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Feb  22, 2012
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Nov 10,  2011
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Nov   10,    2011    /     C. Culture  News            
VATICAN, ROME:    Israel's  Religious   Leaders  Meet  with  Benedict  XVI  /  Commit  to  Peace  in  Holy  Land  &  free  access  to  Israel's  Holy  Sites  for  all  religions           [ 2 ]

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Nov   15,    2011    /     Zenit  News            
European   Union  Council  Pres.  Visits   Pope  Benedict XVI   [ RE:   contributions  Benedict XVI  wants  to  make  to  European Union ]

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and   News / False Prophet
Nov   16,    2011    /     CNA  News            
ROME:  Benedict XVI   Approves  Jan  1,  2012
Launch  of   national  Expanding  of  Catholic  Church  in  USA  

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Nov   23,    2011    /     CNA  News            
Benedict XVI  and   Catholic  Church  decide  to
sell  its   Internet  Investments   in    Pornography 

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Nov   29,    2011    /     BBC  News            
European  Union  plans   1   Internet  platform  'watchdog'    for  all   buyers - sellers 

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Dec   2,    2011    /     Middle  East  News            
Vatican:  Jerusalem  holy  sites  need  special 
"Internationally  Guaranteed  Statute"

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Dec   6,    2011    /     Huffington Post            
ROME:    VATICAN  University  Hosts   1st-Ever
TATTOO  Conference    [  to promote  'role  of
tattoos  to  shape  identity'  ]

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Dec   8,   2011            
God's  Call  to  His  people  in  AMERICA
prophetic word

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Dec   15,    2011    /     Asia News            
ROME /  Benedict XVI:     Globalization  today  calls  for   "Unity  of  human  family" 

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Dec   15,    2011    /      Israel  Nat'l  News       
(Vatican)  Benedict  XVI:     Demands   (again)   control  of  Jerusalem's   Temple  Mount  and  Holy  Sites       [  "No  Mideast   Peace"    until  Israel  gives  them  up,  Vatican  tells  Israel  ]

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and   Vatican Relations  with  Israel 
Dec   16,    2011    /      Huffington  Post       
Benedict XVI  Calls  for  WEALTH   Re-DISTRI- BUTION   worldwide

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and   News / False Prophet 
Dec   24,    2011    /      Washington  Post       
IRAN  starts  10-day   Naval  show  of  strength  near   strategic  OIL ROUTE  passing   through  Strait  of  Hormuz

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Jan    2,    2012    /      MSNBC  News       
IRAN  test  fires  2nd  long-range  missile  that
could  hit  USA,  Israel

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Jan    9,    2012    /      Reuters  News       
Pope Benedict XVI   Calls  for  Ethics  in  how 
a   "New"   world  Economy  should  be  run

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and    Mark of the beast
Jan    12,    2012    /      Israel  Nat'l  News       
Israel's  Deputy Knesset  Chairman  delcares:
"Temple  Mount  is  ours!"

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Jan    21,    2012         
2012  Ahead ....     prophetic word

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Jan    24,    2012    /      Reuters  News       
EU  wants   "bold"   Mideast  Peace  bids  by
the  Palestinians  &  Israel   to  re-start  talks

Added in this section:             EU / End Times
Jan    31,    2012     /     Zenit  News        
Vatican  Officials  Meet  with  Palestinian
&   Israel   Representatives  in   Mideast
Diplomatic  Efforts       [  Next  meeting  June   2012    towards  conclusion  of  Agreement  ] 

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Jan    27,    2012     /    Catholic Culture News        
[Israel]:    VATICAN  &  ISRAEL  Negotiations  progress   toward   long-overdue  Diplomatic   Accord 

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&    Vatican Relations  w/  Israel
Feb    2,    2012     /     Business  Week        
Israel  Military  Chief:    Israel  needs  to 
be  ready  to  strike  Iran 

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Feb    8,    2012     /     WND  News        
Top  Bible  Translators   (Wycliffe)  removing  'Father'   &   'Son of God'   from  Bible  -  for 
more   "Muslim-friendly"    version

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Feb    12,    2012     /     BBC  News        
World's  Largest  ID'ing  system  in  fast  pro- 
cess   by  India's  GOVT  of   its  1.2 BIL  peo-
ple  towards  2014  completion 

Added in this section:    News/Mark of Beast
Feb    18,    2012     /     CNN  News        
IRAN'S  warships  sail  into  Mediterranean  provoking  tensions  with  ISRAEL 

Added in this section:      Iran in End Times
Feb    22,    2012     /     Huffington  Post        
Russia  warns   Israel  not  to  attack  IRAN
( or  catastrophic  consequences )

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&   Russia/End Times