today:   Sunday,  June 27, 2010
from:   Rob Conrad   to  Global PTRS
founder, Patmos Ministries /

ALL Glory to the Lord Jesus !!!   --AWESOME,,,,,    UPDATE  of   LAST  NIGHT'S MEETING    [Sat, 6/26]    here  in   MARIETTA ::

Dear brothers-sisters:: The Lord moved mightily last night!! Like the Day of Pentecost, He poured His Fire upon the entire group!!  INCREDIBLE!!  After  I  put forth God's Word for about 45 mins,  the Lord stirred His gifts upon me and then He dumped HIS FULL POWER AND FIRE UPON US ALL,  RIGHT THEN!! --During the incredible next 30 mins or so as we were all bathing in a A HUGE OVERWHELMING PRESENCE OF GOD AND HIS POWER,  I  laid my hands upon each  faith-filled person for about 2-3 mins each for their own particular need(s) as everyone prayed to God with total abandon & up-raised hands of praise to Him; Here's a few things which the Lord Himself powerfully performed ::

--21 yr old Jenna was born again & filled with power & speaking in tongues right on the spot! This sweet young lady had flown from Calif for the very purpose of being at this meeting AND grabbing a hold of ALL that God had for her!! GOD WAS FAITHFUL!!! --An awesome and merciful move of the Lord upon this young lady!! Jenna also was instantly healed in her body from 9 years of  Fibro-myalgia which she testified about later after the Lord was done moving in His power over us all. We all marveled together, and with Jenna, about the Lord's presence AND HIS GRACE in making Jenna 'whole'  in spirit, soul and body!

Except for 2-3 persons, NO ONE LEFT FOR 6 HOURS!!  We just sat BATHING IN AWESOME WAVES OF POWER!!!

*More:  the Owner of the conference room (Matt)  had been born again but not baptized in fire UNTIL LAST NIGHT ---GOT TOTALLY SATURATED WITH POWER, FILLED with the FULL FIRE-POWER of the Lord & speaking with tongues for the first time!! After Matt's experience with his hands raised for probably 10 mins (all of us had hands raised to God!), Matt sat there totally drunk in the Spirit, as most all of us were, which brought joy and laughter to him & the  whole group at 1 point for several minutes... a complete Day of Pentecost experience!

*More:  Joe, got re-FILLED AND SPOKE IN TONGUES for the first time WITH POWER ALL OVER HIM!!  Then, Joe's wife, already saved & filled years before, had severe pains in her elbows & hip when she came last night, having already gone to doctors about it.  After the Lord drenched us ALL in fire and power & praying in tongues for maybe 10 straight minutes, the word of knowledge came to me instructing Jenna (just freshly born again & drenched with full fire-power 5 mins before)  for Jenna herself,  not me this time,  to lay her hands upon Joe's wife for her elbows and hip to be healed, resulting in 98% of the pain leaving Joe's wife's elbows & hip FOR ALL TO SEE!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Joe's wife, Doreen, left with full faith for the accomplished miracle! The Lord is faithful dear brothers & sisters!!!  Other tremendous things occurred,  ---- ALL GLORY TO GOD!            ~rob c.

Monday, June 28, 2010
><(((>    kr / regular attender of meetings :

"Last Saturday Night's meeting has permanently marked the majority of the peoples'  lives that were there in Marietta, Ga.  **A number of the people I spoke with the following day personally recognized they were "STILL" totally and undeniably "SATURATED" in God's power!  Thank you everyone who lifted this  meeting  up  in  prayer!!"