Today's  Unqualified  Ministers
[ excerpt from  'End Time Prophetic Insight'  /  2007 ]

100%  QUALIFIED  Leaders....      

Here  is  an   important  fact  to  remember  before  reading through  the   following   Leadership  Requirements.   That  is, every   so-called   Christian  leader  who  is  seen   [today  or  future]   holding  himself  up  in  front  of   God's  people  as  a 5-Fold   minister   is   automatically  representing  himself as   being  100%  QUALIFIED,   'above reproach'   &   having fulfilled    all   of   the    following   requirements  as   set   forth  by  the  great  Apostle  Paul.   

Similarly,   when  a   person  enters  a   doctor's   office,   then that   doctor  is   representing  himself   as  'fully qualified' just   by   walking   into   the  room   &  standing  in    the   lead role  as  the  doctor.     From  the  patient's perspective,  most every   patient    has   no   second   thoughts   whatsoever   re- garding   whether   that   doctor   is    fully  qualified,   partially-qualified   or  a   medical  phony  altogether.     Currently,   this is   the   exact   same   scenario   within   the   body  of  Christ  today    in    assuming   that    a    leader   at   the  forefront   is automatically   "fully qualified".

Logically,   just    by    the   mere   fact    that    a     "Christian"  minister   is   standing   up   in   God's   House   &   operating as     a      "5-Fold  Leader",      then    immediately      [even  without   that   leader   verbalizing  it]    he   is   representing  himself   as   being   100%  qualified.       In   knowing   this, then    as     believers    begin   gaining    the    knowledge  of Leadership  Qualifications,     then   many     [90%  or  more]   of    today's    "Christian"     leaders    &     "Reverends"     will  suddenly     be    accurately    discerned    by     believers   as  not   being   100%   qualified   at   all,    which  makes   them unqualified.      

Most    of    today's   unqualified    leaders    are    wonderful  true  Christian  brothers,   even  gifted  with   true  leadership  skills.     However,   if   they  have   not  passed  ALL of  the  tests    then   they  are   not   ready   for   5-Fold   Leadership capacity.       Most   believers   [or anyone]    would   rebel   at the    thought    of    having   surgery    by    a     surgeon    who was    recognized     as     being     only      "partially-qualified". How   much    more  alert    should   believers   be   in   identi- fying   a   qualified    [or  unqualified]   spiritual   leader   who leads   God's  sheep   &   who   is   charged   [by  God]    with watching   over    their   eternal   souls ?          [Heb.13:17].

In  Summary:  

To    re-emphasize,     if     any    so-called    '5-Fold  Leader' fails   in   even   1   of   the  Requirements  for  Leadership, including   the  above  areas,    then   he   is  UNQUALIFIED  to    lead     the   children   of    God    as    a     5-Fold  Leader. He   must   qualify   in   ALL   areas.

The    Apostle  Paul   called    it     "being above  reproach" which   he   said   every   Leader   &   overseer    "must  be". [ I Tim.3:2 ].       Paul  left   no   exceptions.        As   previously indicated,    he   also   said   that   unless  a   man   is    "first tested"   &   then  found   to   be   "above reproach",    then he   does    not   even   qualify   for    a     "deacon"   position in   the   church.     [1 Tim.3:10 /  Greek:  "attendant"].        Not to    mention   as    a    5-Fold  minister   in   charge   of   over- seeing    God's   flock.          

But    today,   90%    [min.]   of    today's  Christian    "leaders" in   America    fail    Paul's  very  1st   requirement  of   being "above reproach".       Many   TV   preachers   &   ministers  today    have   such  unbecoming  natures    that   their   un- Christ-likeness   can    be   discerned   within   the   very   first moments   that   they   begin   speaking.    This   shows   them as    being   unqualified.  

But,    if    ever   a    minister   is    discerned   as   being   un- qualified,    then    the   next   discernment   should   be    to determine   if   that   individual   leader  is   truly   a   Christian or,    in  fact,    is    a    false   man   or    woman   of   God    al- together.         Here  again,   the  criteria   &   insight    in    this chapter   coupled  with     the    kind    of    spiritual   discern- ment    spoken  of   in    Hebrews 5:14   will   clearly   identify "who's   who?".
However,    at     this    time   prophetically,     if    a    particular Leader   is   recognized  as   being   UNQUALIFIED   &    not "above reproach",   then  the  body  of  Christ   must  FIRST pray   for   that   person  &   for   his  or  her   strengthening   & that     he/she    will    be   found   &  kept    in   Christ.      

Secondly,    a    believer   must    consider   prayerfully   about  peacefully   withdrawing   from   that   particular   leader  since he   has   more   work   ahead   of    him   in   order   to    pass the    "tests"    &    qualifications    which    Paul    identified in   scripture.        [1 Tim.3:10].

In   the   New  Testament,    the    Apostle  Paul    gives   many powerful   insights,    instructions,   encouragements   &   even warnings   to   God's   Leaders  &   also   to    believers    who aspire   to   Leadership.      One   major   word  of   wisdom  & warning   which    he   gave   to    Timothy    is   just    as    vital [maybe  more]     for   today's    5-Fold   Leaders   in   these End  Times.        

The Apostle Paul said:    

"Do  not   neglect  the  spiritual  gift   within  you,   which was   bestowed   upon   you   through   prophetic   utter- ance   &   by   the   laying  on  of   hands  by   the   elders. Take  pains  with  these  things;  be  absorbed  in  them, so   that  your  progress  may   be  evident   to  all.     Pay close   attention   to   yourself   &    to    your   teachings; persevere   in   these  things,    for  as  you  do   this  you will   insure  salvation   both   for  yourself   &   for  those who  hear  you."           [1 Tim.4:14-16].

Excerpt  from  Chapter 4  of   'End Time Prophetic Insight' - book /  Biblical Leadership Requirements

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