Return of Christ  Battle of Armaggedon
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
1000  year  Millennium Reign of  Christ  on  earth  > >
Mid-7 years
1st century
425 AD
70 AD
2nd Temple destroyed by  Roman Empire
January 2005:
Re-Convened in  ISRAEL
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Talks  Today of  Building
3rd  Temple
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------- 1600  YEARS -------
No  Sanhedrin
Re-Birth of ISRAEL
Completed by   Mid- 7  Year  Point
[ Revelation
11:1, 2 ]
Rabbi Dov Levanoni
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Rabbi Dov Meir Stein
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz
Rabbi Moshe Halberstam
Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Temple Mount Institute Pres.
Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
"Start" of Tribulation
7 Year Tribulation
Temple  Mount  in  Jerusalem:
Is  physical  location  of  Solomon's  Temple   (2nd Temple  destroyed  in  70AD  by the Romans)  and also  the  location  of  the  coming   3rd  Temple.
The Sanhedrin of 2000 years ago were the respected select group of Israel's Chief Rabbis & Chief priests who were the ultimate authority in deciding the Jewish  laws/customs of their eras.   After the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD  their virtual existence was later made illegal  in  425 AD.      [ *Full 2000 Year History of Sanhedrin > ]

But, in January  2005  after almost 1600  years  of  non-existence,  the Sanhedrin suddenly re-convened as a thriving body of  top known Rabbis in Israel. [News/Jan 2005].   Their purpose and focus is still the same as 2000 years ago.  Namely,  to be the ruling & overseeing body in all legal matters & customs regarding the coming construction of the 3rd Temple, re-instituting of Old Testament priestly and animal sacrifice  laws,  and  the   Council   for  all  Jewish  religious  dealings

All of this is in exact timing with all other Final End Time prophecies PRECISELY LINED UP TODAY  like  the  nearing  'start'  of  the  final  7 Year Tribulation period, key preparations to build the 3rd Temple, ALL  pointing  to  the  nearness of  the  Return of  the  Lord Jesus Christ.
JESUS  walked
34 AD
in Today's End Times
71 top Jewish  Rabbis constitute  today's newly  re-convened Sanhedrin,  some  of  them  shown  here. The  late  Rabbi  Halberstam  began the  Sanhedrin  movement.               *Sanhedrin's  Official  Website  >  ]
End Time Headlines:
Sanhedrin & Temple Mount
Jan 20, 2005  /  News Sanhedrin  Launched
in  Tiberias,  Israel
June   21,   2009   / Jerusalem   Post

Can  3rd  Temple  be Built  without  Destroy- ing   Dome of  Rock ?

[ Revived Sanhedrin
look  to renew  animal
sacrifices  on  Temple  Mount ]

July   1,   2008 
3rd  Temple  Preparations  Begin 
with  Priestly  Garb
June   18,    2009
Jerusalem launches debate on Sharing Holiest  Site 
[ in order  to  Re-build Jerusalem Temple ]
August    5,    2009
Wants  Temple
Rebuilt -----
[  highly  influential Muslim believes:  "it could be rebuilt in
a year  to its perfect form."  ]
October   11,    2009
Preparing  for Service  in  the  RE-BUILT  TEMPLE -----

October   25,    2009
Israel  Knesset Members  and Leading  Rabbis
attended  Meeting

December   25,    2009
Model of  Altar  Built by  Israel  Institute:  "....We  really  want  a  Temple ...."
March   18,   2010
Temple  Institute  Petitions   Israel's Supreme Court  to  Offer  a sheep  for Passover  Sacrifice
April    5,    2011   /    YNET
Israel  Rabbi  calls  for
Animal  Sacrifice  on
Temple  Mount
May    4,    2011   /   Israel National   News
More  Jews  going  to  Temple  Mount
June   2 ,   2011   /   Israel National   News
1st  Time:
On  Temple  Mount,
Priestly  Blessing 
Recited  with  hundreds  of  religious Jews
June   5 ,   2011   /   World Net  Daily  News
2nd  Jerusalem Temple Identified  underneath Temple  Mount  by prominent  Israeli  archaeologist   [ ready to  be  excavated ]
Model of the coming 3rd Jerusalem Temple
Luke  22:66-71
[ Jesus before the Sanhedrin ]   And when it was day, the Council of elders  (Sanhedrin)  of the people  assem-bled,  both chief priests  and  scribes,  and they led Him away to their Council chamber,  saying...

Chief Rulers  »   The chief priests,  elders,  and the Sanhedrin,  seek false witness against Jesus, plotting to kill Him    (Matthew 26:1-5; 59, 60)

Joseph of Arimathea  was member of the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem   (Mark 15:43; Luke 23:50-52)   asking  Pilate for   "the body of Jesus"   to be  buried in Joseph's  own tomb

Gamaliel  »  A celebrated teacher  &  Pharisee  »  gave speech before the  Sanhedrin  saying leave the Apostles alone;   they took his advice   (Acts 5:33-41)

Stephen dragged before the Sanhedrin    ("Council")   (Acts 6:12-15);   who  took  Stephen  outside the city and  stoned  him  to  death     (Acts  7:1  thru   54-60)

Apostle  Paul   »   was  brought  before  the  Sanhedrin  (Pharisees & Sadducees);    gave  his  defense     (Acts 22:30;  23:1-15)    but they swore an oath  to  kill   Paul

Chief  Priests  &  Scribes  »   Members of  the Council  (Sanhedrin)     and  chief  priests  are  asked  by  King Herod  where the  Christ  was to be born  (Matthew 2:4)

Senate  of  Israel  &  Sanhedrin  put  the  Apostles in Jail  &  ordered  them  not to speak about  Jesus   (Acts 5:17-21, 27, 28)    

Various Bible Passages  RE:  "Sanhedrin"

Newly Re-Convened / Jan 2005
N E W     T E S T A M E N T
January  12,  2012 / News ^
"Temple Mount is ours!"
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Building the 3rd Temple