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Signing of Mideast Peace plan by  Antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
Great  Tribulation
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
3  1/2  years
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth       (Rev.20:6) >>>>
3  1/2  years
One  of  the  major   Bible  prophecies  pre-dicted    for   the   Last   Days'    generation is  the   rebirth  of   Israel  as  a   nation.

In   fulfillment  of   Bible  prophecy   for   the End  Times,    this   occurred   on    May  15,  1948 as  the  United  Nations  official- ly    recognized    Israel   as   a    sovereign nation, a  major sign of  Christ's  nearness.

This  is   a   miraculous  event  since  Israel had   been   a   scattered   people   without an   official   country  beginning   2000  yrs. ago  when  Israel  rejected   their   Messiah (the  Lord  Jesus  Christ)    when   He   had appeared   to   them.

Now,   after   almost   2000   years   of   not having   Israel  as   their   "home",    Israel's sudden  rebirth in  1948 allows  millions of Jews   to  return   "home"   from  all  nations in   fulfillment  of  a   major  Bible  prophecy for   the   End  Times.          [ *see articles below ]
Major prophecy  fulfilled...
"After many days  you  (Jews scattered  around the  world  from 2000 years ago)  will   be  sum-moned;   in  the  latter  years   you  will  come into   the  land  (Israel)   that  is   restored  from the   sword,    whose   inhabitants   have   been gathered   from   many  nations  to   the  moun- tains  of   Israel   which  had  been  a  continual waste;  but  its  people were  brought  out  from the  nations,  &   they  are  living   securely,  all of  them."     (since 1948).             (Ezek.38:8)
BBC  NEWS:      "Return   of   the   Jews   to   the Promised  Land...."     /     April 20,  1998
BBC  NEWS:    thousands  of   "Ethiopian  Jews  return   to   Israel"     /     Jan. 9,  2004
Fullfillment  of  a  Major  Bible  Prophecy...       (of  the  End  Times) 
1948 Rebirth        of Israel        (Ezek.38:8)
              [ Rev.6:1 - 20:3 ]
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
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Marked this generation as the  'End Time'  generation
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