Other  facts  about  the  Papacy
History  &  horrors  of  the  Roman  Inquisitions
News:  Vatican  &  Italy  to  join  in  study of   the  Inquisition     /   2004
News BBC:  Should Catholic  Church  apologize for  the  Inquisition ?     /    1998

The  POPE:
CNN News:   "Pope  prays  for  forgiveness  for sins  of  the  Catholic  church"   /    March 2000
Overview  &  History of  the  Papacy  &  Roman Catholic  church
*Pope JP II   buried under  Basilica
*BBC News
*CBC News
*BBC News
*BBC News
"Holy Father"
*Many  Popes  buried underneath  Basilica
Benedict March 2006
[ as found in official Vatican canon law, Catholic doctrine & historical fact ]
Benedict April 16, 2006 / Rome balcony
Spero News Forum  / April  24,   2006:
Pope Benedict reminds  Catholic  Leaders  worldwde 
of  "their  Vow  of Obedience  to  the Pope"
Benedict 2006
Benedict March 2006
Benedict 2005 / Rome balcony
Times News  /   March 20,  2006
"Vatican  change  of  heart  over   'barbaric'  Crusades"
[ Vatican  (Benedict) has  begun  moves to  rehabilitate  the Cru- saders...."John Paul's apologies  (in 2000)  for past   "errors  of  the Church"......irritated some Vatican conservatives....including Joseph Ratzinger...now Pope Benedict XVI." ]
News / John Paul II
News / John Paul II
News / John Paul II
*News / May 1, 2006
"Pope   (Benedict) says church must be more  selective  in picking  saint candidates"
News Archives  of  Pope  Benedict's speeches [ from April 19, 2005 - 2006 ]
[Pope  says,   "All  non-believers  will  be saved......even  without  biblical  faith."  /
News Archives:  Nov. 30, 2005.]

[Pope says  "he is the perpetual & visible beginning  &  foundation  of   the  unity  of bishops  &  of  all  the  faithful."
News Archives:  June 30, 2005.]
Archives  include  many antichrist claims of  Benedict  like:
Benedict XVI  on his throne / September 2006
The  Popes  of  the  Catholic  Church
[  all  265  popes,  in  historical  order  ]
Benedict 2005
EJ  Press News  /  August 23, 2005
Vatican  (Benedict)  Declines comment about  (Holocaust)  Archives
1232 AD - 1600's AD
314 AD  -  2006
Dec 2006
Aug 2005 / Jewish Choir
Director  meeting Pope

Is  the  leader  of  the  longest  surviving  organization  in  world  history,   2nd   to  none.    [ the   Catholic  church   started   about  1700   years  ago   in   313 AD. ]

Leads  world  history's  single-most   mur- derous   organization   [Catholic  church]   that   has  slaughtered  more  millions  of   innocent  people  [Christians,  Jews, etc.]  &   over   the   longest   period   of   time.   (through  hundreds   of   years   of    the   Inquisition.  /   *see  News  below)

Dwells  in  St. Peter's  Basilica,   a  virtual   graveyard,   where   hundreds   of   dead  bodies   are    now    buried   underneath.

Practices   many    occultic   rituals    like  repetitious  chanting,   using   objects  for  rituals  like  rosary beads, candles,  black crosses,    etc.;      (even   seats   himself    with  an   inverted  cross    behind  him.)

Prays  for  dead  people,  believing   that
he  (the pope)  has  the  power  to  deter- mine  their  eternal  destiny.

Believes  he  has  power  to  decide  who becomes   a   "saint",  even  hundreds of  years    after   that   person   has    been  dead.  [BBC News:  4  new  "saints"  by  Benedict]

Prays  to  dead   people   ("saints")   who have   been   dead    for   hundreds    of  years,  expecting a divine answer   from   them.         [ ie. Mary,  St. Francis,  etc. ]

Allows &  welcomes  his  followers  to  bow  to  him,   kneel   &   kiss   his   hand  (ring)  &   even  worship  him;    chooses   to   be  paraded  through  crowds   of   millions  of   worshipful   onlookers   to    receive   their adoration   &   exalting   of   him.  

Carries   a    cross   of    a    "dead  Jesus"  which   subliminally   reminds   all   viewers  that   the   pope   is  alive  as   the    "vicar  of  Christ"   on   earth,   &   that   Jesus  is   "dead".

Sits  on  his  own  throne.  

Has    an    exclusive   religious    costume   that   signifies   his    priestly    supremacy   over  all   Catholics   &   Christians   world-wide.

Has    his    own   castle,     his   own    city  (Vatican City),    his   own   judicial    court  system,   his   own   bank   [Vatican  bank], his  own   police,   his  own  military  guard, his    own    downline   of     thousands   of  Catholic    leaders    worldwide   who   bow  to   him,    as   the    "Holy  Father". 

Exalts   himself   &    other  people   (even  dead  ones)    above    the    Lord   Jesus  Christ.        (*ie.   Mary,    St.   Francis   &  various  other  dead   "saints",   etc.).

Pays  tribute,   homage  &   even  worship to  statues   (ie.  virgin Mary),  as  objects   of   worship.  [Pope Benedict blesses statue]
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