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doctrines of demons        

The Apostle  Paul  forewarned  that  in  the  Last  Generation  in  the  End Time     'many  will   fall  away  from  the  faith,  paying  attention  to  de- ceitful  spirits  &  doctrines of demons.'    [1 Tim. 4:1].     Today,   this is   the   exact   scenario   taking  place   within  the   true  &  unsuspecting body  of  Christ,   even  in   the  United  States.     ( Links below )

Today's  so-called    'Christian'   Leaders  &  ministers  in  America   have freely  allowed  many   'deceptive'   persons   [ie. deceitful spirits]   to  take the    forefront   of    'Christian'    TV    networks   &    churches   &    hold themselves   up   as     true    'Christian'    ministers.       These   religious phonies   have    brought   with    them   many    'doctrines  of  demons'  which  clearly   oppose   true  &   clear  Biblical   principles   &  even  mock Christ.   

Primarily,   this  has  developed  in  fulfillment  of  scriptures  which  foretell its   occurance  in   the   End Times.    However,  the  true  body  of  Christ [&  most  true  Christian  Leaders  in  America]     have  bought   it    'hook, line  &  sinker'    from   a    lack  of   knowledge  of  God's  Word    plus   a lack  of   spiritual  discernment.       This   has  unecessarily   opened   the 'door'   even  more  over  the   last  20  years  in   America  creating  more 'false prophets',   deceitful  spirits   [false ministers]    and    'doctrines of demons    in  the  House  of  God  than  there  should  be.

End Time  fulfillment  of  Bible  prophecy....

Without  question,    the   greatest   example  TODAY   of    'doctrines of demons'    which  have   successfully  infiltrated   the  body  of  Christ   in  America  is  the  Roman Catholic's  man-made  false  traditions  which totally  oppose  the   Bible.      So   far,   Christian  leaders  &   the  overall  American  populace  are   naive,   even  blind,    to   the   widespread  evil doctrines  of   the  Catholic  Church.       In  fact,   this  scenario  is   world- wide   in  scope  today   in  clear  fulfillment  of  Biblical  prophecy.

Several  prime examples of  dozens  of  phony,  anti-Biblical  doctrines  created   by   the  Papacy  of  Rome   which  can   be   observed   daily on   the   religious  TV  airwaves  TODAY  are:

the  ultimate   Primacy  &   infallability   of   the   Pope

the   Pope   as   the   ultimate  authority  on  earth,   subject   to   no   one
[even  seated  on  his  own  throne]

the   Pope  is   the   father,   teacher  &   ultimate  interpreter on  earth  of  ALL   scriptures   &    morality

the  satanic  ritual  of  the  Eucharist,  believing  the  communion  bread  & grapejuice   is   miraculously   'changed'    [the  doctrine  of   'transubstan- tiation']     into   the    literal    'physical  body  &  blood  of  Jesus'   as the   Pope   &   all   Catholic  priests   perform   the  ritual.      This   abom- inable   act   would   clearly   be   'cannabilzing'   Jesus  Himself.

praying   to  dead  people  ['saints']   who have  been  dead  for  hundreds of  years,  believing  for  a  divine  miracle  to  occur  from  that  dead  one.

the  Roman  Papacy's  anti-christ    belief  &  ritual  of   determining  one's eternal  destiny  after  that   person    [even  babies]    has   already  died, being   beatified  &   canonized   as   a     'saint'     by   the   Pope  himself.  

These  anti-christ  doctrines  plus  dozens  of  others  are  all  found  in  the   historic  records  of   Vatican  Council   [in  1870]   &   confirmed  in Vatican II    in  1965.       Today,   not   only   do   a   billion  unsuspecting Catholics   participate   in    these     'doctrines  of  demons'     but    the  true   body  of   Christ  is   also  naively  welcoming  these   doctrines  into the sheepfold   of  Christ's  true  church.    Daily,  Catholic  priests  can be seen   on   various  Christian  TV   programming  freely  carrying  out   the Eucharist   &   promoting   the   'doctrines of  demons'   of  the   Roman Catholic   teachings   &   Canon  law.

Exactly  as   the   Apostle  Paul   &   other  New  Testament   writers   fore- warned  for   these   End  Times,     today's   true   Christian   believers  &  ministers  are     'paying  attention  to  doctrines  of  demons'    which are  being   freely   welcomed  &   promoted   within  the   House  of   God.

Benedict XVI
praying to the dead,
expecting answers