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  America's   Future   -   Like  "Job"
May  24, 2011   Rob Conrad  ~founder, Heisnear.com   to:  Global  PTRS-Friends ~
A  Prophetic  Word    for  AMERICA: 

Dear  brothers-sisters  in Christ,   global  friends:

What is coming quickly now  to this world is the greatest event in world history, besides the 1st appearance of God Himself who walked this earth in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ,  the Savior of the world.

Namely,   the  2nd  physical  coming of  Christ   to  this  earth. The  entire  universe  will  see  Him   and  His  glorious  Return. The   2nd  judgement   upon  earth  will  precede  it.

For  bonafide  believers TODAY  who  "know their God"   [Daniel 11:32]    these  are  the  most  exciting  times  to  be  alive  in  AND to  witness  in  2000  years,   since  Jesus  walked  the  earth!

AMERICA'S   FUTURE    -    Like   "JOB"

Like  America,   the  Old Testament  man of God,  JOB,  was far wealthier & more blessed than all in his era.  Then, the worst tragedies ever came to him:  storms, fires, family deaths, devastating tornadoes, wiping out everything he possessed.  Yet JOB still praised & exalted God to the very end.      [Job 1:13-22]

So it is with AMERICA'S great trials NOW,  having opportunity   to   praise   God   through   it   all.

But,  even  GREATER  natural  disasterseconomic downturn  and  political  turmoil  are  STILL coming  to USA,   even  through   2011   &    2012.

WHY?     So   that   God's   people   and   all  of  America will  turn  to  Him  again  [ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ],   returning  to Him  as   our  1st  love   [Rev 2: 4]   and  helping  each other   in   TRUE  CHRISTLIKENESS   in   these    peri- lous  times,  which  will  quickly  grow  worse  for America,    even  globally.

The  Lord's   words  are   the  very  promise  to  those who hear and obey  God's voice today,  saying the ones: "who have not soiled their garments will walk with Me in white robes,   for they are worthy."   [Rev 3:4]  

America's  BLIND  Ministers   and   'prophets'

Our  obedience  to  His  Word  and  our  true Christlikeness which  demonstrates  His  love  to  all  personsare  what  prove ourselves  as   true    'Disciples'   of   Christ.         [John 13:34,35]  
It  is  in  the  Spirit of Christ   to  have  our   'game faces'   on at   this  CRUCIAL  period   in   world   history.      As   opposed  to 99%  of   America's   top  TV   Ministries    [ ie. TBN,  Daystar ] , TV Preachers,  popular pulpit  speakers  and  so-called 'prophets',    who   UNANIMOUSLY  DO  NOT   even  so  much as   mention   ANY  of    'all these things'   which   Christ specifically   instructed   His   followers  to  watch  for,   which  are lined  up  TODAY.        [Matthew 24:33]

Most   [99%]  of  America's  Ministers   are  too  busy  trying  to build  a  name  for  themselves  and   be  recognized  publicly  as the  'great  man or woman of God',  rather  than  'equipping the  saints'    [Ephes 4:12]   and   blowing   the   TRUMPET   of alarm   and   readiness   as   are   the   KEY  requirements  of   all of   God's    true  Overseers   of   His   flock.           [Ezek 33:1-7]

Today's  TV  pulpits  in  America   bring  a  great  reproach  upon the  Lord   with  their   unChristlikeness,   worldliness  in  speech  & behavior,   cocky  attitudes,   self-serving   false  prophecies,   and their  shallow   ear-tickling  messages   which   lull   God's  people to   sleep,   keeping   the   body  of  Christ   in   lukewarmness. [Rev 3:16]

The  prophet  Jeremiah   rightly  foretold  of   today's   End  Time 'false prophets'   and   'wicked'   [Jer 23:11]    self-serving Shepherds  of  whom  God  foretold:   "In the last days  you  will clearly  understand  it.    I  DID  NOT  send  these  prophets, but  they  ran.   I  DID NOT  speak  to  them,  but  they prophesied.    But  if  they  had  stood  in  My  council,   then they  would  have  announced  My  Words  to  My  people, and  would  have  turned  them  back  from  their evil  way and  from  the  evil  of  their  deeds."        [Jeremiah 23:20-22]


"Even so, you too, when you see ALL these things, KNOW He is near, even right at the door."      [Matthew 24:33]

  Stand with ISRAEL  100%
Global Birth Pangs
and  Natural  Disasters
in Today's End Times
"Will quickly grow WORSE
in  2011 
&  through 2012"  ~