From:  Rob Conrad, brother in Christ
Patmos Ministries
brothers  &  sisters  in  Christ,

This   is   the   most  serious  prophetical  letter   I've  ever  written.     Hundreds & hundreds   (maybe  thousands)   of   persons   will   be   looking  at   this  letter  in  the next  weeks.     Believers,   ministers,    friends,    Patmos  Ministries Partners,   top  USA Christian Leaders,  unbelievers  &  even  persons  from  other  countries  who  readily   are   logging  onto   the   website  already,   will   all   be   viewing  the  things  which  are  unveiled  in  this  letter,   being  emailed  today .

Our  Lord  Jesus  exhorted  you  &  me  as  End  Time  believers: 
"When   you   see   all   these   things,   know   that  He  is  near...... even  right  at  the  door..."     (Math.24:33)   and,   He  said,   "Be  on  guard.... lest that  day  come  upon  you  like  a   trap..."   (Luke 21:34).

The  stage  is set  right now   for  the signing  of  the  Mideast  Peace  treaty  (Dan.9:27)  by  the  man of sin.   Literally,  this could  take  place today  or  more likely,  in the months  ahead.   But  prophetically,   it's  on  the  table  &  ready  to  happen at  any  time!     Grac-iously,   the Lord  is  still  allowing  more  time  for  more  souls  to  be  saved.    For  those of  you  who  have  not  yet  viewed  the  multiple  dozens of   News articles/Headlines  that confirm this  with  jolting  clarity,  then  log  onto    The virtual-reality  of  the  closeness  of  the  forthcoming  End Time  events  & of  the  nearness of our Lord   will  hit  you  like   an  oncoming  freight  train!      All   of  the   prophetical   things  predict-ed    for   the  End  Times  are  lined  up  perfectly  RIGHT NOW,   in  this  generation.    

the   Appearance  of  antichrist....

Prophetically,   the   Mideast Peace Plan   is   hot  on  the  table   right  now    with  the   man of  sin    (antichrist  himself)   meeting  with  world   leaders   (including  Israel )   who  are   looking    to  him    (almost  begging  him)     to  carry  out   the  solution  for  Mideast Peace   as  scriptures  predict.   (Dan.9:27; 11:21-24; Rev.6:2).     The  "Here is Wisdom"   prophecy-book   (available  for reading  on  the  website)    handles  accurately   this   Bible  topic  of    "antichrist"   coupled  with   News Headlines/articles   which  soberingly  confirm   his   appearance   today    to   the   body  of  Christ,    causing   even   the  most  extreme  skeptic   to   think   twice.    

In  fact,   the   man of  sin  has  been  invited   by  a   top   Israeli  Leader  (Shimon Peres) to   visit  the  Holy Land   in   the  first  few  months  of   2007!     Peres  stated:    "....I   do  believe  his   (the  man  of  sin's)    visit   can  have  an   impact  on   the   peace   process."  Brothers  &  sisters,   THIS   world   is   right  up   "snug"   with  the  "start"   of  the   End Time  7  year  Tribulation  period   as scriptures predict.      [*see:  Here is Wisdom  below ]

This  is  the  very  purpose of  my  letter,  that  your  eyes  would  be  "opened"   to  these   times,   &   so   you   would     "....Look  up !    Because  your  Redeemer  is  drawing  near!"       (spoken  by  the  Lord Jesus of the End Times;   Luke  21:28).

So  great  a  Cloud  of  witnesses  surrounding  us...    (Heb.12:1)

Many  powerful  &  highly  influential  Christian  dynamos  of  the  faith   also accurately &  publicly  recognized   the  man  of  sin,   scripturally,   as   I've   laid   out   in    "Here  is Wisdom.".      They've   been  recently  listed  on  the  website  for  believers'   awareness.     
But,  over  the  last   200 - 500  years   since  these  mighty  men  of   God   lived,   God's people  today  have   grown  blind  &   naive  to   antichrist's  true  profile,   even  as  he  is snaking   his  way   right  now   to   the   End Time   forefront!     But,  God's  people  are  about   to   suddenly   realize   that   what    John  the  Revelator  &   the   prophet  Daniel  predicted   for   the   End  Times  is   right  in  front  of   us,   right  now.     

Brothers  &  sisters,   as  a  matter  of  historical  record,   John  Wesley  (1700's),   John Knox  (1500's),   Sir Isaac Newton  (1700's),   John Calvin  (1500's),   Fox,    Wm. Tyndale,   Charles Spurgeon  (1800's),    Moody,   Rev.  Roger  Williams  (1600's)...   All  recognized  in   their  eras   the  exact  profile  of  antichrist   as  I've   laid  out  in  "Here is Wisdom".  So,   I   am  in  powerfully  good  company  with  what  the  Lord  chose  to  reveal  to  me  just  1  week  after    I   was  saved  &  baptized  in  the  fire  of   the  Holy Ghost  in  1981.   [ *my  full testimony  is  on  the  website ].   

The   accurate   handling   of     End   Time   scriptures   coupled  with    current    News Headlines  /  articles    that    overwhelmingly   confirm    antichrist's   presence   TODAY,    make    "Here  is Wisdom"    a    "one-of-a- kind"    book.      Literally,   no   other   book   like   it   exists.                                                                                                                            

Revelation  "Insight"   is  coming  to  God's  people!!         (Daniel 11:33)

Brothers  &  sisters,    I'm   not   trying   to    "sell"   you   a   book  or   proclaim   myself   as  the   world's  next  great   author!     However,   I   am   putting  deep,  prophetical   food  on   the   table   for  you   that   comes   from   over   25  years   of   thorough  diligence   in  God's   Word   while   being  directly   taught,   NOT  BY  ANY   MAN,    but   by   the   Spirit   Himself.          (I John 2:27).   

If   any  of   the  mighty   men   of   God   just  mentioned   were  here  today? ,,,,   I   fully  believe   any   one  of   them  could   have   written   "Here is  Wisdom"    by   the   same   Holy  Spirit   who   revealed   "antichrist"   to   them  &   who  also   revealed   this   insight   to   me   in  1981.    The   Spirit  also  led   me   to   write   it   down  &   first  copyright   it   in  1984.       However,   these   powerhouse  men   of   God   only  saw   the   End  Times   from    a    distance   &    as    a    future   period    that   they    all   knew    would   occur   AFTER   their   own   eras.     
But  brethren,  TODAY,    You   &   I   are   seeing   it   in   virtual-reality  with  our very  own  eyes !  

Yet  today,   believers  sit  naively,   having  their  ears  tickled   by   the   flashy  &  "dead work"   ministers!     Today's    preachers   are   more   polished   in   selling   their   "Mir- acle   water"    &    their   latest   CD's  &    tapes  on   "financial increase"    &    "how  to  become   a   prophet   in  30  days",     than   they  are   in    "equipping  the  saints"   as   the   Apostle  Paul   charged   all    5- Fold   ministers   to   carry  out.        (Eph.4:12).    

But,  concerning  today's  End  Times,   the  prophet  Daniel  specifically  predicted  some- thing   very   powerful,   which  deals   WITH  YOU  &   ME   AS   BELIEVERS   TODAY.  Daniel  predicted  that   in   the   End  Times:    "those  who have  insight  will  provide  understanding  to  the  many."         (Dan.11:33).    

Brothers  &   sisters,   You  &   I   are   "those  who  have  insight" !!      And  now   is    the  right   time   to    "provide  understanding"    to   others.        In  the  days  ahead,  the  End  Time   body  of  Christ   itself,    as  a   whole,     will   also   receive   this    "insight"   from  God's  Written  Word   of   what's   right   in   front  of   us   &   of    the   imminent  return of   Christ.     As   a   result,   God's  people  will  explode  into  readiness  for  our  soon  coming  King!    

You  close  friends  of   mine   (all  solid  believers  in  Christ!)   who   have  known   me  &  my   teachings   for    20- 25  years   (including  my  own  family)    have   also    (like  me)   been  carrying  this   accurate   teaching    ("antichrist"  /  Here is Wisdom)   for  many  years.      But  now,    prophetically,    "It  is  time now"     (the  Spirit's  own  instruction   to  me  on   November 28,  2005)    for    this   "insight"    to   come  forth  so  souls   can  be   saved   to   the   glory  of   God   &   NOT   become   "trapped"    from  ignorance  &   from   today's   deception,   as   the   Lord   Himself   forewarned.       (Luke 21:34).

[Asking   persons  to   take   a   look   @   is   a   non-threatening  approach    to    witness   to   people.     When   we    get   to   heaven,      we   may   be    blessed    to   discover   the   numbers   of   people   who   were   saved   &   who's   lives were   changed   by   our  simple   suggestion. ] 

The   "eyes"   of   God's   people  are  about  to    "open"   &   "see  clearly"....

Today,   God's  people  are  thirsting   for  the  deeper  things  of  God!    However,  since  only   shallow   &   ear-tickling   sermons   are   being   delivered   from  American  pulpits,   then   God's  people   have  now   become   more   focused  on  the   fictional  &   fairy-tale worlds  of   the    "Left  Behind  Novels"   &    "the  Da  Vinci  Code"   versus   the    virtual-reality  of   God's  Word   that   illuminates  the   awesome   &   jaw-dropping  reality  of   the   End  Time   events  coming   upon   this  generation  TODAY .  

But  my  Brothers &  sisters...  this   trend   is   about  to   change   within   the   body  of  Christ!!    God's  people  soon   will   begin  handling  &  seeing  the  scriptures  accurately (including  the book of  Revelation &  Daniel)   concerning  what  is  right  in   front  of   this End  Time  generation.        And,   those   deeper   hidden   things  of   God's  Word    (like  "who  is  antichrist?")   that  have  been  "CON-cealed  until  the  End  Times"   are   about  to   be    "RE"-vealed   (&  understood)   in   the   days   ahead,   as   the   prophet  Daniel   predicted!  (Daniel 12:4,9).     Here  again,  "those who have  insight"    (of   these  "RE"-vealed  things)   specifically  refers  to  God's  End  Time  people   (you  &  me!)    who   "will  provide  understanding  to  the   many!"          (Dan.11:33).    

the  coming  Move  of  God   upon  this  earth:     He  will   exalt  HImself !

God's   next   move  upon   this   earth  will   be   a   divine  &   awesome  move   that   will overwhelm  the  entire  world.     And   it's  coming  soon!    In  fact,   NO  man   will  receive  any   acclaim   or   honor   for   what   is   coming!        NO   ONE   particular   minister  or   "fancy-dancy"   preacher   with   a    microphone   &    flashy   suit   will   have    any   part   whatsoever   in  prompting   it,   nor   decorating   it.   

What   is   soon   coming   will   be   a   DIVINE,  GLOBAL  MOVE  OF  GOD.    And   He  will   NOT   need   any   "superstar"   preacher   or   recent  graduate  from  any   so-called  "School of  the Prophets"    in  order   to   help   exalt   Himself !        Brothers  &  sisters,   God   is    about   to    do   all    of    His   own    promoting   &   exalting  of   Himself .... ALL  BY  HIMSELF !           [ Who   else  could   do   it   better?? ] 

End  Time    scriptures   tell   us    exactly    what   God   has   already  said    about   His   final    End  TIme    "move",      which   we  are   soon  to  witness    in   this  generation.  
God  Himself  has  proclaimed:

"And   I  shall  magnify  Myself,   &   sanctify  Myself,   &   make  Myself  known  in  the   sight  of   many   nations !     &   they   shall   know   that   I   am  the  Lord !"    

YES !   God  Himself   will  be  the  sole  initiator  &  His  own  greatest   promoter  of His  next  global  move   which   I   am  speaking  about !    

"How"  is  God  going  to  exalt  Himself ?

In   the  coming  months  ahead,   God  will  exalt   Himself   by  exalting  His  Written   Word   on  earth !      When  God's   Word   is   exalted,   then   God  Himself   also   is  exalted .     But   how?     How   will   His   written  Word   be   exalted  in   this  earth?   

In  the  days  &   months  ahead,   TOP  NEWS  HEADLINES   will   begin  focusing   on  the    man  of  sin   ("antichrist")   as   he   becomes  the   world's   TOP  candidate   as   mediator  of  the  Mideast  Peace   problem .           [ the  stage  is  already  set  from  behind   the  scenes,   as   Here is Wisdom   documents ].

As    a   result   of    his   upcoming   appearance   into   the   Mideast  spotlight,    this  generation's    prime   topic  of   discussion   is   soon   to   become     whether   or    not   this   world   icon   is   the    "antichrist  of  the  End Times"    as   the   Written   Word    predicts .      [Daniel 9:27;  Revelation 6:2;  Rev.13:11].      Literally,   God  &  His   Written Word   will   be  on  the   minds  &  on  the  lips  of   all   people   the   worldover.       

[ At   this  time coming,   "those  who  have  insight"  (God's Spirit-filled  people)   will  be   walking   dynamos,    having  insight   &   also   performing   mighty   demonstrations  of   power  in   the  Holy  Spirit.        (Dan.11:32)   ].

Incredibly,    my  brothers  &  sisters,   in  the  next  move  of  God,  God  will  not  only  EXALT  &  MAGNIFY  HIMSELF.....but   He   also   will   mercifully   provide  His  very own  global  outreach    for   people   to   recognize   His   Divine   visitation   upon   this  earth   &   to   accept   the   eternal  salvation   found  only  in   the   Lord  Jesus  Christ. 

God's  purpose   in   His  next   global   move   will   be   to   draw   as  many  souls   to   Himself   as   possible  in  one   last   Divine  sweep,    just   before   He   supernaturally   "takes"    all   of   His   people   from   the   earth,   in   a   twinkle  of   an  eye.     (I  Cor. 15:52;   I  Thess.4:16).          

What  should  we,   as  believers,   do  now ?

Prophetically  right  Now,   God's  Spirit  is   reaching  out  to   ALL  people  today  to:

1)    Turn Away  from  all   ungodliness  &  embrace  Christ  Jesus  &  His eternal                   life   which  He  is  offering  freely  today;   &   be  diligent  in  His  Word .
(Eph.5:27:  that we should be holy & blameless & without any spot or wrinkle)

2)    Become  God's  ORACLE  &  His  announcer,  proclaiming  that  Jesus  is Lord
       &  that  His  return  is  imminent .              [I Peter 4:11].

This  is  God's  heart's  cry  towards  every  person  on  the  face  of   the  earth.

The  Lord  Jesus'  own  promise:  "Behold,   I   stand  at   the  door  &  knock;  if 
anyone  hears  My  voice  &  opens  the  door  (of his heart),  I  will  come  in  to
him,  &  will  dine  with  him,  &  he  with  Me."          [ Revelation 3:20 ].
Wed. / September 20,  2006

Prophetic  End  TIme   insight  to  the  body  of   Christ   will   be   revealed  under   a   deep  &   transfiguring   anointing   of   God's   presence.      The   things   taught   &   presented   at    this  conference   are   NOT    things    which    you   are   hearing    (yet)    in    your    Sunday   church  service   or    on    the   TV   religious   airwaves.                 
"ORACLES OF GOD"  Prophetic Conference  -  Atlanta, Georgia 
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