Knesset Members  of  Israel 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs   (Israel)
USA Embassy of  Israel   (Wash DC)
Jerusalem Post   (Israel / staff)
Haaretz News   (Israel / staff)
Arutz Sheva News  (Israel / staff)
Jewish Chronicle
Dr Michael D. Evans / Israel Liaison

Council on Foreign Relations / usa
Central Command / usa
Brookings Institute / usa
Heritage Foundation / usa

Christians United for Israel / Earl Cox
Americans United with Israel
Renew America
Pew Forum

Fox News   (TV anchors / staff)
700 Club / CBN   (TV anchors / staff)
Trinity Broadcasting Network  (misc staff/ministers)
Charles Krauthammer
Rush Limbaugh
David Limbaugh
Pat Buchanan
Michael Reagan
Dennis Prager
Matt Drudge - Report
Glen Beck

Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Bloomberg News
Irish Central News
World Net Daily
Free Republic  (Conserv blog)
Gawker News
New York Times
Daily Beast
Sojourner's Magazine
Christian Post
Guardian News
Telegraph News

Various RADIO stations / networks

Church Pastors / Ministries  worldwide
ie.  Wasilla Bible Church,  Alaska  [S Palin]

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