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Concerning   Evangelical   &  non-denominational   leaders  who  are  held  up  today  as   "prophets &  prophetesses",    then   most    [99%]    are  no prophets  at  all.       Of   the   men,    most    [90%]     are   actually    true  Christian    "believers".         But,   their   true   prophetical  "giftings"    have been   wrongfully   interpreted    by    themselves,     by   other   leaders   &   by   the    body   of   Christ   as   being    a    "prophet".      The   other  10% or    so    of     today's    so-called     "prophets"     are    completely    false  ministers   &   religious   phonies   altogether.       These  are   those   who have   deceitful   spirits.    [2 Cor.11:13; 1 Tim.4:1].        Only   a   countable few     "prophets"     in     America    today   are    the   true    &   Biblically   sound    prophets  of   God.    

With  rare  exceptions,      the  women   seen    today    at    the   forefront   who   assume    to   operate   as   an   actual    5-Fold   Leader    have  no  business    whatsoever  being   in   front  of   God's   people.     Of  today's "prophetesses",     99%    are   no   prophetess   at   all.         Of   this  grouping,   70%   have   evil  spirits   as   they   are    "deceitful  workers".   [2 Cor.11:13].        The   other   30%  or   so   are   actual   true  Christian "believers"    with    true   giftings.           Yet    these    have   allowed    themselves   to    be    wrongly   influenced   resulting    in    their   unqualified  status    and    unscriptural  position   in    the   forefront.

Either  way,    with   very   rare   exceptions,     they   should   step  down   from   exalting   themselves   in   God's   House.         Also    like   today's  men   ministers,    most   women   seen    in   the  pulpits    today   have   brought    a    great   reproach   &   mockery   upon   the   Lord    with   their  dominating-controlling   &   unbecoming   character,    speech  &   arrogant attitudes.            [*The  next chapter specifically expounds on this.]

Scriptures   are   clear    that    'overseers'    &    'deacons'   of   God's   flock   must   be    "a   man".      [1Tim. 3:1-16].         However,   scriptures  clearly   allow   for    female    believers   to   operate   powerfully   in    the  areas   of    teaching,   evangelism   &   prophetical   giftings   &   even  as   a    prophetess.         But,   always   within    Paul's   guidelines    and     in   conjunction   with    the    5-Fold    ministry   roles    filled  by  men.        [1Tim. 2:12;  1 Tim 3:1]. 

But,   what   has  occurred  over  the   years  in   America   is   a   naivety  & sloppiness  in   Christian   leadership  even   with   the   term   "prophet".   Since   the  1980's   or  so,     this   has   opened   the   door   across   the United  States  for   most   anyone   with   any   level  of  true   prophetical  "giftings"    to   be  quickly   &  widely  accepted   in   God's  House  as   a "prophet"   or    "prophetess".       

In   fact,    today's    false    "prophets  &  prophetesses"      are   deceitful   &   have    evil   spirits   exactly   as     the    woman   who   followed   Paul's  minstry   for     "many  days".       [Acts 16:16-18].             Just   like   today's false    "ministers",      she   could   stand   up    in    the    House   of   God &    deliver    a     perfect   &    true  prophecy    &   probably    to   the applause   of    the    body   of   Christ   who   observed.           Yet,    Paul's  discernment    was    keen    &      "trained  to  discern  good  &  evil".     [Heb.5:14].         At   the   right    timing    &    under   an   anointing   of   power,     Paul   cast    the    evil   spirit   out   of   her.          [Acts 16:18]. 

However,   in   today's  Christian   leadership  &   the  body  of  Christ    the  quick  acceptance  of  most  anyone  as   a    "prophet"   or    "prophetess"  goes   almost  entirely  unchecked.     Here  again,   this  is   because  of   a serious   lack  of   discernment.        Most    [99%]    of    today's   Christian  leaders   would    not    recognize   a   demon-possessed    person   sitting  right   in   front  of   them.        This   is   obviously  confirmed   by   so   few   leaders   today   who,    unlike  Jesus   &   Paul,      are   rarely      [if   ever]   seen   ministering    full   &   powerful   deliverances   to   anyone   at    all.     [Mark 1:23-27].

But,   having  prophetical  "gifts"   in   no   way   automatically   equates  a believer   with   being  a   "prophet"   which  is   a   higher calling  &  office amongst    God's    true   leaders  altogether.       In   fact,  no  true  prophet of   God   will   be   seen   constantly,    as   today's   so-called    "prophets"  are,    as   providing   their   best  prophecies  to   be  personal   messages to   believers  about     "who  their  next  husband  or  wife  might  be",     or  that     "prosperity  is coming  to  a   believer  soon...."    or      "the  Lord  is  going   to  use  you  mightily...."    or      "God  has  a  ministry  for  you...".        
In   the  last  several  years  in   the  USA,     a   popular  message  spread  amongst   God's   people  by   the   "prophets"    is   that    "America   itself  [as  a  nation]    is   about   to  experience   the  greatest   prosperity financially  in   our   nation's   history".          But   quite  to   the  contrary,  unless  this   nation  as   a   whole  first  repents,   this  couldn't   be  more false.        Unlike    the   true  prophets   of   God,      today's   so-called  "prophets"     &    "prophetesses"      have   kept    the    warning   of    "repentance"    almost   nowhere   to    be   found.          But,   in   today's   world,    this    is    exactly   one   of    the    prophetical    "words"     which  should    be    delivered   to    God's    people.            [*This   is  elaborated  on   in   the  chapter  on   "America's  Future".]       

Another  popular   but   completely   short-sighted   message  of   today's  "prophets"    is   the    "find  your  destiny"    pitch.       True,   finding  one's own  area   of   purpose   or   "part"   in    the   body  of   Christ   is  essential.       Yet,   no   true  prophet  of   God   would   focus  only     [as today's   so-called   "prophets"   &   "prophetesses"    have]    on   a   short-sighted    "destiny"   while   minimizing   or   leaving  out  altogether today's   greatest   warnings   to   God's   children  of    the   imminent  judgements  of  God,   including   the  return  of   the  Lord  Himself.

But  in  the  mighty  times  ahead,   God's  true  prophets  &  prophetesses will   be   heard  as   sounding   a   trumpet   in   these   End Times.      The  greatest   prophetical  voices  of   God   in   the  coming  days   will   be  as  powerful  oracles  who  represent  God   &  speak  for  God.        His   true  prophets   in   the  days  ahead   will   in   no   way   be    'less'    than   the other  mighty   prophets  of   old.         In  fact,   in   most   ways   they   will   be    even  mightier   in   the  days   ahead.

They   will  also  have  God's   people  as   their   prime  concern  as   they  announce   End Time  insights    which   point    to    the   global  judgements   &   imminent    re-appearance  of   His  own  Son.       It   is   a global    "word"    which    His    true prophets    will   be   heard  speaking.     Namely,   "Repent!    For  your  eternal   "destiny"    is   at  hand!".       This   lines  up   exactly   with   all   other   scriptural   warnings  for    the   End Time   generation   including   the   Lord's  own   warnings  to His  End Time   people   when   He   said:     "When  you  see  all  these things,   Look up!     Because  your  Redemption  is  drawing  near!". [Luke 21:38].     

In   reality,    if    the  true prophets of  God,   like  Elijah,   Elisha,   Daniel, Ezekiel,   John the Baptist,    the  Apostle Paul    &    John   the  Revelator   were   to   stand   as   a    group   on   stage   next    to    today's   American  ministers    &    so-called    top     "prophets  &  prophetesses",      then   the stark  contrast    would   be   immediately   obvious   to   all,      even   unbelievers.

So  far,   today's    so-called   "prophets"    are   in  perfect   line   with   the  prophet   Jeremiah's   foresight   for  these   End  Times   when  he  warned:

"In   the   Last  Days   you   will  clearly   understand   it.       I     [God] did   not    send   these   prophets,   but   they   ran.          I   did  not  speak  to  them,   yet   they   prophesied.      But,   if   they  had  stood in  My  council,    then   they   would   have  announced   My   words  to   My  people,    And   would   have   turned   them   back   from  their   evil   way   and    from   the   evil   of   their  deeds."            [Jer.23:20-22].

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