2007  New Book:     'God  is NOT great'
by  Author &  self-proclaimed Atheist:   Christopher Hitchens

Below:   A response to Hitchens'  book,  by  Rob Conrad   [Aug.2007] :

Any  person  would   immediately  agree   [including any atheist]   that  a computer,  with all  of  its  sophistication of  technology & detailed  parts, could  NEVER   have  just   'evolved'   into  its  final  form  or  that  it  just occurred  suddenly  with  a   'big bang'.      The  world  would  not   need the  Father of  Modern  Science  &  devout  Christian,  Sir Isaac Newton, to  discover  that  kind  of  simple  logic.

On  the contrary,  ANY PERSON   [inlcuding every athiest,  even a child] would agree to  the  simple logic that any existing computer could  ONLY HAVE resulted  by an  INTELLIGENT DESIGNER,  who created it.   'Man' being  the   'designer'   in  this  example.       Simple Logic.

But,  how  much more  sophisticated  is  the  human being  than a  mere computer??   Wouldn't  it  take,  logically, a much greater  INTELLIGENT DESIGNER  to  create  'man'   [the highest form of sophistication & even pro-creative being] , than it took for we mere 'men' to create an exisiting computer?

In fact,  'man',  or the human being,  is himself,  the greatest  'proof'  of God's very existence,  the very Highest Intelligent Designer who created him.

Scriptures  say:  'any person who comes to  God,  MUST BELIEVE THAT HE IS   [already exists],  and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.'.   [Heb.11:6].    He indeed is a  'rewarder'  to those who 'seek' Him.

He's not  standing ready at all times to ridicule us & knock us all around from  anger,  like so many people wrongfully interpret  God  to  be.   Not at  all.

1 John 4:8  states that   'God is love'.  

But,  Hebrews 11:6  [above]  is  a  powerful  promise about  the Creator Himself  as  being  our   'rewarder'   because  He  cares  MOST  deeply about  the  apple  of  His  eye,  His  beloved  and   most  prized creation: 'MAN'.     God is  ready right  now  with  many  rewards  for  His  children.

The  Heavenly Father  loves  His  created  children  infinitely  more  than even the greatest earthly father could ever love his own earthly children. And  why  not?     

He  is  our  Heavenly Father,  the very INTELLIGENT DESIGNER  who created  us  and  who  loves  us.

by  Rob Conrad.

[ PS:  Sorry Atheist authors: Dawkins and Hitchens.    God  IS  great!! ]     

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