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Prophetic Word  RE:  

TBN  (Trinity Broadcasting Network)Daystar 
&  America's Top Religious Broadcasters

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The WORD of the Lord to  AMERICA'S  Prime Religious  TV  Broadcasters

Like  the   first-century  Laodiceans,   TBN  &  Daystar  have also   pushed   true  prophecy   AND   God's   true  prophets completely  out  of  the   body  of  Christ  today.    HOW? Because  when   the   Laodiceans   pushed  Jesus  out  of   the church,   they  also  pushed  out    the  true  voice  of   prophecy and   the    #1   PROPHET   Himself    Jesus.
America's  top Religious Broadcasters  (TBN / Daystar, 700 Club,  Atlanta 57,  etc)   have   done  the  EXACT  same   over the  last  40  years  or  so   since  the  1970's.   These  are  the most   influencing  TV  broadcasters  in  AMERICA and  the world  who  have  indoctrinated  a  whole  generation  into believing   what   is   being   presented   from   the  TV  airwaves is   'true  Christianity'.      It  is  far  from  it.

In  reality,  TBN &  Daystar  presidents   have  designed  their  networks  over  the  years  into  today's   Laodicean   mentality, having  SQUEEZED  OUT   Jesus,   thrown  out  the  Spirit  of God's   true   prophecy  utterances  &  teachings,  and  thrown out   Gods   true   oracles,  being  His  prophets.     The  result today  is  an  extreme  reproach   being   brought   upon  the Lord   from  America's dominant   ear-tickling  TV   Ministries.

For  example,   the  Apostle  Paul  said  he  came  ministering "not as a persuasive speaker",  but  he  came  "in the demonstrations  of  the  Spirit  and  power."   (1Cor 2:4). Today's  Ministers  in  America   are  the  exact  opposite.   They are  mostly   flashy   "speakers",    but  with  no  demonstra- tions   of   "power"    whatsoever.   

In  fact,  when  most  church  services  are  over  on  Sunday mornings,  the  body  of  Christ  across   America  goes  home having  heard,   at  best,   a   "speaker".     The  gifts  of  the Spirit  are  non-existent,  having  also  been  thrown  out  and quenched   by   the   noisy-gong,   dead-work   Ministers   in charge.     (1Cor 13:1,2)

In  America  today,   just  like  the  Laodicean  church,   the Lord  can  be  seen standing  on  the  outside  of  AMERICA'S body  of  Christ  &  looking  in,   hoping   that   they   will   'hear His  voice'   again,  and   "open  the  door"   to   invite   Him back  in.

So  far  unless  they  repent,   TBN  &  Daystar's "family"  of fancy   preachers,   so-called   prophets  &   blind   prophecy preachers   are   virtually  fulfilling   the   Bible's   foretelling   of an   End  Time   fallen   away  Church   likened   to   a   group  of 'foolish virgins'.   (Matt 25:1-13).    This  is   proven  in   their daily  TV   Religious   presentations  of  a    'different  Gospel' and    'another  Jesus'    altogether.   (Gal 1:8 / 2 Cor 11:4). 

The  other side  to  this  prophetical  word  is  that  the  Religious Broadcasters  just  mentioned  are  actually  in   perfect  position right   now   to   be   used  more   mightily   in   the   days  ahead than   ever  before,   in   the  coming   great  &  mighty   move  of His  outpouring.   

However,  as  previously  stated,   they  must FIRST  become truly   humble   enough   to   even   'see'   their   errors.    Then, to   truly   repent.    

This  is  also   true   prophetically   on   the   largest   scope   for America  as  a  nation.    America's   greatest  crisis  today  is not   the   economy   nor  our   deceptive   &   ungodly   Leaders in   Washington  D.C.  &  at   the  pulpits.   But,  is  the  crisis of  surrendering  our  wills  to  God.     ~

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