the Greatest Deception coming 

the Ultimate Deception:      the False Prophet

The  epitome  of   the  magnitude  of  the  final deception  in  these  End Times   is   Revelation's  profiling  of  the  FALSE PROPHET.    He  will  be the  greatest religious impostor  in  world  history &  will  appear on the world's  stage  just   before  the  return  of  Christ.      Revelation  identifies his  satanically  influenced  Religious  facade  by  foretelling  that   'he will deceive   all  those who dwell upon  the  earth.'    [Rev.13:14].    This specifically   refers   to   remaining   unbelievers   living   on   earth  during  the   final  Great  Tribulation.    Revelation's    FALSE PROPHET   will   em- body   the    spirit of antichrist    [deception]    in    its   highest   capacity in   all   of    world   history.      He  is,   without  question,   the   ULTIMATE  FORETOLD   KEY   FIGURE   ON   THE   END  TIME'S    FINAL  WORLD  STAGE.           [Rev.13:11; 16:13; 19:20; 20:10]

Revelation  symbolism  shows  the   FALSE PROPHET's   appearance   to the    world   as   being   the    greatest   'Christian'    man   of    'sacrifice' and   holiness,   although  'false'.     His  phony   'Christianity'   is   symbo- lized    by   the   term   'having  two  horns like  a  lamb',    showing   his  outward   appearance   as   being   viewed   by   the    End  Time   genera- tion    as   being   'Christian',    'like'   the    true   Lamb   of  God,    Jesus. [Rev.13:11].  

But,  the same scripture also  specifies  that  he  will  'speak as a dragon' showing   that   unless  closely  examined by  the  Word of God,   then  the FALSE  PROPHET'S   speech   &   behavior  will   go   undetected  as   op- posing   &   even  mocking  Christ.    His  evil   mastery  to  attract  &  fool the  general  populace of  the world  in  order  to   'deceive'   will   be   un- matched  in  all  of   history.    Even   true Christian believers  will  have difficulty  [at  first  glance]   deciphering  his  phony  religious  masquerade. [Math. 24:11,24;  Rev. 13:11, 14].

Today,  this  key  Biblical  scenario  for  these  End Times has  shaped  up right  now   in  plain  view,   although  most  people  today  are  still  blind to  it  as  scriptures  predict.      Soon  prophetically,  eyes  will  be  opened worldwide  to  the  truths  of   the  Bible  which  paint  this  clear  picture  of human  history  leading  ultimately  to   1   final  Religious  Icon    on  the world's   stage:    the   FALSE PROPHET.       No   other  person  in   world  history   will   ever   top  the   deceptions   nor   will   internalize  the   spirit  of   antichrist    as    found    in    &    carried   out    by    the    End  Time FALSE  PROPHET.     John  the  Revelator   himself  recognized  in   the  95AD   vision   that    False  Prophet    will    have   risen   up   continually  through    the   centuries   right   up   to    the   final   End  Times,    having  'come  up  out of  the  earth'   as  a  religious   'beast'.      [ Rev.13:11 ].

Scriptures provide much information  about  his  profile so that  God's people   will    identify   the   FALSE PROPHET   of   the   End Times  even  as  the  final   7  Year  Tribulation  period  draws  near  in  this  generation.
In the near future,   the   body  of  Christ  will   see   clearly  Revelation's  pinpoint  profiling  of   history's  greatest  Religious  huckster  who  is now  on  the  world's  End  Time  stage   as  foretold  by  the  prophets.

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