America's  next  Critical  Choice:  
Our next President : McCain or Obama
Thursday  /  September  11,  2008
Rob Conrad  /
(Prophetic word  55 days  before Nov 2008 Presidential Election)

President Reagan 
Oct '84
1st Presidential Debate
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In  less  than  55  days  on  November  4th  America will have  its  new  President. This coming election presents America with its next great critical choice to either move toward God  [with McCain]  as a nation or move quickly away from God. This upcoming election MAY BE THE MOST CRITICAL ELECTION IN OUR NATION'S HISTORY.   Why?   Because this generation is in the End Times.  And our next President will make crucial judgements in leading America during today's major prophetical times which will definitely and quickly become severely more perilous than they are right now.

As of  today  [Sept 11, 2008]   the  polls are mostly  tied  between McCain and Obama with  America virtually divided  in  half about who to vote for in November  4th's  election.

This is the perfect opportunity for  believers and persons who believe in the power of  prayer  to  petition God.   Those who  believe God  answers  prayer  and know  that   God  can  definitely  be  moved  by  His  children's  fervent  prayers will  be  praying specifically  for   McCain  to  be  swept  by  the   Spirit  of  God into  the  Presidency  of  the  United States.    In fact,  the prayers of  His righteous people  will   avail  much.      [James 5:16].

Over the next weeks  many  globally  who  believe  in  prayer  will   be  reading this  letter  either by  our  emailings  to our  global partners,  or  by  visiting  where  this  same  letter  is  posted  and/or   through strategic  internet  sites  where   is   heavily  marketed   and/or linked  to.   Literally,  tens of  millions  of  Americans and  God-fearing  believers collectively  visit  these  sites  daily,   many  of  whom  will  be  praying.   

God clearly has His hand on America, BUT HE HAS A WORD  to  all  of  us:

Recently,  over the last 30 years or so  [since 1980] ,   millions of Bible-believing Christians in the USA have asked God through intercessory prayer to keep His hand on our country and bring forth a true man of God who can lead us.   God has responded repeatedly  by providing America with  3 out  of  4  of our  last Presidents who are   [and were]   true God-fearing Presidents.    Although they may have made some errors,  these Presidents did many good and right  things and  were proven  true believers in Christ Jesus.    [Reagan 80-88,  Bush Sr 88-92,   current  President Bush  00-08].    

Right now,  John McCain has been brought to the forefront from the  prayers of Americans who are  true  God-fearing  believers.      As  President, Senator John McCain has the potential to be another Ronald Reagan in terms of integrity,  the humility to reach out to opposing politicians and  all Americans to  bring unity, and also the boldness to make the necessary changes that will strengthen and protect our nation.   McCain  also has just the kind of bold character to stand up and call this nation to  repentance  which is the greatest prophetical call from the throne room of God  today  to America.    

America's  last  President who publicly  called  for  national  repentance  was Ronald Reagan  himself.    Reagan  delivered   2 Chronicles 7:14   over and over to our nation for  8 years   ['80-'88].    Unfortunately,  most Americans,  including today's so-called prophets and top TV ministers,  recognized Reagan's words as nothing more than the wonderful concept of  an  American President  quoting scriptures to our nation.    But,  in fact,  President Reagan's quoting of  2 Chronicles 7:14   was much greater than just   'quoting Bible passages'. President  Reagan  was  prophesying  to  America  from  the  heart  of  God!   

'If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray,  and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways,  then  I  [God]  will  hear  from heaven,   will forgive their sin,   and will heal their land.'        [2 Chron. 7:14].

This same word which Reagan spoke  and prophesied for 8 years  is THE SAME  EXACT  WORD  TO  AMERICA  FROM  THE  THRONE  OF  GOD  TODAY!

The Problem now:     A divided nation in Perilous Times

Today,  the problem is that our nation is divided  [basically 50/50]   on  major issues,  even  Biblical  beliefs.    This is a serious and significant  matter since a 'house divided against itself falls'.   [Luke 11:17].    This is  one prime  reason which  makes  this upcoming  Presidential election  highly  critical  to  our country's  future.

The very root of the problem in America is unrepentant hearts  who seek the desires of the flesh and the things of the world and the boastful pride of life instead of holding fast to the Word of God and abiding uprightly in the Lord Jesus and His precious Holy Spirit. 

Without queston TODAY's GENERATION is  now  entering  the most critical time in End Time history  with global danger   [like terrorism]  and the global economy affecting ALL  people,  including the USA.    The perilous times coming will make today's world even worse.   My  brothers and sisters,   America cannot afford  NOT  to have a God-fearing man like John McCain as our next President  who will boldly stand up for what is right and true before God and before all  Americans and  with  sound  judgements  on  today's  crucial  matters.

The only other choice is Obama of whom  today's polls show his  potential election to the Presidency to  be  equally possible.  However, Obama has a deceitful spirit,  bases his brand of Christianity on his 20 year church membership with a proven racist and false prophet Jeremiah Wright Jr.,   will not admit that conception immediately begins the human life of a baby as  Psalms 139 clearly states,  speaks cleverly  out of both sides of his mouth even reversing his stories,  suggested  that  Israel  be prepared  to handle her own problems,  and is arrogant and sophisticated in his covering of his shady background and associations.  

In addition,  Obama has almost zero accomplishments as a Senator making him possibly  the most unqualified man in American history to be nominated by his party to the Presidency of the USA.     Those who have paid close attention to the  publicized  facts over the  last  couple  months  recognize  what  I  am  saying here  is  not  empty  rhetoric.

Potentially,  Barack Obama is the single greatest  'internal'   threat right now to the United States of America.   Having zoomed to the forefront of the most powerful country  in world history Obama has mesmerized  half of its people [and the secular blind world itself]   without having any more qualifications to be President than simply being a great  orator.   Yet  amazingly,  HALF of our country is  still,   as of today,   believing him to be ready and able to lead our nation.

Alarmingly,  a  parallel  account  in  the  Old Testament  shows  the  nation of Israel's  rebellious  people  cried out  for  a   'king'   who  would  serve them and satisy  their  fleshly desires  in  place of  their need to  repent and to  serve  God as  their  'king'.     Against  God's  perfect  will,   they  got   their  fleshly  wish  with their  new   'king',   Saul.     [1 Samuel 8: 5, 7, 22].      However,  with  their  new 'king'   came  the  prophet  Samuel's  stern   warnings  that,   'Then,  you  will  cry out  in   that   day  because  of  the  king  you  have  chosen  for yourselves,  but the  Lord  will  not  answer  you  in  that  day.'        [1 Sam.8:9,18].

On  November 4th,  America's  voters  will  have a similar  critical opportunity to seek  God's  face and select a  true man of God in John McCain.    Or, Americans will  continue to seek their own fleshly interests first by selecting a man of deception who disguises himself as a Christian, stands in favor of numerous  principles  which  oppose  God  and  His  word,  and  poses  a  viable threat   to  our  own  nation's  security  and  future  as  does  Obama. 


God's Desires the very best Leader for His children

In  America  many of today's people and believers have fallen lethargic about spiritual things and the nature of God.   Even today's  so-called  prophets and popular Christian  'shepherds'  themselves  prove their  main  interest  to  be selling  books and CD's,  exalting their own names and ministries,  and  loving the  approval and  recognition as  being  a   'reverend'   and  the  newest  'prophet' on  the  scene. 

Most of today's popular Christian leaders are in a  'patty-cake-patty-cake'   mode, not wanting to offend anyone and then compromising themselves and the sharp-edged truths of God's principles.  All this  rather  than  equipping the saints  [Eph. 4:12]   and  uprightly  leading God's people with true   Christlikeness.    In addition,   today's  popular  ministers  have  NOT   conveyed  to  God's  children the crucial and necessary truths of these  End Times  while blowing the trumpet of alarm as to the nearness of the soon-coming  King of all  kings.   As  a  result, America  has  grown  weary  and  divided.

So, has God given up on America?   Absolutely not.    But,  does God really care about   'who?'  our next  President  will  be?    I  don't  hesitate  to  say  boldly  that God  is  deeply  caring  and   intense  about   'who'   leads  America!      Why? First,   it's  God's  own  nature  to  care  for   His  children.    In   America,   He  has millions of  children.   As  a  true loving Father,  'God  humbles  Himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the earth.'   [Psalms 113:6].     His children are,   and  always  have  been  since  in  the  beginning,   His  highest priority and  greatest  care!  

Secondly,  does  God  NOT  care  about  who  leads  His precious children?   He absolutely DOES  care!!    The  Lord  Jesus  Himself  also  warned:   'See  to  it  that  no  one  misleads  you!'     [Math. 24:4].     This  applies to God's children in every way so that we use discernment and wisdom as to  'who'  we  choose  to submit   to  as  our  leader  or  choose  to  keep  company  with  or   follow. 

Thirdly,  the  Bible  is  filled with  guidelines and  instructions as to the profile and character of   true men and women of God  who we should  look  to as  our leaders.

The United States itself was born with God's  principles and by  God-fearing men and women who knew God and  stood  boldly  and  courageously  by  the  Bible and  for  the  Lord Jesus Christ.   America's  birth  is  no  accident.    It is divinely birthed  and  is  still  divinely  protected  by  God's  mighty  hand.   And it  is  still  God's  desire  today   for  His  people  to  be  led  by  a   true  man  of God,   even  as  our  President.

But,  America's current state of  being  divided in half  is strictly  because our nation,   political  and   religious  leaders  included,   has  fallen  away  from  God. As a nation, we are in need of national repentance from our great sins including aborting  over  40 million babies  since 1973,  the greatest single abomination  in  world  history.    Because  of  America's   sins  and   current unrepentant  heart  as  a  nation,   her  current  mode  of   spiralling  toward economic  collapse   will  continue   including  continuing  severe   birth   pangs [ie.  more natural disasters, etc]    heaping  more  economic  woes  upon America   until   the   USA   is  called   to   national  repentance.

Yet God still sits mercifully extending His love to us,  waiting for God-fearing people in America  and  our nation  as a whole  to fall to our knees and repent. 

What  is  the  solution?  Over the next few weeks,  America  AGAIN  has opportunity  to PRAY  that  a  God-fearing  President   [McCain]  will  lead  the United States  as  God's  hand  rests  mightily  upon  him  and  our  nation.

John McCain

Prophetically at this critical juncture in America's history  and in these End Times,  John McCain  as our NEXT PRESIDENT will bring great hope and the potential for America to come together again as a whole.  

The last President who accomplished this was President Reagan who won his Presidency with a landslide in 1980  while bringing great honor,  integrity  and great  unity  to our nation for the ensuing  8  years.    With  President McCain, there is genuine opportunity  AGAIN  for America to rise  in  strength and unity as  a  nation  in  these  highly  crucial  End Times.     And  to  repent  as  a  nation.

Significant  examples in the scriptures show times  where  God's people were upright  even though the  'kingdom'   they lived in was evil.    For example,  Daniel the  prophet  was  an  upright man of God  who lived in the  evil  kingdom  of Babylon,  yet God's hand rested mightily upon him.    

Today,  America's  profile  is  similar.    Although  many  upright  God-fearing people are in  America,   the  earthly    'kingdom'   [and government]   of  America itself  has  become  corrupted  in  many  ways  and  has  allowed  many  evils  to increase  within  our  land  and  society  and  laws.

But,  God's  will is for  BOTH,   His children  in  America  AND   America as a nation,   to  rise  up  together.     This  will require our PRAYERS  to  God  for America  to  be  led  by  a  true  believer  in  God  and  in  Christ Jesus.    Of  today's  two  Presidential  Nominees,  this  is  clearly  and  only  John McCain. With  Obama  as  President,  America  as  a   'nation'  and   'kingdom'   would incur  great  calamity  and  quick  and  critical  setbacks.  

In  the  larger  scope  globally  and  at  this  point  in  today's  rapidly  advancing End Times,  scriptures  specifically  show  that  the the  body of Christ globally[and  within  America  too]   will   itself   mightily  unite  and  rise  in  the  next  days in  the power and Spirit of the Lord  like never before  as  He  pours  out  His Spirit  in  His  final move upon  His children  worldwide.     [Dan.11:32, 33, 35; Joel 2:28, 29].     This foretold scenario will  occur  soon  in  this  generation regardless of  America's  leaders  or  any  other  country's  leaders  for  that matter. 

Prayer moves God

Over the last 20 years or so,  since Ronald Reagan left office in 1988  the devil  has  notched up his encroachment upon our land like never before knowing he has but a short time left in this generation.  During this time, America has become obviously  more divided and more godless  than  ever  before.   

Then,  what  is  the  BEST  thing  we  can  do  right  now?     First,  we must examine  ourselves  and  Repent and  turn  away  from  any  wrong  or  evil  in ourselves  and  in  our   lives.    As mentioned before,  this is the  highest call from   His  throne  room   today   for   ALL  people  worldwide.    [2 Chron. 7:14].

Secondly,  we  must  PRAY  for the Spirit of God to sweep over the hearts of our loved ones and all  Americans with great conviction so that many would also repent and turn to God.     [2 Chron.7:14;  James 5:16].

Thirdly, we must pray for John McCain to be placed into the White House as America's next president.  If  you  watched the Republic National Convention  then you have seen McCain's  personal testimony and that  clearly God's  hand  is  mightily  upon  John McCain  all  of  his  life.   

It is not just a coincidence  that at this incredibly critical juncture in America's history,  John McCain is now standing in the forefront.   McCain's nomination is an obvious DIVINE ANSWER  to millions of  prior  intercessory  prayers asking God to  provide  America  with another  true  believer in  Christ  to  lead  the  USA.

November 4th's'   election  of   McCain  means  he  would  become  the  4th  of the  last 5  Presidents  [since Reagan in 1980]   who God has given  America [as a nation]  as one more opportunity for our nation  to  REPENT,  UNITE  and move  forward  under  God's  mighty  hand.     These  next  weeks  are  a   vital opportunity   to  influence  the  election  with  our  prayers.

Our  immediate prayers now  will  cause  God's  Spirit  to  begin  moving  on both  of   America's  needs:   National repentance AND   McCain  for  President.
Having  McCain  in office  will definitely swing the spiritual door open for potential subsequent national repentance in America to follow since McCain,  like President Reagan,   is  bold  enough to  stand up and  call   this  nation  to repentance.

God will hear

The  mighty  prayers of  Daniel  about  586 years  B.C.  were  powerful.   Daniel by himself   moved God  to  break  back  into  the  very  geographic  area [Babylon/ today's IRAQ-Iran region]  which was  infiltrated  with  evil  prinicpalities and heavenly forces of evil.   These evil spiritual and heavenly  forces  had converged over that  region from about 3400 years before Daniel since God pronounced  the  first  curse  upon  that  region  in  the  garden of  Eden.   

Yet  one man,  the prophet  Daniel,  moved  God  during  3  weeks  of  fervent prayer  to  send  His  warring  angels  to  re-enter  that  cursed  region  to bring a powerful  answer  to  prayer.  

What  is also powerful was Gabriel's first words to Daniel  upon meeting him face-to-face  with  the  good  news  saying:   'From the first day'   you started praying God started responding in your behalf!     [Dan.10:12].      God's children today  have  this same  great  assurance  with  our  prayers  to  Him in  the  most powerful  NAME  of  Jesus!

How much more power and influence can millions of God's own praying children generate collectively STARTING TODAY  by  bringing our requests fervently in prayer before our Heavenly Father   who desires to hear from us on this matter?  
Brothers and sisters, Please DO NOT  read through this and say,   'Well,  I'll  pray a  little  later' .      PRAY RIGHT NOW   [if your are alone now]    the above prayer to God!    If  you  are not  alone now,  then set  time aside  TODAY  to stand  before God  on  this  critical  matter.     Our  prayers  should  be  specific.

ASK HIM DIRECTLY  to  bring GREAT CONVICTION  and  TRUTH upon Americans  within the next  few weeks so that people would REPENT,  have a humbled  heart  before God  AND  that  John McCain  will  be  swept  into  the highest  office  of   the  great   United States of America!

>>>> end of  Sept 11th  Letter to Global Partners