May 14, 1948
About the time of the end,  a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies,   &  insist on their  literal interpretation,   in  the midst of much clamor  & opposition."          Sir Isaac Newton   /   Christian & Father of modern science    
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"Be on guard..... lest that day (of the Lord) come upon you suddenly   like a trap.....".   (the Lord Jesus Christ / Gospel Luke 21:34)
"The term  'suddenly' now has ultra-significance to this End Time generation considering the nearing  'start'   of the foretold 7 Year Tribulation."      ~Rob C.
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The   NEXT  MAJOR  END  TIME  EVENT   to  occur    in   Bible Prophecy  is   the   'signing'   of   a    7  Year  Agreement between   Israel   &   ANTICHRIST:    the  Papacy of Rome.

This  will  'start'   the  final   7 Year Tribulation.     Any  additional time  from  now   until  its  virtual   'signing'   is   by  the  mercies  of God  so  more  souls   can  be   saved   from   the   wrath  to  come.

Increasingly  through  &  after  2012,   both  parties   [Papacy & Israel]    will  move  closer  towards  the  world's  spotlight   as  the foretold   'signing'   draws  nearer  to   this   End Time  generation. This  will   not   be  a   hidden  nor   a   side-event   which   goes mostly   unnoticed  as   today's  blind  prophecy   'experts'    unan- imously   portray,   saying   'no  one  knows  who  Antichrist  is".        
To  the  contrary,   the   'signing'   of   a  coming   7  Year  Agree- ment   between   Antichrist   [Papacy]  &   ISRAEL  will   become highly  visible  and  the  hottest  and  most  PUBLICLY   discussed News  Headline   as   it   nears  and   as   exclusively  &   precisely shown   at      [ News/Mideast Peace-Antichrist ]

This  is  so  ready  to  occur  that  even  if   Benedict XVI   were  to die  or  suddenly  resign,   then  any   newly  elected   Pope   could easily   &  quickly   carry   out   the   'signing'   of   the   foretold   7 Year  Agreement.   

As  also   framed  at   and   in   its  books    [Here is Wisdom/1984; Two Beasts Rising/2008]    the  Pope  who   act- ually   'signs'   the   7   Year   Agreement    [Daniel 9:27]    with Israel   is  himself    the   final  ANTICHRIST   of   today's    End Times.      This  is  an  absolute  MAJOR  KEY  to  watch  for. LINKS:
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Next Bible Events to Occur,   in order

Although  today's  unanimous  batch  of  blind  prophecy  'experts' are   STILL  100%  stumped   about   Antichrist's   identity   and, worse,  have  brainwashed  an  entire  generation  to  believe likewise,  God  is  not  in  the   business  of   fooling   His   people or  keeping   the  world  in   the  dark  about   'Who is Antichrist?'.

This   huge  man-made  error    pawned  off   to   America  &   the world  originated  in  the  1970's   book    'The Late Great Planet Earth'

To the contrary.   God's  plan  is   for  His   End  Time   people  to 'see all these things'   precisely  as  foretold  by  the  Lord Himself.  [Math 24:33].   And then,  to  'provide the under- standing  to  the  many.'      [Daniel 11:33]

This  is   happening  already  through   with  EYES OPENING   globally  from  the  accurate  handling  of  the  anointed written  Word  of  God   on   critical   topics  including   Antichrist's identity   being   the   Papacy  of  Rome     [1]  [2]  [3]

As  previously  stated  in  the  above  first  section,   the  coming 'signing'   between  both  parties   [Papacy  &  Israel]    will  be  the NEXT  MAJOR  End  Time  EVENT  to  occur   in  Bible  Prophecy in  today's  generation.    [Dan 9:27]

This  scenario  has  now   zoomed  into  its  current   'ready'   stage being   the   #1   scenario   to   watch   and   be  alerted  to.

Through  and  after  2012,    today's  sharply  visible  End Time negotiations  between   the  Papacy  &  ISRAEL   highlighted  at this site   will  NOT dissipate,   but   will  gain  increased  public attention   and   the   eventual   global   limelight    in   nearing   the 'start'   of  the  Tribulation,   precisely as God's Word foretells.  LINKS:
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The   EU's  establishing   in  1957's  Treaty of Rome   brought   its 10th  core  nation   [Greece]   into  the  massive   block  in  1981 &   has  now   grown  to   27   nations  with  a   population  of  about 500 million  people.     This  is  a  major  Bible  prophecy  right  in front  of  our  eyes.     Daniel  &  Revelation  foresaw   these  10 EU  nations   as    '10 kings'   &    '10 horns'    in  the  End Times.

But,  another aspect  of  this  'beastly'  final  10-horned   Euro-kingdom  is  in  place  today  also.    Namely,  the  other  'little horn'   [Antichrist]   which  Daniel  saw   coming   up   from  within this  final   10  horn  kingdom.     He   saw   the    'little horn'   as 'having  eyes,  uttering  great  boasts  &  larger  in  appear- ance'   than  even  the  first  10  horns  which  make  up  the  final  massive   Euro-kingdom   itself.        [Dan 7:20/7:24]

Without  question,  this  is  also  NOW  fulfilled in  the Papacy of Rome's   rise   from within   today's   End  Time  Euro-kingdom. Namely,   the   Pope   being  1  single  man   ['having eyes']   who 'utters great  boasts'    [ie.  the  exclusive,  but  blasphemous  & outrageous  self-claims  of  the  Pope]    and  whose  explosion  of popularity   over  the   last  10 - 20  years  has  grown   enormously 'larger in appearance than his associates'    having  an  un- precedented   over 1.2 billion   followers   [devout  Catholics] worldwide  today.  

Plus,  the  rest  of  the  world's  billons  of   people  and   world leaders  who  show  great  favor  &  respect   for  the   Pope  make the   'little horn'   even  more  monstrous  &  primed   for   its   End Time   evil   role   as   foretold.      All  IN PLAIN VIEW TODAY.

The EU's NEXT MAJOR END TIME EVENT TO OCCUR  will be by  its  collective  10  core  nations   exalting  the  PAPACY into  its  spotlight.   Scriptures  show   this  occurring   right  after the   'start'   of   the  Tribulation   &   is  ready  to  occur  now.

This  results  from  the   Papacy's   unmatched   feat   of  mediating &   'signing'   a   7  Year  Agreement   with  the  Jews   of    Israel which   'starts'   the  Tribulation.     Then,   immediately  afterward being  also   looked  to   as   the  world's  greatest   humanitarian  & 'moral voice'   to  address  the   colossal   hunger/starvation  & economic  problems of  the  world.    Revelation  shows  the Papacy being  'given a crown'    [by  the 10 nation  Euro-kingdom]    right  after   the   7  Year  Tribulation's  'start'.     [Rev 6:2]

Again,   this   precise scenario  is  ready  now   with  the   Lisbon Treaty's  newly  created   'High Representative'   seat  in  2009 allowing  any  1  individual   to   be  quickly   elected  as   the  EU's SOLE,   top   decision-making   minister.     

On  the  larger  scope,   the  Papacy   ['larger in appearance than its associates' / Dan 7:20]    already  now  has   the   EU's    [&  the United Nations']   full   attention  regarding   the   Pope's   repeated world  solution  of   'Reforming  the  Global  Economy  to  Re-Distribute  the  world's  wealth  so  no  one  goes  hungry'.   >

Again,  this  concept  is  spring-loaded   RIGHT  NOW   to   exalt  the  Papacy   into   the EU's    [&  world's]   spotlight   in  the  days ahead   as   the   world's   ultimate   humanitarian   &   'moral'   icon.

All  of   this  confirms  the   nearness  of   the  'start'   of   the   7 Year  Tribulation   to  this  generation.      After  it  starts,   the Papacy's   original  wonderful  sounding   Economic  solutions  will eventually   become  the   foretold  1-World  Economic  'mark of the beast'   at   the   Mid-point   of  the  7  years.

At  that  point,   the False Prophet   [Antichrist/Papacy of Rome] will   have  ascended   to   1-World  dictator   status  &   will   ALSO 'excercise all the authority'  of the monstrous 1-World Euro GOVT   itself.     [Rev 13:12]  LINKS:
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#1  Exalted Leader Today  -  2nd to none

Israel's   'firm covenant'   of   7  Years   [Dan 9:27]    with   the Papacy  is  the  NEXT  MAJOR  END  TIME  EVENT  on  Israel's part,   which   'starts'    the  final   7  Year  Tribulation.     As   em- phasized   with   details  &   Headlines  at,   this  is already  on  fast-pace   towards  its  fulfillment.   [Mideast Peace/ Antichrist;   Vatican Relations w/ Israel;   Israel in End Times]   

After that  &  shortly  into  the  TribulationEzekiel  38 &  39 occurs   which  is  a    '1  day'   war   [Ezek 38:14, 18, 19]    wiping out  virtually  ALL of   Israel's  enemies'  military   on  the  moun- tains   of  Israel.     [ ie.   Russia,  Iran,  Libya, Turkey  &  others ].[ Next Military moves globally / Israel's  coming  '1-day'  victory ]

This  coming  shocking  Mideast  war   is  what  most   analysts rightly   refer   to   as   'World War 3',    the  order of  which  is  laid  out   in   detail   at      [ WW3... boiling ]

Also  significant  is   Damascus, Syria's   leveling by   Israel   fore- told   for  the  End Times   [Isaiah 17:1]   and   the  potential  in today's  Mideast   for   Israel   to   bomb   Iran's   nuclear  plants.    
Either   [or  even  both]    of   these   could  occur   in  the  interim time   leading  up   to    the   7  Year  Tribulation's   'start',    or afterwards   in   line   with   Ezekiel  38  &  39.     

If   either   [or  both]    of  these   were   to   happen   'before'    the Tribulation   starts  then  the  world   &   the   rest   of    Israel's enemies  would  sit   in   awe   with   probably   no   MAJOR  military response  since  Ezekiel  38 & 39   [the  NEXT MAJOR  End  Time war  to occur]   would  still   be  destined  to  take  place  later,   and AFTER   the   'start'   of  Tribulation. LINKS:
Israel  in  End  Times
Next  Military  Moves,  Globally
Israel's  coming  miraculous  Victory  -   [Ezek 38 & 39]
News:    Jersusalem,  Final  End  Time  Hot  Spot
News  Talks of  Rebuilding  3rd  Jerusalem  Temple
Under President Obama,  then America  is  in  trouble.     

America's  reign  as  a  'super-power'  is  in  jeopardy  and  is 'irreversibly'   in  submission  to  the  rising  End Time  European Union  &  its   foreordained  1-World GOVT  status.   This  specific Oct 26, 2008    prophetic  word  by   the  Spirit  of  God  is  coming  to  pass  for  over  3   years  now   and   will   not  falter.  

Why?    Because  the   inevitable  global  scenario    foreor- dained   by   God's  written  Word    for    'all  nations'     [inclu- ding  USA]    is  NOW  IN  PLACE    in  today's  End  Times.    [Links below].

More specifically,  the FOLLOWING  problems  within  the  USA Will  Greatly  Intensify  in   &   through  2012    including:

Greater ECONOMIC WOES   [a  lull or 'up-blip'  in the  economy is only temporary on an overall downward staircase graph of continued  Economic  woes;   IN  NO  WAY will  America  see the  return   of   its    wealth-oriented   global   status  of   the   past as   falsely    prophesied   unanimously   by   America's   blind   TV Ministers,   self-serving  money-changers  &  so-called   'prophets'. To  the  contrary.    Under Obama,  that  is  now  over.   

Higher commodity prices   [food, oil, sugar, wheat, etc]

Increased  calamity / kaos  &  lawlessness  in  society

More  severe  internal Governmental  turmoil  &  CONFLICTS within  Congress,  lawmakers,  politicians  &  state  governments

More  Governmental  advancements  toward   1-World  GOVT [&  in  submission  to  the  rising  EU's  1-World  GOVT], 

Birth Pangs   will  be  worse  than  even  2010  or  2011
[earthquakes / natural disasters / flooding / tornados, hurricanes,  etc]

All   these  things  will  occur  and   are   IRREVERSIBLE,   regard- less   of  America's   Presidential   Election   in   November   2012. In  fact,   the  timeliness  of   Obama's  '08  election   was  fore- ordained  to  twist  America  out  of  its  beautiful  shape  & towards  the   EU's  coming  1-World  Government   as  proven in  his  first   3  years  of   office   from   Jan  2009   through   Jan  2012.

Obama  single-handedly  has  managed  to  successfully  accom- plish   in  America   in   3   years   precisely   what   our   enemies like   Iran,   Al  Queda   &   Islamist   terrorists  would  like   to  have done.     Specifically,   he  has  drastically  harmed  the  US econo- my,  damaged  lives  by  increasing  unemployment,   disregarded the  Constitution,   lied   to  the  American   people,  shown  great disrespect   towards   our   #1   friend   Israel   &  almost   stripped our   US  military  from  our  ability   to   defend  America  or   even fight  back  against  our  enemies,   just  to  name  a  few.

America is now  entering  her  darkest  &  most  critical  hour  ever, in  today's  End Times.   This  fact  also  is  highlighted  by  today's final  Presidential  Republican  candidates     [at  the  time  of this  writing/Jan 21, 2012]   whose  prayers  will   IN  NO WAY  reach any  higher  than  the  room  ceiling.      [1John 5:14]

Namely:   1 Mormon  [Romney]   &   2  Catholics   [Santorum, Ging-rich]   who are  all  racing  against  an  incumbent  proven  deceiver as  President  Obama.  

God  is  NOT  obligated  to  hear  nor  answer   [1John 5:14 /John 14:6]   the  prayers of  devout  followers of  the Mormon   cult  nor the  empty  Catholic  prayers  to  dead saints  or  the  virgin  Mary,
all  based  in  the   false  doctrines   of  the   Papacy.

The ANTI-God doctrines of BOTH of these satanic RELIGIONS directly oppose the Bible while also being devoted to ANTI-Biblical  concepts  &  satanic rituals  such  as  the  manmade  false- hood  of   the Papacy  itself,   a  phoney concept  not  even  men- tioned  in  the  Bible.    This  is  the  spirit of Antichrist   entering deeper  into   America   &   within  its   political   leaders  & system.

But  propheticallyAmerica's  future   through  and  after  2012 will  begin  looking  tangibly different  in  the days  ahead.    This is  primarily  based   on   the   'irreversible'    fast-rising   1-World GOVT   global   complexion  rooted  in  the  EU  &   according  to inevitable  Bible  Prophecies.

Again,  this   can  be   highlighted   tangibly   in   many   ways   like Benedict XVI's  own  'Effort to expand the Catholic church in America  on  Jan 1, 2012'   [ News/Nov 16, 2011 ]   which, again, is Major  Bible  prophecy   [the Great Harlot of Rome/News]   running its  inevitable  course,  even  through  America.

The  exception   to  America's   irreversible  decline   as  a   reign- ing  Government  &  Economy  will  be  God's  true  born  again children  of  God   in   America   who  hear  His  voice  &   'see  all these things'    [Math 24:33]  and  who   FULLY   embrace  Christ &  His  word.       These  will  be  raised  up    [this is expounded in last section]   &  be  ready  when  the  final trumpet sounds.    These also  know  how   to   pray  according  to  God's  will    [1John 5: 14/John 14:6/James 5:16]     for  America   including   its   leaders just   mentioned.  LINKS:
God's Call to His people in America    [Dec 8, 2011/prophetic word]
America's  Future   [All prophecies  re:  America coming to pass]
God's Warnings to America    [through Pres Reagan]
America's  Future:    like  'Job'   [America's hedge is down]
Crashing  USA/Global  Economies  - 'Irreversible'
USA/Global  Birth Pangs
Skyrocketing  World  Prices
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1-World GOVT
VIDEO  [Feb 10, 2010]:   America's Future
News Great Harlot of Rome expanding in America
Any   lull  or    'up-blip'    in   today's   global  economy   is   only temporary   in   the  largest  scope  of   today's  End  Times.

A   GLOBAL  ECONOMIC  CRASH   is  coming   and   is    inev- itable.     It   may  come  in  several  drops  or   may  occur   in  one big   economic   collapse.     This   is   foreordained   to   occur   in nearing  &   entering  into   the  'start'   of   the   7  Year  Tribula- tion.    [Rev 6:6].     It  will  lead  to  the   1-World   'mark of the beast',    which  is  already  primed  today   for  its  near  fulfillment.

Any  number  of  geo-political  dynamics  could  instantly  trigger the  coming  Economic  Implosion  like  the EU's  current  DEBT CRISIS,   closure  or   interference  with  the   Straight of  Hormuz, a  key  passageway  allowing  the  transfer  of   global   economic goods  &  oil,   etc.      Also,   any  efforts  to  create  a   1-World currency   will   lead  to  the  inevitable    1-World   'mark'.

Under Obama,  today's  current  global  course   ECONOMICALLY is   'irreversible'   at   this  point   in  &  through  2012.  LINKS:
Crashing Global Economy - 'Irreversible'  [Oct 26, 2008 / prophetic word coming to pass over 3 years]
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Global  Birth  Pangs
BIRTH  PANGS  through  2012  in  the  USA   &  globally   will  be worse  than  even  2010  &   2011.      They will intensify in nearing  the   'start'  of  the  Tribulation.    After   it   'starts',   it  will quickly  worsen to  the  worst  ever  in   the  Great Tribulation.                                                                                                          These  will  include  increased  natural disasters,   rumors of wars, increased  lawlessness  in societies, increased  public exposing of corrupt  world  leaders  [ie. GOVT politicians, world bankers, hedge fund  CEO's, etc.],   increased  hate  against  Christiansetc.

Also,  the  current  global  unrest &  uprisings  within  nations
will  intensify.    [ie.   2011's  civil  uprisings &  oustings of  Egypt's leader  Mubarak,   Libya's  Ghadaffi,   Syria's  current  civil  uprising against  Bashar Assad,   'Occupy'  protests,   etc.]

This  is  leading   towards  eventual  Global  Anarchy   foretold   in End  Time prophecies  when   'peace is taken from the earth'  [Rev 6:4]    right after the  'start'   of  the  coming  7  Year  Tribu- lation.  LINKS:
Global Birth Pangs   -   [2010, 2011, 2012 Ahead]
coming Global Anarchy
coming Global Shock & Awe
Coming  1st   3  1/2  Years  of  Tribulation

The  body  of  Christ  in  AMERICA
"...When you SEE all these things, KNOW He is near..."   [Math 24:33]

Even  though  God's  love,   His  truths  &  His  true  born  again children  are  increasingly  unpopular  in  America  today,   those who  walk  closely  with  Him  know   that  our strength,  our  appro- val   and   our   reward   come  from  Heaven,   not   from  the  world or   man.

There  is  coming  an  incredible   raising  up   by God  Himself.   Through  &  after  2012,  God's  true  body  of Spirit-filled   believers  in   America   will  begin  becoming    united as  a   'nation  within  a  nation'    in  drawing   nearer   to   the 'start'   of  Tribulation.      [1Peter 2:9 / Romans 8:19]

This  will  be  caused  by  the  Spirit  of  God  enabling  His  people to   'see all these things'   which  are  literally  lined  up  now   on the  world's  stage  today &   to  'know He is near.'   [Matt 24:33]

As  a  result,   the body of Christ  in  America  will  stand strongly united   in   fixing  our  eyes  on  the   Lord,  ready  for  a   fresh  & powerful   anointing  He  will   pour  out   on   His   people,   even  in the  face  of   drastic  changes  &   perilous  hardships   coming   to America   from   this  point  on   &   in   nearing   the   Tribulation.                                                                                                   
Although   the  coming   outpouring  &  explosion  of  His  Spirit   will start   FIRST   with,   and  overflow  from,   His  born  again  body of Christ   in   America,   God  is   willing  &  desirous  that   every person  in  America   be  saved.     [2Peter 3:9 / Matt 24:14]   

But,  until  the  rapture  occurs,   America  as  a  nation   [in  its decline]   will  not  be  left  destitute   since  millions  of  God's  born again   children   live    here   who    themselves   are    His   shining light  &  the   preserving   force  of  America   since   her  inception.

Through &  after  2012,   this  powerful  awakening  in  the USA to  the  nearness  of Christ  will  thrust   millions  into  a  true  & bonding  commitment  to  stand  strong  in   the  Lord,   submit  fully to  His   Word   &   prove  true  Christlikeness  making  the  things of   the  world  completely  secondary.      [James 4:4 / 1John 2:15]  

Many  unbelievers  will   begin  realizing  that   America's  greatest root   problem   is   not  our  Government  Leaders  or  the   econo-
my,   but   a   spiritual  problem.     Namely,   a   lack  of  knowldege of  God's  Word     and/or    lack  of  willingness  to  submit    to  it.

A  great  separation  is  coming  at  the  same  time  in  America as  God  is  now   calling  His  people  to  Himself,   who   'hear  His voice'   &   follow Him  [Rev 3:20/Matt 25:1].    These  will  stand out   as   God's   chosen  elect     [Mark 13:20 / Matt 24:24]     particu- larly   after  2012   &   in  nearing   'midnight'    as   Jesus   identi- fied   in  His  parable  of  the  'wise virgins'   [Spirit-filled  belie-vers]     who will  be  'ready'   to  meet  the  bridegroom.   [Matt 25:6,10]    

They  will  be  a  stark  contrast   to  America's   top  TV  Religious Broadcasters  [TBN / Daystar / Atlanta 57, etc]   &  their  onslaught of  worldly,  blind  &  unChristlike Ministers  &   so-called  'prophets' who  are   solely   responsible  over  the  last  15 - 20  years  of lulling   the   body  of  Christ   to  sleep   &  into  LUKEWARMNESS.

These   will   give  account   for   their   own    errors  in  teachings, false  prophecies,   &   for  souls  they've  neglected  &  misled.    In 2012  more  'tables will be turned over'  in  America of  self- serving   Ministries   &   money-changers   in   the   house   of  God.

Greater  hatred  &  persecution  are  also  coming   to  God's people  in   America  while  drawing   closer  to   the   'start'   of  Tribulation  including  by  our  own  Governmentits   anti-christ laws/regulations   &   the  TV   media which   oppose   the   body of   Christ   &   the   Word  of  God.    

A   key  root  cause  for   most  of  this  will  be  America's   current  &  'irreversible'   lining  up  with  the   EU's   rising  1-World GOVT status  &   its   Great Harlot   tentacles   already   within   America.

But,  as  foretold  by  Daniel the prophet:  'Those who know their God  will  display  strength  &  do  mighty  exploits'   [Dan 11:32]   under  an   increased   End  Time   anointing  of  the  Spirit which  He   has  also   already  begun   to  pour   out   along   with 'opening  eyes'.   [Matt 24:33].     God's  true  servants   will  also be   'Those  who have  insight  among  the people  &  will provide  understanding  to  the  many'   as  true  watchmen  & oracles  of  God.    [Dan 11:33].      These  are  3  major  End Time prophecies   already  beginning    within   the   body   of   Christ   in America,   which  will  not  dissipate  but,   as  emphasized,   will increase  mightily  within  the  body of  Christ.    [Matthew 24:33 / Dan 11:32 / Dan 11:33]

"But  you  are  a  CHOSEN RACE,  A  ROYAL PRIESTHOOD,  A HOLY  NATION,  A  PEOPLE  FOR  GOD'S  OWN  POSSESSION, that  you  may  proclaim  the  excellencies  of  Him  who  has called  you  out  of  darkness  into  His  marvelous light;

for  you  once  were NOT  A  PEOPLE,   but  now  you are  THE PEOPLE  OF  GOD;   you  had  NOT  RECEIVED  MERCY,  but now  you  have  RECEIVED  MERCY. 

Beloved,  I   urge  you  as  aliens  &  strangers  to  abstain from  fleshly  lusts,   which  wage  war  against   the  soul. Keep  your  behavior  excellent  among  the  Gentiles,  so that  in  the  thing  in  which  they  slander  you  as  evil- doers,  they  may on  account of  your  good  deeds,  as  they observe  them,  glorify  God  in  the  day  of  His  visitation."  [Apostle Peter / 1Peter 2:9,10]  LINKS:
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Lawsuit  claims TBN  founders   illegally  used   $50  MIL  for  own  personal   luxuries;   says  fired   former  TBN  Finance Chief ~
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Reuters  News  /
March  9,  2012
U.S.  Banks  foreclosing 
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"America is in trouble."
God's people as  "a NATION within a nation".... after 2012
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March  29,  2012 /
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Plan  to  attack  Iran  suddenly  Put  On  Hold  
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Apr  7,  2012
ObamaCare Requires
RFID Chip Implanted
in  Every American by March  2013