Today's  GLOBAL Economic  condition  is   POISED NOW   for another  HUGE   DOWNTURN,   shocking   BOTH   the  World's economy,  and   America's   own  economy  --- again.      This  is coming  quickly  to  this  generation.

dear friends:  the many prophecies the Spirit of God has given me are  recorded/Posted at  in the last 5 years since the site's launching April 2005.  They also go out to thousands  of  our  Partners  worldwide   at  the  same  time,  also being   read   by   thousands  of   the   over   1  million  visitors   to

The ABOVE Prophecy was posted at on Dec 28, 2009 and points to AMERICA'S coming SUBSEQUENT ECONOMIC DOWNTURN  (a 2nd one)  adjacent to the Mid-Sept 2008 collapse.    Again,  this  is  exactly  what's  coming next  economically.

Today's false hype being told again  [for over 5 consecutive years]   by popular TV preachers and so-called  'prophets'  to the body of Christ of   'financial blessings/prosperity now coming back to America'   is complete  false  prophecy.

Although I myself had repeatedly prophesied of "America's Coming Economic woes" numerous times since 2005,  it was on Nov 21, 2007's prophecy when the Spirit of God had me specifically name "2008" as the exact year for "stock market woes"  and potentially  "the greatest economic collapse in USA history".         [LINK of all prophecies below]

This suddenly came to pass not even 10 months later with Mid-September 2008's Economic collapse in America and result- ing   in the  Global economic repercussions which still exist today.


But, this next coming GLOBAL ECONOMIC downturn poised NOW to occur  [posted on Dec 28, 2009]  will be yet another opportunity for this generation to 'see' that the world's stage is SET NOW for the approaching 7 Year Tribulation AND with the Nearness of Christ in clear view.  This is the precise purpose of each End Time 'birth pang' according to scriptures. [Matthew 24:33, 8,9]

To  re-emphasize,  the coming  NEXT 'BIRTH PANGS' ---Economically ---   will be MORE SEVERE Globally  and to America,  than Americans have experienced since  Mid-Sept 2008.


dear friends, Here's the GOOD NEWS:

"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your Redemption is drawing near!" [--foretold by the Lord Jesus of the final generation  before  His  Return  /  Gospel  Luke  21:28]

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June 2010:      Another  More  Severe ECONOMIC  DOWNTURN  coming 
Fri,  June 11, 2010
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