Prophecy  /  Rob Conrad  /  September  7,  2005        
[ *received first in the early 1990's;  then made public at  on  9/7/05 ]
Judgment  is  coming  to  the  house  of  God  in  the  United  States   &  the ax   will   be  laid  to  the  root.      Leaders   in  My  house  will   incur   the this  1st   judgement   in   the  United  States   for   I   will    cause    a   great shaking   in  My  house  across   this  country.       Those   leaders   who  are misleading   My   people  will   be   exposed  in    these   coming  days   as having  diguised  themselves   as   apostles  &  prophets   in  My  house.   It will    be    an   obvious   shaking    that    all   will   see.         Then,    My   true leaders   will    also   be   recognized    &   will    stand   out   as    My    true bond-servants,    &    will    receive    even    more    esteem   amongst    My people,    being   proven  as   My   humble   servants.    

Right  now,  there  are  men  &  women  in  My  house  in  the USA  who  call themselves   prophets  &  prophetesses,   but   they  are   not.       They   are leading   My   people   astray   &   into   a   false  movement  that   promotes &   exalts   themselves,   rather   than   Me.         So   far,   they   have   their reward   which   is   to   be   seen  &   approved  of   men.              

But,  My  true  prophets  will   be  recognized   by   My   love,   My  kindness, My  humility   &  My  respect  that   they  demonstrate   towards   all   others. My  love  is   the  ultimate  deciding  factor  that   proves  My   true  prophets. But,   these   false  prophets   are   arrogant    &   boastful   &   self-serving, they  promote   themselves.      Some  of   their   words  may   be   accurate, but   their   behavior  is   unbecoming   &   brings   a    reproach   upon   Me.

Therefore,  My  people   in   My  house   will  soon   have   a   judgement   to make   in    the   USA   whether   to    follow  deceitful   spirits   who   quickly jump   up   to    the   forefront,    even  after   Katrina,   &   are  always  quick to  say,    "Yes!   Look  at  me!    I  prophesied   that   too!"    or     to   follow My    true    prophets   who    not    only    prophesy    accurately   but   also demonstrate   My    love   &   character   &   compassion,    by   which   all men   shall   know   that   they   are   My   true   disciples.    

The  demonstration  of  My  love   &  character  towards  all  others  will   be the  greatest   fruit   that   identifies   all  of   My   true  sheep  who  hear  My voice.     But,   those   who  demonstrate  arrogance,  boasting   &   a   self-exalting    nature   will   be   exposed   in    this   next   season   of   shaking that    is   coming    in    the    United  States    &    a     clear    division   will  occur   within   My   body   as    a   result.   

In   this  shaking  that's  coming   within   My   house   in   the   USA,   some will    fall    away   from   the   faith   &   will    continue    to   follow   deceitful spirits   &    false  voices.     Although   miracles  may    be   occurring   with some   of   these   false  leaders,    they    are   a    stench   in   My    nostrils for  without   My   love   they   are   nothing.    They   are   noisy   &  clanging distractions   in   My   house.       Remember   the   deceitful    woman    who followed   Paul   for   many   days   (Acts 16)     prophesying    the    truth   in My   house?       But  My   servant,   Paul,   became   annoyed   &  delivered her   from   the   deceitful  spirit    that   prophesied   in    the   midst   of   My body  &   which   called   attention   to   herself. 

Today,   many   of   these   false   prophets   &   false   prophetesses   have been   in   My   house   for   many   years,    but   they   are   an   annoyance because   they   are   misleading   My   people,   even  children,   with   their voices,   their  music  &   their   band   of   various   deceiftul   spirits.   Their fruit   may   show   faith   &   hope.      But,   they   do   not    show   My   love, which   is    the   greatest   of   these   &   is   My   commandment.  

But,   I   am  about   to   cut   threw    the   facade   &  seperate   My   people out    from    amongst    this   hypocrisy   &   call    My   people   unto   Myself for   My   sheep  hear   My  voice.      In   these  next   days,   I  will  set  apart My   own   leaders  &   My   own   people   in   the  USA   for   I   have   many. I    Myself  will   raise  up   My   bride  in   her   mature,  spotless  &   glorious stature.       Those   who   hear   My    voice,    to    the    very   least    in   My body,    will   move   in    My    demonstrations   of   power    &   wisdom   in  these  next   days   in   an    increased   measure   &   by   My    own   doing. And   they   will   be   known   by   My   love.    

And    I    will    be   highly   exalted   amongst   My   people    who    walk  in My    love   &   humility.        My    favor    &   anointing    will   rest   mightily upon   My   people  in   these  coming  days.    And   My   grace  &  humility &   love   will    be   clearly   recognized   in   My   true  servants,   even   in the   face    of    the   division    &    confrontations   &   exposing    that   are soon    coming    into    My    house    in     the    USA,    starting    within    the
leadership.               September  7,  2005 / Rob Conrad   

The  Spirit  says  this  to:     the  House  of  God  in  the  USA:
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