spirit of antichrist   

The  'spirit of antichrist'   is  present globally today exactly as scriptures foretell.    It  is  a   mindset  of deception  &  denial   of  the  divinity  of Jesus  as  God  manifested   in  the  flesh  2000  years  ago  as  the  Bible proclaims.   

The   spirit of antichrist  is  synonomous  with  the  spirit of deception since   it    characterizes  people   who  are   deceived  in their  beliefs about Christ Jesus.      The  New Testament  states  clearly    "Who  is the liar  but  the  one denies that Jesus is the Christ?    This is the antichrist.....".          [1 John 2:18, 22].

2  Profiles of deception  

Typically   &   to   keep   it   simple   for   discernment   purposes,    the   2  categories  of    'deceived'   people  will  fall  into   2   profiles  of  people.

FIRST,   many  opposers  of  Christ  today are  obvious & vocal in their adamant   stance   AGAINST  CHRIST.     They   'know'    they   deny  Him as  the  divine  Savior  &   Lord.      These  are   persons  who  are   clear  &   firm   in   their   rebellion  &   even   mockery  of   Him.      [ie.  atheists, other  religions,   or  secular  humanists].

However  SECONDLY,   many   'deceived'  persons  today actually proudly &  confidently  proclaim  to  be   'Christian'   which  masks  the   craftiness of  deception.      These  persons    [even so-called  Christian  &  Roman Catholic  Leaders]      can   be   seen   daily   today   in   all   walks  of   life proclaiming   their   strong    beliefs   in   Christ   &    even   quoting    Bible passages.    But  with  close   examination  &  discernment,   their  actions &   character   &   lifestyle   oppose  Christ  &  the  solid   Word  of  God bringing   into   immediate  question  that  person's  true  Christianity.

This   lines  up  exactly  with  many   End Time  prophecies  which   foretell of  the   greatest  deception in  world  history   [the  spirit of antichrist] which   will   exist   in   the  final  generation,   TODAY'S   GENERATION:   

'Many false prophets  will arise,  and  will  mislead  many,  even the elect,   if  it  were  possible.'       [Math.24:11,24].    

The Lord Himself  told us in advance that,     "Many  will  say  to  Me  on that  day,   'Lord, Lord.......... And  I  will  declare  to  them    'I  never  knew  you;   Depart  from  Me,   you  who  practice  iniquity'. ".

As   foretold,   today's  generation   is   the    most religiously deceived generation  in   human  history,  second  to  none,   exactly  as  scriptures predict  for   these   End  Times.   
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