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Wed,  Nov  17,  2010
FROM:   Rob Conrad  ~founder,
Patmos Ministries  / 
TO:   Global Friends ~ 

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3 MAJOR End Time Prophecies IN PLAIN VIEW  TODAY   (Current Headline News)

--ANTICHRIST and Mideast Peace w/ ISRAEL (News/Nov 14, 2010)    >>>

--"Mark of the Beast"
coming 1-World Mark   (News/Nov 15, 2010)   >>>

--Abomination of Desolation
(being Publicly rehearsed in Jewish Temples)   >>>

Dear:   brothers-sisters in Christ,  ALL Friends:

These  2  Prophecies (below)  by the Lord and the prophet Daniel regarding Him OPENING EYES of His people to "see" and "understand" when "all these things" have lined up prophetically, ARE ALREADY BEGINNING to come to pass RIGHT NOW as exclusively  Pinpointed  at  Heisnear.com.

Global awareness of these CRUCIAL INSIGHTS will explode in the coming months, as scriptures foretell for today's End Times.  Prophetically, AMERICA is FIRST in line to "see" and "hear" ALL of these insights since we are the #1 Country in the world, 2nd to none, FILLED with God's born again children!   

The incredible momentum of people "seeing" is confirmed through Heisnear.com with over 1.3 Million visitors to the  site  with over  850,000 of  them  in  the last 32 months.  Plus,  over  400,000  YouTube Viewers in  the  last 26 months  NOW have their EYES OPEN to today's End Time SIGNS  right in front of this generation.

"Even so, you too, when you SEE ALL these things, KNOW He is near, even right at the door." (the Lord Jesus Christ / Matthew 24:33)


"Those who have insight among the people will provide understanding to the many."  (Daniel 11:33)


*Dear:   Recent/Newer  Friends:

The LINK below will take you to my own TESTIMONY which  is coming  to  pass  to  the "T"  RIGHT  NOW regarding ANTICHRIST'S precise identity  AND PRESENCE ON TODAY'S WORLD STAGE exactly as the Lord sovereignly chose to reveal to me just 7 days after He powerfully saved me.

ALL backed by accurate handling of God's anointed written word AND overwhelmingly matched and confirmed with hundreds of Headline News as soberingly  spotlighted  at   Heisnear.com.

These pillars of the Faith ALSO AGREED about the exact profile of Antichrist  as specifically  ID'd  at Heisnear.com  TODAY:

John Calvin,   Martin Luther,  Sir Isaac Newton,  DL Moody,  Charles H Spurgeon,  John Wesley,   J.A. Wiley,  William Tyndale,  John Knox,  John Wycliffe, George Fox,  Charles Finney,  King James,  Galileo, and  others....

*my Testimony    (& pillars of Faith who agree)

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crucial  Insights  at  Heisnear.com?

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