Red Square Nebula
Discovered  April  12,  2007

"Giant, Red Glowing Box....with bright white inner core"
"One of the most beautiful objects in the universe..."
"Near Perfect Symmetry Revealed.....[in space]..."
News / MSNBC / April 12, 2007
"Extreme symmetry suggests the star's surroundings are extremely still"
"And I saw the holy city,  New Jerusalem,  coming down out of heaven from God made ready..... And  I  heard a loud voice from the throne,  saying,    'Behold the tabernacle of  God  is  among  men'  .......   And the city is laid out as a  square .......... [1500 miles square] ......"         
Revelation 21: 2, 3, 16
7 Year Tribulation
1000 years / Christ on earth
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New Jerusalem
Return of Christ to earth
The  "New Jerusalem" Discovered?
Red Square Nebula