June  25,  2008 
MSNBC  News  /
San Francisco: 
8000 Lightning strikes cause  800  fires
July  14,  2008  News  /
Largest  Single  Fire event  in  California history;  Expected to be contained on July 30th
June  24,  2008  /  LA Times
Unprecedented  Fires surround San Francisco
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Mideast Peace / Daniel 9:27
Midwest Floods  / June 2008
Aug 29, 2005  /  New Orleans / right after Hurricane Katrina

Divine  Warnings  to  the  United  States

It's  clear  that  the  catastrophes  sweeping  across the USA  over  the last   years  are   divine  warnings  to  AMERICA.  

The warnings have been intensifying and bringing our nation to its knees economically.  Why?  In order  that  God  may  have  our complete attention  as  individuals  AND  as  a   nation.   Of  course,  other problems  like   skyrocketing   oil,   gas   and   commodity  prices  are also  adding  their  effects  to  our   spiralling-down   financial   woes  as  a nation.   At  this  time  prophetically,   today's  skyrocketing  world  prices will   not   dissipate  but   will   continue  to   rise   [like  an  upward staircase graph]   until   the  foretold   'mark of the beast'   is   fulfilled   in this  generation.

In  August of  2005,  Hurricane Katrina  itself  was  a   major  warning  to America  causing  over 1800  deaths  and  being  the  most  destructive and costliest  hurricane  in  American  history.  Yet, no prophetical voices were  publicly  heard  which  called  our  nation  to repentance.   At best,  only  a   few   false  prophets  could  be  seen  on  TV  causing more  confusion  to  today's  blind  Christian  leaders  in   debates  about whether  it  was  God  or  not.    Overall,  no   convincing   mention   what- soever   has   been   made   with    the   true   and   critical   prophetical voice   to   this   country   to   Repent   from   the   result  of   Katrina.

Recently in 2008,  the  floodings and  killer  tornadoes  hit  again  with extreme  ferocity  and   destruction.   The  Midwest's  flooding   was  the worst  in  15  years.    Now,  in July  2008,   the  hurricane  season   is upon  us  again  to  add  to  America's  current  poised  status  of  total collapse  economically.   Without any doubt,  even  greater  hurricanes are coming  globally  in  the  months  and  years  ahead.   Why?   Because they  are   birth  pangs   which   inherantly  are   warnings  and   will 'deliver'     this   generation    'to  Tribulation'   as   the    Lord   foretold in   Matthew  24: 8, 9.

The   'trap'   of   our  own  blindness

Yet where are today's End Time prophets who blow the trumpet of alarm to America?   What prophetical voices can be heard today who, like the prophets of old, are standing up with boldness and uprightness before God and proclaiming our nation's need to REPENT from our wicked ways and turn to God in total surrender for our own salvation and the salvation of our country??    They are nowhere to be found.   Most  [99%]  of   today's   so-called  Christian leaders and TV preachers are fulfilling the  Apostle Paul's foresight of being End Time  'ear-ticklers'  and having their heads completely  in   the  sand   prophetically.   

Jesus'  major  forewarning  for   His  End Time  children  is   in  critical need  of  being  re-announced  today  in  His  statement:  "Be  on guard,  that  your hearts  may  not  be  weighted  down  with dissipation  and  drunkenness  and  the  worries  of   life,    and  that day    [End Time great tribulation  period]    come  on  you  suddenly like   a   trap."          [Luke 21:34].

2008:    DIVINE  Warnings  to  America   RE:   homosexuality

The most recent example of God's warnings  occurred  on  the  west coast.   California's  May 15th, 2008  Supreme Court decision  to allow  SAME-SEX-MARRIAGES  amongst  homosexuals   was  a   major abomination  in  our   land.    [ CBS News/May 15, 2008:  Calif. Supreme Court  Ruling ]

God's response?  To send an unprecedented  LIGHTNING BOLT SYSTEM from the Pacific Ocean igniting an uparalleled 8000 lightning strikes resulting in the  most ferocious fires ever seen in California.   The  lightning struck on  June 24thnot  even  6  weeks  after  the   ruling,   and  as  of today,   July 21, 2008,   many of  the  fires are  still  burning.   Several days ago Headline News identified the fires to be the greatest fire catastrophe  in  California's  history  [ News/June 25, 2008:   8000 strikes]

And where did the LIGHTNING strikes hit?  Precisely in Northern California and surrounding the  GAY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD:   San Francisco.          [ View:  NASA  Space  Images  of   N. Calif.  fires ]

To   the   worldly  mind   then   June 24th's   firestorm   can   be   per- ceived   as   an   accident   or   coincidence   or   even   tomfoolery   to believe   it   was   an   act   of   God.        But,  to   the  contrary.  

The Bible states clearly that "God spreads His lightning about Him, and covers the depths of the sea   [ie. the Pacific ocean  in  June 24th's case].   For  by  these   [lightning and the sea]   He  judges  peoples."

It  then states  incredibly:  "God covers His hands with the lightning, And  commands  it   to   strike  the  mark."        [Job 36:30-32]. 

In  NO WAY is  it  pure  coincidence that  not  even  6  weeks  after California's  Court  decision  honoring  GAYS   [May 15, 2008]   that  8000 lighting  bolts  struck  the  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA   region  surrounding San Francisco.     Even  scientists   are   amazed  at   the   phenomenon which   originated  in  the  Pacific  ocean   off  of   San Francisco's   coast.    
Mercifully, almost  no lives were lost  since  it is  not  God's  plan to wipe us out.  Importantly, most lightning strikes are acts of nature and NOT a direct act of God.    For example, a person holding up an  umbrella in  the  midst  of  a  lightning  storm  is  obviously  inviting  problems  with nature's  ways   and   not  divine  actions  like   in   June 24th's  divine act.

God's   'true  Word'   to  America  TODAY

If  God  really  desired  to  wipe  out  the  USA  He  has  never  had  a better  reason  than  America's  wholesale  legal   destroying  of   over  40 million  babies   since  1973's   High  Court   ruling   in   Roe  vs.  Wade.   
Ironically today,  the  greatest Christian country in  world  history  [USA] also  has  amassed  the  single-greatest  abomination in  world  history before  God  in  the  systematic genocide of  MORE  innocent  lives [babies]  than all  other  lives  lost  in  all  of  world  history's  wars COMBINED.      Still,  God   is  merciful   and   patient.

God intensely wants our attention.  Why?   So we can turn from our wicked ways as a  nation and REPENT!   And turn to Him and surrender to He who still loves us and is still mercifully reaching out to lost souls in these End Times.  This is exactly God's spiritual WORD to this country right now.    In   these  End  Times  great  discernment  is   necessary  in order   to   identify  false   preachers  and   so-called  prophets   who   are actually   'noisy-gong'   ministers  in   the   house  of   God   and   who leave   out   the   critical   cry   from   the   throne   room   for   repent-ance.    God's   word   today   is   the   same   which   Jesus  first   spoke upon   beginning   His   earthly   ministry   saying:   "Repent!   For  the kingdom  of   God   is   at   hand!"

However,  today's dead-work  ministers in America can be seen as those who  love  the  approval of  men,   wear  their  collars  backward,   drape themselves  in  long  flamboyant  robes,  loving  to   be  called  'Reverend' and  'Bishop'  and   a   so-called  'prophet'   or   'prophetess'.    Yet,  they are   neglecting  God's  children   by  not   announcing   the   nearness of   the   Lord   and   God's   call   to   repent.    They  have   placed   their own   interests  of   making  a   name  for   themselves  as   priority.  

But,  all  persons,  including  homosexuals  and  even  today's  unqualified ministers  in   America  themselves,  still   have   opportunity   to   repent since   God's   final   judgements   have   not   yet   started.    Once these  start,   according  to  Revelation  Chapters 13  through  20,   then Katrina   and    today's  California   fires  will   look  absolutely   miniscule compared   to   what's   soon   coming.   

This  divine  call  from  God  to   America  today  is   also   the   same globally.   Namely,   to  repent,  embrace   the   Lord  Jesus   and   walk in  uprightness  and  obedience  to  God's  written  Word.   Those  who  do these  things  will  fit  into  the  End Time  profile  of  God's   true  people which  Paul  identified  as  'the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing;  but that she should be holy and blameless.'         [Eph.5:27]. 

Today's  Major  Prophecies  are  spring-loaded

Headline News today confirm that ALL MAJOR BIBLE prophecies are lined up right  now GLOBALLY  like ducks in a row.   Even Daniel 9:27 which pinpoints antichrist signing a Mideast Peace Agreement which starts the  Tribulation  period  is  on  the  world's  table  right  now.   Although this   event  could   literally  take  place  tomorrow,   it   is   more  likely  to occur   in   the   months  ahead.    This  is   because   of   several   key aspects   which   are    still    developing   even   behind   the   scenes    in the   current    Mideast   negotiations.

Amazingly,  the  nearness  of  the  fulfillent  of  Daniel's  prophecy  was epitomized  just  recently  by  Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert himself  who  stated  on   July  13,  2008:     'We   have   never   been so   close   to   a    possible   Peace   [Mideast]   Agreement   as   today.'

Here again,  this  is   major  Bible prophecy  ready  to   occur   in   this final  generation  regardless  of   the  complete  lack  of   acknowledgment in    today's   world    and   by   America's   self-serving   mega   ministers.

However  today,   the   good   news   is   found    in   one   of    our   Lord's numerous   exhortations   to   His   End   Time   believers   saying   that, 'But,  when these things  begin  to  take  place,  straighten  up and  lift  up  your  heads,  because  your  redemption  is  drawing  near!'  [Luke 21: 28].    

2008:       Northern  California  Fires:      Divine  Warning  against  homosexuality  and  to  America 

Fox  News   /   June  25,  2011
New York  becomes  6th  state  to  legalize  Gay Marriages      (Signed into law on  Friday,  June 24, 2011)

PROPHETIC  WORD  --   June 25, 2011 :

Saturday,   June  25,  2011     /     *prophetic  word  RE:  New York 

"NEW YORK  has  now  suddenly  spotlighted  itself  for the  coming  tangible  divine  judgement  of  God  to   fall upon  the  city  &  state  because  of   its  legal  ruling (June 24, 2011)   allowing  homosexual  marriages."          

[ *prophetic word / Rob Conrad, founder Heisnear.com*Other prophecies  coming  to  pass  /  NEWS  >>  ]
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June  25,  2008    FOX News
San Francisco: 
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