its    finger   specifically   on    Rome   as   the   End  Time   city   of   sin.        From   over   2000   years   ago    up    until    this    day,      Rome    has    always    been    known   as     “the  city  of   7   hills”     since    Rome    physically    rests    upon    7    mountains.        John    himself    knew     this     fact    &    understood     the    future   of    Rome   for    the    End   Times   as   he   recorded   his    vision   in   95 AD.        Later,    John   specifically   names  the   Great Harlot   ("the woman who sits on 7 mountains")    as  being   the  city  of   Rome itself.       In   effect,   John   saw   the    "woman"   (Rome)   sitting   on    "7  hills"   (Rome).

(Rev.17:18:   "And  the  woman whom  you  saw  is  the great city  (Rome),  which reigns over the kings of the earth.")      

Significantly,   the    only   2   Bible   passages    that   begin   in   the   same   manner   with    the    claim   of    “Here  is  wisdom”   (Rev.13:18)    &    “Here  is  the  mind   which  has  wisdom”    (Rev.17:9)     both    deal    exclusively    with    the   concept   of   the    Roman Empire     of   the    1st    century   with   its     Roman   leader     at    its   helm   &    based   in   Rome,     all   arising   together   again   in    the   End  Times.

Prophetically   today,     this   exact   scenario   is    clearly    in   place   right    now    &      spring-loaded    to    be   fulfilled   in     the    climactic   magnitude   as    described   in    the    Bible   prophecies   for    the    Last  Days :

a   revived   old    Roman  Empire…            (Rev. 17: 9, 10)

The   EU     is   the   formation   of    a     revived   Roman  Empire    of    western   Europe.    Just   as   scriptures   predicted   of    the   final   End  Time   kingdom,    the    EU   today  is    unquestionably    the   largest    &    most   powerful   economic   trading   block   of   nations   on   earth,    second    to   none.       The    Treaty  of   Rome    was   originally   signed    in    1957    (in  Rome)     to    establish   the   EU.           [ *See News / following ].

Rome…               (Rev.17: 9)

Italy    is    one   of    the    member   nations   of   the   EU.       This   places   Rome   (the   city   of   “7    hills”)     in    an    official    capacity   of     this     revived     Roman   Empire     (EU)    just   as    scriptures   predicted   for   the   last   generation.     EU   leaders   signed     a     new   EU   constitution    (bolstering  the  EU)    in    a    lavish   ceremony    in   Rome     on    October  29,   2004.           [ *See News / following ]. 


Modern-day   “Caesar”….             (Rev.13:18)

The   Pope,     a     modern-day    “Caesar”    from   Rome,     sits   right   now   within   the      EU’s    powerful   kingdom   structure   since   the   country   of    Italy   is    an    EU    mem- ber.        Even    though    Italy    has    its    own    political    electee    as    the  “President”    of    Italy,      the    Vatican    (the   Pope)    is    unquestionably    the    ultimate    power   &    authority    of    Italy    (not   to   mention   many   Roman  Catholic   countries   around   the   world   who   submit   to   the   Papacy  of   Rome.).

So,    with   the    EU’s   current   policy  of    authorizing   each   EU   country  to   hold   the  EU’s    presidency   on    a    rotating    basis   every    6    months      [*See  articles  below],     then    each    time    Italy    holds    the    presidency,      then   the    Pope   himself    sits    as    top    authority   &    in    the    highest    decision-making    position    possible,     over    the   entire   European  Union.         [ *See News / following ].

This    is    the    exact   scenario    painted   by    Revelation   for    the    End  Times:       A    revived  old   Roman  Empire    having    arisen   in    western   Europe   (EU),     with   the    greatest   religious   icon     on    the   world’s   stage   in    the   midst   of    it    &   seated    in    Rome    (city  of    “7   hills”)     as    the   final   city   of   harlotry    &    sin.

This   scenario    was   predicted   also   by    Daniel   who   states   that    the   future   End   Time     leader    will     “seize    the    kingdom    by    intrigue”.     (Dan.11:21).        The     “intriguing”     aspect   to    the    world    in    the    End   Times   will   be    the    fact    that     the     ultimate    ruler    &    prime    controller    who     arises    over     the     entire     final     kingdom    (today’s   EU)    will    be    a    “religious”    leader,    &     not    a      “political”    leader    like    the    rest   of     the    EU    leaders.      Daniel   reaffirms    this   by   stating    that    the     End  Time    leader   will    be    one    “on  whom   the  honor  of   kingship     (political  kingship)     has   not   been  conferred.”      (Dan.11:21).

Today,     these   3   major    players   of    Bible    prophecy    (EU,   Rome   &   the  Pope)     are     in     their     prophetical    positions    &     ready    right    now    to    quickly    move    into   fulfilling    their    End   Time    roles.

False  Prophet,    the   EU    &     the   great   tribulation… 

During   the   first    3 ½    years  of   the   tribulation,    the   false  prophet   will   have   the    world’s    eye.       However,     Revelation  13:1-18     shows    that    the     revived   Roman   kingdom     (today’s   EU)     &    the    false  prophet   (Rev.13:11)     will    work   together     in    their    full   satanic   &    destroying   powers    in   the   great   tribulation.      Still,  the    false  prophet   himself   will   be   the   ultimate   decision-making  authority  during   these    last    3 ½    years   of    horror,     with    full    backing   from    his    Euro-kingdom   (EU).    

“And    he     (false  prophet)    exercises  all   the  authority  of  the   (1st )   beast   (EU)      in   its   presence.”            (Rev.13:12). *    

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