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The  Great White Throne Judgement   occurs  right  after the 1000  year  period  of  Christ's  reign  on  earth.   At this judgement ALL PEOPLE  who  have  ever  been  born into this world will stand directly  before God  who  sits  on  His Throne  and  will  be  judged for  their   lives  and   'deeds'   in   life.      [Rev.20:12,13]

The   exception  to   this   will   be   all   persons  who   had  already accepted  Jesus  as  Savior  &  Lord.   These  children  of  God  will be   present   at   the   Judgement   although   they   will   NOT   BE judged   since    they   had   already   accepted   being   purchased by   the   shed    blood   of   Christ   at   the   cross   in    Jerusalem.
The  ultimate  purpose  of   this  FINAL JUDGEMENT  will  be  for God  to  separate  ONCE AND FOR ALL  those  who  are  His own children   from   those  who  have   rejected  Him   and   who  also had   rejected   His  Only   begotten  Son,   the  Lord  Jesus  Christ.

How  will   those  be   judged  who  had   NEVER HEARD   about  Jesus ?

God  will  ultimately  judge  righteously & mercifully  and  by  His ALL-KNOWING   nature   &  presence.    Not   only  will  He   judge  the   overall   'deeds'   of   a   person's   best  efforts  in  life,    but  God  will  ultimately  KNOW   whether  each  person  would  have  virtually  accepted   Christ  Jesus  or  not,   had  that   person  had  the  TRUE   opportunity  to  do  so. 

For  ALL THOSE  who God knows  would  have  truly   'accepted' His  Son  had   they  truly   had   the  knowledge  to  do   so,    then God   mercifully    will   interpret   these  persons  as   His  eternal  children  AND  qualfied  to enter into His presence  forever as  one of  HIs own children.   He  will  deem  them  as  worthy  through  His mercy  &  the  shed  blood  of  Christ  at  the  cross  who  saved  & ALSO  purchased  them.   Their  'deeds'  will  be  judged  as  good.

However,  for  all   those  who God knows would  still  NOT  have accepted  His  Son  had   they  had   the  opportunity,    then   they &  their  proven  'deeds'   will   cause  them  to   be  separated  for eternity  from  God's  presence.       [ Rev 20:12, 13 ]

What   about   those  who   'heard'   the   Gospel, but   knowingly   'rejected'   Christ  Jesus ?

Also,  all   those  had  actually   'heard  the  story  of  the  cross  of Jesus  the  Savior  &  Lord'   PLUS   had  the  opportunity  to   truly  make  a   virtual  decision  during  their  own   lives  to  accept  Him  yet   they    still   knowingly  &   conciously   chose   to   reject   Him,  these  will  also   be  separated   from  God   forever  at   this   time.
Revelation  20: 11-15
'Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.  Let  the  wicked  forsake  his ways,   And the unrighteous man his thoughts;  And let him return to the Lord,  And  He  will   have mercy on him;   And as to our God,   He will abundantly pardon.'        [Isaiah 55:6,7]
Great White Throne Judgement
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