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The End Times & the United States President...
During  his  years  in  office,  President  George  W.  Bush  has operated   very  powerfully  in  these  prophetical  days  &  End Times  performing  numerous actions of  great  faith & courage.

For example, President Bush  installed  Supreme Court Judges  who  conceivably could  cause  the  reversal  of  the   abomina- tion   of   legal  abortion  in   America.      

The  sins of  America  are  great,  but the  legal  [since "Roe vs. Wade"]  genocide of  over  40 million  babies  in  their  mothers'  wombs  is  at  the  top  of  the list of  abominations  before God in  all  of  world  history.

But,  when  given  the  sudden  opportunity   to  fill   the  vacan- cies   in  the  Supreme Court  in  order  to  overturn  this  abom-  ination,   President  Bush   took  action    based   in   his  deep convictions   in   God,    the   Bible   &    Psalms  Chapter  139   which  identifies  the  "forming"   of   a   baby  from  conception  by  God  Himself.
President  Bush  also  operated  powerfully  in  these  propheti- cal  End Times  when  he  forced  the  opening of  the spiritual "door"    in   the   Middle  East   for   Iraqi   people  to   openly  accept  freedom,   democracy  &   even  Christianity   as  their  religion  for   the   1st   time   in  decades  (even  centuries)  of  spiritual  bondage  as  Muslims. 

This  huge  action of  courage  &  boldness on  the  President's part   shows   how  close  this  generation  is  with   the  "start"  of  the  final  7 year Tribulation  period.   This is  because  scrip- tures   show   that   just  after  the  beginning   of   the   7  year Tribulation  period  [ which is imminent  right now ],   then  God  Himself  will  completely  "release"    the   4  angels  [of  God]  which  have  been  bound at  the   Euphrates  river.   [Rev.9:14]. 

This  near-future  End Time  event  [Rev.9:14]  will   "swing the door  wide  open"   in  the   Iraqi - Iranian  region  for  a   mas- sive   outpouring  of   God's  Spirit.   The  awesome  result   will   be   millions  of    Muslims   experiencing   salvation   in  Christ  Jesus,  the  Son of  God,  although  great  bloodshed  will  also occur   in   this  region  at  that  same  time.       [graph below].

President Bush's  action of  dethroning  Saddam Hussein  was  a  spiritual  act   which  began  the  "piercing-through"  in  the  Mideast  region  of   the   "Euphrates river"   &  which  is  work- ing    in  perfect  conjunction  with  God's  written  plan    for  the  upcoming  End Time  salvations  in  the  Mideast.
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Signing of
7 year Mideast Treaty by Antichrist
[Revelation 6:2]
7  Year Tribulation period
   [ in the chronology of the                   book  of  Revelation ]
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of 7 year period
Rev.19:11-20:3  Return of Christ
Rev. 9:14   Massive  salvations occur in the Mideast area of the Euphrates River   (Iraq & Iran);
great  bloodshed  will  also occur.
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3 1/2 years
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