Mark of the Beast    vs.    666      ( Nero's  number )

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"And he  (false prophet)  causes all to be given a mark in their right hand or forehead;  &  he provides that no one be   able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark;  either  the name  of the beast  (false prophet's own name)  or     the number  (his own number)  of his name."         [Rev.13:16,17]
A   serious  misunderstanding  is  common  today  within  the  body of  Christ.    Most  of   today's   End Time  authors  &  preachers  erroneously  promote  that   "666"   is  the  actual   "mark of  the beast".     However,   666   has  absolutely  nothing  to  do  with  the   mark of the beast   as  the   book  of  Revelation  defines.     John  the  Revelator  himself  understood  this.  

Scriptures  show  that  the   "mark"   ("scratching"  in  Greek,  like  a  tattoo)   will  be  placed  on  the   right  hand  or   forehead   for   the  purpose  of   buying   or   selling  during   the  great  Tribu-lation  period.  (Rev.13:16,17).    The  mark's   other  purpose  is  to   identify  &  link   all  persons  worldwide  who   will  submit   to   the   End Time   False Prophet   from  Rome.       This  is  why  scriptures   specify  that   the   actual  physical   "mark"   itself    will   be   the  End Time  False Prophet's    own   personal   identification:     "either   the  name  of  the  beast   (false prophet's   own name)    or     the  number   (his own number)   of  his  name".         [Rev.13:17].   

Again,  neither of  these   will  be   "666"   which   strictly   represents   Nero's  "number"  &  identi-   fies   the    End Time  False Prophet   as  being  from  Rome,  just  like  Nero  was.

With  this  current  erroneous  teaching  from  today's  authors  &  Bible  teachers  then  many  un- suspecting  persons  (even believers)  could  inadvertantly  accept  the  actual  mark of the beast  during  the  coming  Great Tribulation  while  wrongfully  believing  it  to  be  harmless.