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Tuesday,  May 5,  2009  /   Letter from  Rob Conrad  sent to:   Global Partners,  Friends

Brothers-Sisters in Christ,  Global Friends:

'Even   so,   you  too,    when  you  see   ALL   these  things ,  then  KNOW    that   He   is   near,    even   right   at   the   door.'   

[ forewarning to End Time  believers spoken by the  Lord  Jesus Christ  /
Math. 24:33 ]

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H E A D L I N E    N E W S    /    P H O T O S
ANTICHRIST,  Final  Events  on  world's  stage__________

John the Revelator saw   1  Beast  and  1  Man,  the  False Prophet,
as   John   elaborately   defined  in   Chapters  13, 16, 19  &  20   of  the
book  of   Revelation.

The  False Prophet   would  rise  through  the  centuries of  history
as   the   Greatest   Religious  Impostor  of  Christianity  ever,    shown 
by    John   as     'coming  up  out  of  the  earth'     and     having     'two
horns  like  a  lamb'     and     'speaking  as  a  dragon'.        [Rev. 13:11].

This  would   be   satan's   greatest   ploy   OVER THE CENTURIES   and
right  up  to   the   End  Times,   a   FINAL   'religious'   scheme  to  fool 
as  many as  he can,   even  God's people  if  it  were  possible,   while 
wrapping  himself  in  a   'Christian'    facade  as  the  world's  greatest 
End  Time  'Christian'   deceiver  and   religious  icon  on   the  world's
FINAL  STAGE.       Literally,   satan's  greatest   and    last   mockery  of 
God   and  of   true  Christianity   is  right   in  front  of   today's   world.

In fact,  not  only  did  John   the  Revelator  himself  and   the  first      century  Christians  understand   the  Vision's  profiling  of   the  False      Prophet,  but    EVERY  GENERATION  AFTERWARDS   also  understood      his  profile  throughout  the  following 18  centuries.   Great   Christian
pillars  of   the   faith   ALL   recognized   Revelation's  profiling  of  the
FALSE PROPHET   exactly   as   Revelation   and   Daniel   portray
AND    exactly  as  profiled  @ .....

Including:      John  Calvin,    Martin  Luther,    John  Wycliffe,    Charles 
Spurgeon,   Sir  Isaac Newton,   William  Tyndale,   J.A.   Wylie,   Charles
Finney,     D.L.  Moody,     John Knox,    Rev.  Roger  Williams,    Galileo,
John  Wesley,   Smith  Wigglesworth   and    King  James,    to  name     just  a  few.         [ their bios / beliefs  are  shown  at .]    

It's  only been  the last   200  years  or  so,   since  the  1800's,   that   the
world's   people  have   become  blind   to  the  FALSE PROPHET'S   true  profile   as  the  Bible  exactly  pinpoints.        ANY    'TALK'   TODAY
about  the  topic  of   the    'FALSE PROPHET'   is  COMPLETELY  non-
existent   and   fuels   today's  global   blindness  about   his  deceptive-
ness    while   he  parades  back  and   forth   across  the  world's  stage
AND    even  into   the   Holy  Land,    as   foretold.              [ Dan. 9:26,27 ]

But,  scriptures  are  clear  that   the  End Time  generation  itself,  starting  with  God's  own   Spirit-filled   people  first,   will  have  their  eyes opened  and   will   recognize  ALL  Final   events  as  being  ready  for   fulfillment.     TODAY  and    right   on   time   prophetically   for   this  inevitable   period   adjacent    to    the    nearing     'start'    of    the    7  Year  Tribulation,    the  FALSE  PROPHET   is  rapidly  coming  to  the  world's  forefront.    This  is   Major  Bible   Prophecy   happening  right   in   front   of   our   own   eyes   AND    which   GOD   INTENDS   for  His   people   to    'KNOW'.              

[ Math.24:33  /  Dan. 11:33 ]

Daniel  11:33  >   'Those who have insight among the people will provide
understanding  to  the  many.'      [  foretold  of  End Time  believers who have  their   eyes  open   at    the   inevitable   period   adjacent   to   the 'start'   of  the  final  Tribulation. ]

Hundreds  of    Headline  News / photos    overwhelmingly   match   and confirm   ALL  of   these  virtual   realities  TODAY :   

ANTICHRIST,  Final  Events  on  world's  stage___________

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'Sir Isaac Newton Identified ANTICHRIST'
of the End Times

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Let someone know about   since Christians are the End Time believers which Daniel the prophet referred to when he foretold:    'Those who have insight among the people will provide understanding to the many.'       [Dan.11:33]

5 Fold Ministers:   'But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow
the trumpet,  and  the  people are  not warned,  and  a  sword comes and  takes a
person from them......then his blood,    I    [the Lord God] ,   will  require  from that watchman's hand."          [ Ezekiel 33:6 ]

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