the  Unforgivable  Sin

Jesus said,  "Truly I say to you,  all sins  shall be  forgiven the sons of  men,    &  whatever   blasphemies  they  utter;    but  whoever blasphemes  against   the   Holy  Spirit,   never  has  forgive- ness,   but  is  guilty  of  an  eternal  sin"    -------because  they were   saying     'He    [Jesus]    has  an  unclean  spirit.'      
[Mark 3:28,29,30]

In   the  above  passage,   the  Lord  clearly  defined  the  only   sin  which   'never has forgiveness'.      It   is  when  a  person  know- ingly   &   conciously   blasphemes  or  curses  the   Holy  Spirit  of God.  

Undoubtedly,  this  would  have  to  be  a  person who  has already heard  &  understood   the  story  of  Jesus  dying  on  the cross  in Jerusalem  as  Savior  and   Lord,    PLUS    has  ALSO  heard  & understood   about  eternal  life  being  offered  to  that  person  by receiving   the   gift  of   the  Holy  Spirit.

Then,   for  that   person   [who knows all of this]    to  conciously  & knowingly    'curse  or  blaspheme  the  Holy  Spirit',   while   firmly rejecting  the  Spirit of  God  from  ever  coming  into  his  own  life,  has   then   committed  the   sin   which    'never has  forgiveness'.

This  particular  profile  of  person  will   have,   knowingly,   sealed  his  own   eternal  destiny  in  his  own   lifetime,  dooming  himself  to   eternal   separation   from   God's   presence.
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