Beginning   February  1st,  2006,    these   USA  Leaders  of  God  were  emailed   the   "Here  is  Wisdom."   Ebook    as    "Surely  the  Lord   God   does   nothing  Unless   He  reveals  His   secret  counsel  to  His  servants  the   prophets."        (Amos 3:7)
Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch Sr.,  Morris Cerullo,  Benny Hinn,  Hal Lindsey,   Mario Murillo,   David Wilkerson,   Gary  Greenwald,  Scott Holtz,    John Hagee,   Bill Hamon,  Chuck Pierce,   Dwight Thompson,    the  Vineyard  leaders, Assembly  of   God   leaders,   Jack  Hayford,   Stephen Strang,   Paul Cain,   Larry Huch,  Mark Chironna,  Tommy Tenney,   James Robison,    Matt Crouch,   Gerald Davis,   Steve Fender,       Dwight Keith,    Jim  Hall,    Kris Miller,    Bill Twyman, Jay Sekulow,  Clarence Moore,  Ben Moore,   John Paul Jackson,  Dave Roever, Billy Sowder,    Eugene  Ramirez,    Phil Strout,     Chuck Colson,    Tim Bagwell, Raul Ries,   Grady Acree,  Nathaniel Barkat,    Mel Rolls,  Tommy Reid, Tommy Barnett,   Tommy White,   Thomas Trask,   Charles Crabtree,    Pat Boone, Chuck Graves,    Ron Bolt,   Michelle Jolly,    Ed Murray,    Johnny Crist,     Ian Ferguson, Kent Von Behren,  Dan  Moss,   Jim Bolin,   Walt Mills,    Kenneth  Hagin Jr., Richard Roberts,   Oral Roberts,    Dave Pardee, Todd Rainwater,  James  Phillips, Jentezen  Franklin,     Rick Godwin,      J.  Don George,   Chuck Girard,    John Mac Arthur,    Paul Harthern,   A.C. Green,    Rosey Grier,   Don Perkins,  Phil Aguilar,   Joseph Anderson,   Art Aragon,  Arthur Blessitt, John Avanzini,   Myles Munroe,  Jerry Barnard,   Dick Bernal,   Danny Bond,     Reinhard Bonnke,  Richard Hogue,    Charles Capps,    T.L. Osborn,     Brother  Andrew,  Sonny Arguinzoni Jr., Truett Cathy,   Larry Tomczak,  Terry Crist,   Lindell Cooley, James Kennedy, Lloyd Ogilvie,   Billy Graham,  Jerry Seville,   Billy Joe  Daugh- erty,   Clifton Davis,   Ken  Copeland,   Rich De Vos Sr.,   Jack Deer,   Rick Del Rio, James Dobson,    Creflo Dollar,     Dave Dravecky,    Phil Driscoll,     Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein,   Joyce Meyer,  Sam Hinn,  R.W. Shambach,  Ed Young,   Richard  Shak- arian,   Ed Smith,  Steve Brock,  Lee Strobel,  Kim Mitchell,   Hilton Sutton,  Grant Jeffrey,    Tim La Haye,    Chuck Smith,   Greg Laurie,   Tom Ice,    Laverne Tripp, Zack Tyson,  Marilyn Hickey,  Dan Matthews,  Bill Mc Cartney,  Vaughn Mc Laugh- lin,    Al Mead,    Meadowlark Lemon,    Doug Folsom,   Steve Ball,    Mike Barber, Mike Purkey,    Stephen Green,    Fred Price,    Tom Mullins,   Phil Munsey,    Ron Williams,   Allen Fleming,   T.D. Jakes,   Pastor  Johnny  Hunt,    Lt.  Col.  Oliver North,    Dr.  Hugh  Ross,   Michael Reagan,   Rush LImbaugh,  Governor  Sonny Perdue,  the White House administration,  Israeili officials,  numerous  Christian politicians..... 

As of  2014additional  thousands of  top  Anointed  Christian Leaders,  Ministers, politicians,   radio-TV  talk show  stations & hosts,  individual  believers  worldwide, church Pastors,  Christian and secular TV networks, book  publishers,  Literary Agents,   Internet sites-directories-search  engines,   numerous  blogs  and  forums, other  websites  linked to this site,  book reviewers,  Magazines,  Newswire services, TV-Radio  News  networks,  and  other  persons  globally   who  have  visited   have  also  read,  become  aware  of   and/or   have  been contacted  regarding  the  reading  of   'Here is Wisdom'   on  a   fast-increasing worldwide   basis.    [  site's  CURRENT stats  and fast-expanding global outreach  ]
Beginning   September  20,  2006,   these  leaders  were  emailed the   "Prophetical  Letter"   dated   9/20/6.
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Those who have insight among the people will provide understanding to the many.    Daniel 11:33