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posted:    Fri,  March 12, 2010 @  Heisnear.com
Rob Conrad,  founder  Heisnear.com  to Global PTRS


Do not listen to today's so-called  'prophets'  who are blind and who leave out  for  the  last  10-20  years  ANY  SPECIFIC  mention  of  the prime  Major Prophecies  foretold  by  the  prophets and  by  the  Lord Himself to be alert  to  and to 'see' in  today's  End Times.   [Matthew 24:33; Daniel 11:33]    The prophet Jeremiah's foretelling of false Shepherds and  false prophets  in the  Last Days  who  lead  God's sheep astray has  truly  come  to  pass  today  in  America.   [Jeremiah Chapter 23]         [LINK below:  Today's False Prophets and the Elijah List]

Being self-sent, their track record proves this,  having not uttered a single specific word  of warning  to God's  people,  except in passing, over their self-labeled 10-20  years as  'prophets'  and  'apostles'  and 'reverends'.  They've even left  out completely ANY specific identifying of  the  prime topic  in  today's End Times of  the  very   'Nearness of Christ'.   No  true  prophet  or  watchman  as  today's  failed   leaders would  consistently  fail  to  announce  the  very  Nearness of Christ to  this  generation,  a   prime  topic  of  all   major  Old   and   New Testament  prophets.  Particularly,  as  this generation since  Israel's rebirth,  has  drawn  soberingly  closer  now  to  His  very  return.

Instead,  99%  of today's flashy ear-tickling TV Preachers,  self-serving ministers, blind mega-church  Pastors  and  so-called  'prophets'  are more  focused  on  exalting  themselves,  being  approved of men  with applause and who prophesy in vain,  while leaving out altogether  the major  foretold prophecies which  the  Lord  Himself  forewarned  to 'see'  in  today's  End Time  generation.      [Math 24:33; Luke 21:28]

A coming  core of  proven  and  anointed End Time 5-Fold  Ministers,  Sent by God

The Spirit of God now has a whole new core of anointed 5-Fold Ministers, who are truly called and will be sent by Him.  These are those who He Himself has sealed and readied for this particular critical End Time hour.     They will stand out like shining spotlights in the house of God,  while God receives all glory and honor.

They will be like the early Apostles with Christ's humility, His love, being above reproach (1Tim 3:1,2) and with mighty signs and wonders following. They will also mirror what scriptures say about Peter and John saying the crowd: "observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, and were marveling, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus."     [Acts 4:13]

These will be pure and fully prepared 'new wineskin' 5-Fold Ministers who have been personally chosen, anointed and ordained by the Lord Himself as chosen vessels of honor, sanctified and have been faithful to the Master.  In  every way, they will glorify the Lord Jesus  in  their speech, conduct, lives and  total Christ-likeness.   In no way will they bring a reproach upon the Lord as do so many of today's worldly, cocky and untested ministers who love the limelight.

Some of  the  dead-work  ministers who have taken the forefront in the last 10-20 years who made a name for themselves will be used in the coming days,  if they repent,  become humble  and  Christ-like, and begin to 'see all these things' which the Lord  intends  for His people  to  'see'   right  now.    Other  'old wineskins'  will  cling  to their  reputation  and  past  as  higher  priority  than  God's  End  Time truths, even  in  the  falling away which is  still  coming.   [1Timothy 4:1]

Like many of the true Prophets and Apostles of the Old and New Testaments, God's fresh core of proven 5-Fold Leaders about to come forth have been kept and polished by the Lord Himself.  Like Moses, they have been hidden by the Lord in the cleft of the mountain top  although  in  a  divine  place in  God's presence.  They have been kept by the Lord for many years until this time prophetically and, as the  Lord  has  foreordained  for  them, will now be sent out by the Lord to lead God's people, the body of Christ, into the Promised Land and into the Lamb's presence at the rapidly approaching timing of the rapture.    [Link below: Rapture]      The  great  global  turbulence  just ahead  requires  only  God's   truly   anointed  Leaders  who  are  bold and  strong,   not  weak  and  timid. 

This does not make these coming leaders any better or more valuable than any other  'part' in the body of Christ.  Their true humility  and  maturity  will  prove they recognize  each  'part' in  the  body of Christ as  being  equally  as  essential  and  valuable  to  God.    

Many great Leaders of the Old and New Testaments were hidden and polished for many years before finally being sent out to fulfill God's true call which they had been keenly aware of while  faithfully  awaiting God's timing  to go forth.   So it will be with the core of bonafide 5-Fold ministers who are chosen for today's End Times.

Servants of God like:  Abraham, Moses, Elijah in the cave, Jeremiah, David the sheepherder turned King and warrior, Jesus for 30 years before being released into His ministry, Joshua, Apostle Paul spending 14 years in Arabia after his major conversion,  Daniel in the hidden chambers of Babylon,  Joseph's  testimony, etc etc...  all spent many years hidden and  refined as by  fire  with  intimate  fellowship with God, hearing God's word and call,  while remaining faithul to Him daily and  before   being   'sent'.

This coming core of anointed Leaders are ready  now and have spent great private time on the mountain top in the transfiguring light and presence of the Lord Himself.  He can trust  them to  carry  out the  final  mission  and  to  not   falter at  this  unprecedented   time  in End Time  world  history.   God's favor and quick backing of these coming  Leaders will  be  overwhelmingly obvious  and  decisive  when they  speak  or  act.     Christ's  humility  and   love  will  confirm  them.

These  about-to-be-released   5-Fold End Time ministers   will   also 'see'  with a sharpened eye which is required and also fulfilled in every true bonafide Watchman of God.   These will be a  sobering and stark  contrast  to  today's  blinded  TV  Ministers,  flashy  Preachers and  so-called  'prophets'  who  are  completely  blind  and   silent about   ANY  of  today's  critical   Major  End  Time  prophecies  right in  front  of  this  generation.   This  includes  topics  like  the  very Nearness of Christ,  the  nearing Tribulation  and  the specific appearance  of  Antichrist   on  the  world  stage  right  now  to  name only  a   few.          [Links below]

The Lord's coming Ministers will specifically have been anointed by God to carry out  the prophet Daniel's  foretold prophecy for today's End Times.   Namely,  they will  be  'those who have insight among the people and will provide understanding to the many'.  This is a  vital prophecy ready to explode now  as this generation is drawing quickly  to  the   'start'   of  the  final  7  Year Tribulation  and  into  the very  first   3  1/2  years   as  scripture  shows.        [Daniel 11:33]

As  Daniel  also  foretold,  the  coming End Time ministers,  in  fact believers in the body of Christ itself,  will  be  'the people who know their God and will display strength and courage and do mighty exploits'   in the coming  days heading  into Tribulation.   [Dan 11:32]

When these coming Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers speak,  then  their words  will  pierce  and  consume  as  a  fire.   Their prophecies and  judgements  will  be  100%  accurate  and true and  will  'open eyes'  to 'all these things' which the Lord Himself forewarned His  true Watchmen and  the  body of Christ  to 'see'.       [Matthew 24:33]

These  coming  Ministers  will   NOT   be  heard  saying  what   today's blind  TV   'prophets'   and  Shepherds  can   be   heard   prophesying that   'the next  generation'   of   prophets  are   today's   upcoming younger  teens.    To the contrary,   the  coming   5-Fold   Leaders will  prophesy accurately  and  boldly  about  'this generation'   be-ing   the  very  generation  which  is  about  to  see   the  Return of the  King  of  all  kings.    The  'next'   generation  will   be  with Christ  on  earth.

Unlike  today's  milk-sermon TV ministers who  have lulled the body of Christ to sleep over the last 10-20 years as blind guides, these coming End Time servants of God will be those who  'give the household of God their food at the proper time'   which the Lord said is  required of  His  End Time  ministers.  These are the  'faithful and sensible'  ones as  Jesus  foretold,  caring  for  and  equipping God's people as true Watchmen at  the most  critical  time  in  human history.       [Math 24:45-51].   

On the other hand,  the  Lord deemed  those  as  'evil'  ministers  who said,   'My Master is not  coming  for a  long  time.'     [Math 24:48] So  far,  this  total  blindness  is  clearly  evidenced   today  in   99%  of America's  Ministers  and   'prophets'   who,  literally,   don't   bring up ANY  of   the  major   End  Time   prophecies,   AT ALL.   

Starting now and over the next months, a  great  separation is  coming spiritually and globally regarding who truly 'sees all these things' and   who   doesn't.    Those  who 'see' and  also  embrace  Christ will  prove to  be  the  'wise virgins'   in  today's  End  Times.   [Math 25:1-13]    Those  who  prove  to   be  'foolish'  will   'go away'   back into   the   world   expecting  to   receive  from   there.       [Math 25:10]

As bonadfide prophets and apostles,  the coming divinely called-and-sent Ministers will have as  top priority God's children, the body of Christ.  Their  purpose will  be  in  helping  God's  people  to  'see', to  be  equipped  and  to  be  brought  into   maturity  and  unity  in today's End Times  in  readiness to  cross over and enter into the presence  of   the   Lord   when  the   foretold   final   trumpet  sounds.

In America,  Teachers  will also come forth  who have vital  prophet- ical  insight of  the deeper  things of  the Word  and  of  the  Spirit. Again,  the  purpose  will  be  to  'provide understanding to the many'  [Dan 11:33]  regarding  today's  End  Times  and  what  God  is specifically about  to  do in  sequence  from  this  point  on  nearing  Christ's Return.   Not  the  elementary  things  which   have  dulled  God's  people's  senses  in   America  by   blind  TV   pulpit  speakers.

What  the  coming  true  prophets   will  say  publicly   will  be SPECIFIC  and  also   powerfully  backed  by  God's   anointed   Word and  by  God  Himself  and  will   not   be   like  the   generalized   and nebulus  self-serving   prophecies  and  garble  coming   from   today's self-sent   ear-tickling    'prophets'    and    popularized  TV   Ministers.

Powerful  End Time  Evangelists  will  also  continue  preaching the Gospel  to  the  remotest  ends  of  the  earth  exalting  Jesus' Name  which  is  occurring  right  now,  a  key  End  Time  sign  of Christ's Nearness.   This  will  increase  mightily  in  nearing  the  7 Year  Tribulation.    [Link below:  Preaching the Gospel  'until the end']

Dear brothers  and  sisters,  All  of  this  the  Lord  Himself  said concisely  in  this  way:  "But when these things begin to take place,  then straighten up!   And  lift up  your  heads!    Because your redemption is drawing near!"       [Luke 21:28]


2010  will  see  'tables  turned over'   of  America's  church  Pastors and  ministries who have  wrongfully taken  out  Bank-DEBTS  which opposes  God's  Word  to  'build'  or  'buy'  a  church  building.   Then worse,  have  placed  the  yoke  and  burden  of   their  DEBTS   upon God's  innocent  believers  to  pay  it   off.    God  is  not  mocked. Also,  some  ministers   who   bring  a   reproach  upon   the  Lord   will be  humbled  in  2010  since  judgement  begins  with  the   household of  God,  America  itself  being  the  most   'household  of God'   nation in  the  world.       [1 Peter 4:17]

Also  in  America,  most  all  of   today's  popular  TV   Ministers   and 'prophets'  within  the  Evangelical  circles  are  prophesying  that "2010  is  the  year  of  prosperity  and  abundance  and  wealth will  be  restored!"   This  is    total  false  prophecy   and   NOT what  the  Spirit  of  God  is  doing  nor  saying  at   all   in   America  at this  time  prophetically.        [Links below:  America's Future]  

In  America,  since  God's  people  have  not   'humbled  themselves' as   2 Chronicles 7:14   pleas,   then   He   has   allowed    Americans' own  circumstances  from   disobedience  (like  DEBT)   to  humble  us since  Mid-Sept  2008.    Why?    In  order  to   gain  our   attention  in humility  so   that   His   people   might    seek   Him   first   and    to 'see'   today's  highly  critical  scenario  of   the  End  Times   staring this  generation  squarely   in   the  eyes   right  now.

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