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Thur,  Dec  8,  2011
Prophetic   word   posted   at's   Facebook network of  nearly  5000  born again  believers  [ *per  Rob Conrad  /  founder,  /   *also to Global PTRs ] :

"God's specific call to His people in  AMERICA  at this time:

Repent  and  EMBRACE the Lord Jesus Christ 100%, obeying His Word;  

LOVE - serve - help  one  another   (1John 3:17,18),

and  PRAY  for  &  STAND  100%  with  ISRAEL,   unwaveringly. (Psalms 122:6)

AMERICA,  in  its  darkest  critical  hour  in  today's  End  Times, does NOT need another  flashy, self-serving  TV  preacher  with a  gold  wrist  chain  and  a  new  ministry  nor  another  self-sent spiritually  shallow-minded   'prophet';

....But  needs  the  pure,   tangible  prophetic  word  of  the Lord  to  AMERICA:

*Those  who   "see all these things"   (Matt 24:33)   and  who "hear His voice"   (John 10:27)   and  who  have  their  "lamps filled with oil" (Matt 25:1-13)  are those who are READY  for Him when  He appears,   having no  spot  or  wrinkle in their garments  (Eph 5:27),   being  holy  and  blameless."
God's  Call  to  His  People  in  AMERICA