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Sept  17,  2011  Rob Conrad  ~founder, Heisnear.com to:  Global  PTRS-Friends ~
A  Prophetic  Word:      Antichrist  &  Israel  at the table  --  In Plain View

Antichrist  and   ISRAEL  at  the  Table 
2  PRIME  Players   gaining  the  PUBLIC  SPOTLIGHT  in nearing   the   "START"   of   the  foretold   7  Year  Tribulation

"Even  so,   you  too,   when  you  see   ALL  these  things,  then  KNOW  that  He  is  near,  even  right  at  the  door."                                                                            [Matthew 24:33]

Dear:   Brothers - Sisters in Christ,  Global friends ~

"All of these things"  which the  Lord  foretold  to  watch  for are  right  in  front  of  this  generation,  RIGHT NOW.   They're at  an  APEX.   The  crucial  key  prophecies  are  on  CENTER STAGE  preparing  for  the   'start'   of  the  7  Year  Tribulation.

Importantly,  the  VERY  NEXT  MAJOR  END TIME EVENT TO OCCUR  in  this  generation  is  the  'signing'  of  a  7 Year  Mideast  Agreement  between  Antichrist  &  ISRAEL.
This  will  literally  'start'   the  final  7  Years  in  history  known  as   the  TRIBULATION  period.       ( Links below )

But,  NOW  (September 2011)  and  in   the  next  few   months through  December  2011,   the   2  PRIME  Components to the  actual "signing"  of  the  foretold  final  7  Year  Agree- ment   are  being   divinely  SPOTLIGHTED  IN  PLAIN   VIEW FOR   all   the  world   to  "see".    NAMELY:    Antichrist  and Israel.      

From  now  on,   these  2  End  Time  KEY  parties   (Israel  & Antichrist/Papacy of Rome)   will  inreasingly  rise into  the PRIME  GLOBAL  FOCUS   until  the  virtual   'start'   of  the Tribulation  by   the  actual   "signing"   itself.  

WHY?    BECAUSE  IT  IS   TIME  for  them   to   fulfill  God's Word  in   today's  End  Times.   This  CRUCIAL  SCENARIO of  the  nearing  'START'   of  Tribulation  is  talked  about   in depth   later  in   this  writing.

But,  virtually TODAY, "all these things" are  ALREADY NOW SET   with   Antichrist  himself   (Papacy of Rome)   parading back  &   forth    on  the   world's  stage.

The  Spirit of God  is  OPENING  EYES  to  'see'  

As  I  stated  previously,  the  CURRENT  MAJOR  MOVE  of God's Spirit  is  already  beginning  (in America FIRST where His  Spirit-filled  children  are)    which   is   to  OPEN  EYES   for His   people to   "see" ALL  THESE  THINGS   ALREADY  lined  up   and   IN  PLAIN  VIEW  TODAY.   

Daniel's  prophecy  of   "Those  who  have  insight  among the  people  will  provide  understanding  to  the  many" is  a  major  End Time  prophecy   today  and  is  also  ocurring emphatically   through  Heisnear.com   itself   with  great   mo- mentum   all   by   the  Spirit  of  God.    (Daniel 11:33)

In  fact,  as  scriptures  show,   an  explosion  of  global  aware- ness  of   Antichrist's  presence &   "all  these  things"   is coming  quickly  to   this  generation  in  nearing   the  'start'   of the  foretold  7  Year  Tribulation.     ( *The coming Final Move of God / *prophetic word > ).    

This  is  God's  divine  plan:    To  have  people  see clearly,  in advance,  regarding  exactly  what  is  coming  before  the  2nd   judgement  actually  occurs.    His  true  bond-servants who  speak  as   anointed  oracles   of  God   will   be  the   ones "providing  the understanding  to  the many."   (Dan 11:33)  
Conversely,   today's  unanimous  batch  of  blind  TV  prophecy preachers  are  in  TOTAL  ERROR   in   saying    that   "No one will know who Antichrist is".    This  is a  direct  contra- diction  to  God's  Word   which  provides  vast  amounts  of specific  information   about   Antichrist's  profile  &  identity as  precisely  shown  at   Heisnear.com  

Scriptures  even   name   the   understanding  of   the   topic  of Antichrist   as  the  'wisdom'  of  God,   a  wisdom  today's prophecy  'experts'  are  STILL UNANIMOUSLY   totally  BLIND to.     (Rev 13:18 / Rev 17:9)

God's  End  Time  plan   &  scenario  laid   out  in  scriptures  for His  Son's  Divine  Return   is   far  more   glorious  than   the false   teachings  of   today's   blind   TV   Prophecy   preachers who   say,  "The  rapture  could  happen at  any  moment ! And  believers  won't   see  ANY  of  these  things,  includ- ing   Antichrist !".

In fact,  God  is  now  preparing  a  GLOBAL AUDIENCE  for His  Son's   unfathomable  &  divine  return. 

Again,   this  includes  the  Spirit  of  God  OPENING  EYES NOW   to  "see  all  these  things"   now  set  in  place    in approaching   the   'start'   of   the   7  Year   period   itself.


Significantly,  the  Spirit of God's  move  TODAY  to  OPEN EYES  is   JUST  LIKE   in  the  days  of  Noah   when  the ARK   was   finally   completely   built.  

Even  BEFORE   Noah   and   his  7   family   members  actually entered  it,   Noah's  entire   generation   'SAW'   CLEARLY   the finished   massive   product   sitting  IN  PLAIN VIEW.    Its EXACT  MEANING   was  ALSO   CLEARLY  UNDERSTOOD  by Noah's  continual  CLEAR  message  to:   Repent,  before  the  impending   flood.

In  the  same  precise  manner  RIGHT NOW  in  today's  End Times,   "all these things"   are  shaped  into   an   APEX   & IN  PLAIN  VIEW,   MASSIVELY,  just   like  the  giant  ARK  itself was.    

Again,  the  current  move  of   God's  Spirit  on  the  earth   right now   is   to   simply   OPEN  EYES   &   let   this   generation "SEE"  CLEARLY   "ALL"   the  massive  SIGNS   ALREADY SITTING  RIGHT  IN  FRONT  of  this  final  generation.

Any   time  remaining  in  today's  rapidly  narrowing  gap of  time  until  the  'start'  of   Tribulation  is  because of the   grace  &  mercies  of  God  who   "is  not  willing  that ANY  would  perish....".     (2Peter 3:9)

America's  BLIND   Prophecy  'experts'   STILL  UNANIMOUSLY  STUMPED

Contrary  to  today's   popular   but   BLIND   prophecy  'experts' &  best-selling  End Time  authors,   God  is  not   in  the   bus- iness  of  keeping  His  people  in  the  dark  about  "all these things"   including  Antichrist's   identity.

In  fact,  America's  favorite  TV   prophecy  celebrities  &   best-selling  book  authors  can  STILL  be  heard  &  seen  publicly pondering,   grasping  &  even   debating  on   TBN   &  Daystar about    'all these things',   including   "Who is Antichrist?".

Imagine  studying   KEY  CRUCIAL  topics  in  God's  Word   (like 'Antichrist', etc)   for   20,  30  &  40   years   as   have  TBN's  & Daystar's  top  TV  prophecy   orators/teachers  &  authors only   to  come  up   empty-handed   &  with   confusion  every time   saying,    "We  don't  know.   And  no one  does.....".

More  amazing  is  their  millions  of  books  sold  with  their  non- stop  speculations  &  misleading  ramblings  which  have  misled the   body  of   Christ   for  over    41   years.  
Dear  friends:   God  is  not  the  author of  this  confusion &  folly  on  America's  Religious TV  airwaves.  Their  huge SCRIPTURAL  errors  &  their  PROVEN  public  confusion is   all   man-made,   by  them.     Literally,  it's  the  blind leading  the  blind.

It  bears  repeating:   the  Spirit  of  God   is   already   beginning to OPEN  EYES   amongst  His  people   to  Antichrist's  pres- ence  and   to   'see all these things',   even  though   today's TV  prophecy  'experts'   &   blind  self-sent   'prophets'   can't see   ANY  of   them.       ( KEY topics pinpointed @ About Us >> )

The WORD of the Lord to  AMERICA'S  Prime Religious  TV  Broadcasters

Like  the   first-century  Laodiceans,   TBN  &  Daystar  have also   pushed   true  prophecy   AND   God's   true  prophets completely  out  of  the   body  of  Christ  today.    HOW? Because  when   the   Laodiceans   pushed  Jesus  out  of   the church,   they  also  pushed  out    the  true  voice  of   prophecy and   the    #1   PROPHET   Himself    Jesus.
America's  top Religious Broadcasters  (TBN / Daystar, 700 Club,  Atlanta 57,  etc)   have   done  the  EXACT  same   over the  last  40  years  or  so   since  the  1970's.   These  are  the most   influencing  TV  broadcasters  in  AMERICA and  the world  who  have  indoctrinated  a  whole  generation  into believing   what   is   being   presented   from   the  TV  airwaves is   'true  Christianity'.      It  is  far  from  it.

In  reality,  TBN &  Daystar  presidents   have  designed  their  networks  over  the  years  into  today's   Laodicean   mentality, having  SQUEEZED  OUT   Jesus,   thrown  out  the  Spirit  of God's   true   prophecy  utterances  &  teachings,  and  thrown out   Gods   true   oracles,  being  His  prophets.     The  result today  is  an  extreme  reproach   being   brought   upon  the Lord   from  America's dominant   ear-tickling  TV   Ministries.

For  example,   the  Apostle  Paul  said  he  came  ministering "not as a persuasive speaker",  but  he  came  "in the demonstrations  of  the  Spirit  and  power."   (1Cor 2:4). Today's  Ministers  in  America   are  the  exact  opposite.   They are  mostly   flashy   "speakers",    but  with  no  demonstra- tions   of   "power"    whatsoever.   

In  fact,  when  most  church  services  are  over  on  Sunday mornings,  the  body  of  Christ  across   America  goes  home having  heard,   at  best,   a   "speaker".     The  gifts  of  the Spirit  are  non-existent,  having  also  been  thrown  out  and quenched   by   the   noisy-gong,   dead-work   Ministers   in charge.     (1Cor 13:1,2)

In  America  today,   just  like  the  Laodicean  church,   the Lord  can  be  seen standing  on  the  outside  of  AMERICA'S body  of  Christ  &  looking  in,   hoping   that   they   will   'hear His  voice'   again,  and   "open  the  door"   to   invite   Him back  in.

So  far  unless  they  repent,   TBN  &  Daystar's "family"  of fancy   preachers,   so-called   prophets  &   blind   prophecy preachers   are   virtually  fulfilling   the   Bible's   foretelling   of an   End  Time   fallen   away  Church   likened   to   a   group  of 'foolish virgins'.   (Matt 25:1-13).    This  is   proven  in   their daily  TV   Religious   presentations  of  a    'different  Gospel' and    'another  Jesus'    altogether.   (Gal 1:8 / 2 Cor 11:4). 

The  other side  to  this  prophetical  word  is  that  the  Religious Broadcasters  just  mentioned  are  actually  in   perfect  position right   now   to   be   used  more   mightily   in   the   days  ahead than   ever  before,   in   the  coming   great  &  mighty   move  of His  outpouring.   

However,  as  previously  stated,   they  must FIRST  become truly   humble   enough   to   even   'see'   their   errors.    Then, to   truly   repent.

This  is  also   true   prophetically   on   the   largest   scope   for America  as  a  nation.    America's   greatest  crisis  today  is not   the   economy   nor  our   deceptive   &   ungodly   Leaders in   Washington  D.C.  &  at   the  pulpits.   But,  is  the  crisis of  surrendering  our  wills  to  God.


Antichrist and  ISRAEL  gaining the Global SPOTLIGHT    (according to Daniel 9:27)

SEPTEMBER   2011:        ISRAEL  at  United Nations

On  September  23rd    ISRAEL   will  be  spotlighted   in   the world's  eyes  in  the  United  Nations'  in  New  York  for  the highly  controversial voting  for  the  Palestinians'   bid   for Statehood.   Although  the  Palestinians  are  initiating  the effort,  ISRAEL  is  essential  in  the  equation  &  will   get  the SPOTLIGHT,   as  foretold.     (Zech 12:3,4) 

For  true born again  Spirit-filled  believers  who  love  &  stand with  Israel  100%  at  all  times,   this  is another  perfect opportunity  to  offer  up  to  God  our  "prayers  for the peace  of  Jerusalem"   &  for  her  protection.   (Psalms 122:6,7)

But,  this  generation's  anger  against  Israel  is  an antichrist-evil  mindset driven  by  satan.    It  is  an  irrational  &  evil hate  in  exact  line  &  timing  with  MAJOR  End  Time Bible prophecies  showing  that   "Jerusalem  will  be   a  heavy stone  for  ALL  nations  to  lift."    (Zechariah 12:3).   

Scriptures  also  foretell, "ALL  nations will  be against Jerusalem"   which  is  the precise  scenario  today.   (Zech 12:3).   The  September  23rd   United  Nations   News-Day  will no  doubt   throw   more  fuel   into  the   MIDEAST   fire,   so   to speak.

As  I  stated  before,   this  is  MAJOR  BIBLE  PROPHECY being  brought  to  the   forefront  of  this  generation's  attention in  preparing  for  BOTH PARTIES   (Israel  &  Antichrist)  to ultimately  "sign"   the  divinely   foreordained   7   Year  Agree- ment    for   Mideast  Peace.    

September  23rd  is  setting  the  stage  more clearly  & globally  for   the  need   for  a   SOLVER   to  the  problem.

OCTOBER   2011:         PAPACY  of  ROME

Not  coincidentally,  the  foretold   "SOLVER"  to  the  Mideast  problem    (Antichrist/Papacy)   will  be  immediately  next  in  the  spotlight  in  OCTOBER.  

The  coming   "World  Peace  Conference"   orchestrated  by Pope Benedict XVI  himself   is  designed  to  gain  world attention  &  favor   for   this  generation's  need   for  "Peace".

But,   on  the  larger  scope,  it  also  thrusts  the  Papacy  into the  world's  eyes  as  a  potential   MEDIATOR   of   Mid- east   Peace,  as  Bible  prophecies  specify  will  literally happen.   

Today's  generation  being  the most  religious  generation ever,  also  has  its  greatest  threat  for  world  war  rooted  in religion in   the  Mideast.   As  Biblical   prophecy   foretells, the  world  &  ISRAEL   will  look  to   the   #1  unprecedented RELIGIOUS  ICON   in   the  world   today,   to  solve  it.     As Heisnear.com   shows,   this  EXACT  scenario  is  already heading   quickly  towards  fulfillment.   ( News:  Mideast Peace > )

In  fact,  so  far,    the   world's  general   population   (including America's)   has not  given  a   2nd  thought  to   Benedict  XVI (or any acting Pope)    being  the  literal   foretold   "Mediator" of   Israel's   &   the  Mideast's   problems,  YET.

However,  God's Word  emphatically  shows  that  today's End  Time  generation  will  become totally  keen  to  Pope Benedict's   (or any sitting  Pope's)    role  as  ANTICHRIST, in   nearing  the   'start'   of  Tribulation.    WHY?   Because God  desires  for  all  to   "see all these things"   &  clearly UNDERSTAND,   before  the  coming  2nd  judgement.

Who  will  actually   'embrace'   these  truths  is  another category   of  discussion  altogether   &   points   to  the coming  great  separation  in  this  generation.    Namely, those  who  embrace  the   Lord Jesus Christ   VS.  those who  do  not.     (Math. 25:1-13 / 1Tim 4:1)

Obviously,   after  October's   "World  Peace Conference", BOTH  PARTIES  to  the   "signing"  of  the  coming  7  Year MIDEAST PEACE  Agreement    (Antichrist / Israel)   will  have caught  the  world's  attention   in  2 consecutive  months.

DECEMBER   2011:         PAPACY   &   ISRAEL

Finally,   BOTH  PARTIES of  the  Biblically   foretold  7  Year Agreement's  "signing"   will   be  TEAMED  TOGETHER  in DECEMBER  2011,   SITTING  AT  THE SAME TABLE.     This will   be  another  obvious  MAJOR  SIGN   to  this  genera-
tion   of   what   is  coming. 

The  VATICAN  &  ISRAEL   are  scheduled  to  meet  again  in December   in   another   "Plenary  Meeting"   in   ROME.   

Whether  the  meeting  takes place  or  is   re-scheduled   (which has  occurred  before),    these  are   KEY   MEETINGS   & ALREADY  IN  THE  FINAL  PHASES  of  completion    for   the "signing" of    "The  Fundamental  Agreement"   authored by   John  Paul  II    in  1993.       ( Vatican Relations w/ Israel > )

Heisnear.com   documents   extensively   with   Headline   News the  critical  nature  &  End  Time  possibilities  for  the  coming "signing" of  this   legal   agreement  by   the   Papacy   and ISRAEL.    As  of  the  last  24 -36  months  or  so,  AND TODAY,   its  "signing" has  become  TOP  PRIORITY  for both  the   Vatican   and   ISRAEL.    Again,  this  is  right  on time  with  ALL  OTHER   Major  Prophecies   lined  up  like ducklings   in   a   row   as  shown  at   Heisnear.com.

As  I've  stated before,  "The Fundamental Agreement"   itself is  highly  significant   whether  it  becomes  the  VIRTUAL foretold   7  Year   Agreement   itself   of   Daniel  9:27,   OR whether  is  used  as  a   template  &   springboard   towards  the larger  scope  of   the  coming   7  Year  Agreement

Either  way,   BOTH  PARTIES   are   NOW   AT   THE  TABLE in  Clear  Legal   Negotiations  speeding   towards   Daniel 9:27's   INEVITABLE  APEX   of   the   7  Year  "signing"   be- tween   ANTICHRIST   &   ISRAEL.    ( News:  Mideast Peace > )

As  scriptures  precisely  show,  the  KEY  to  knowing when   the  Agreement  foretold  by  Daniel 9:27  is VIRUTALLY  EXECUTED   (or  not)   is  when  BOTH  PARTIES (Pope  &  Israel )   "sign"   a   "7  Year"   agreement.

When  this  occurs,  then   the  final  7  Year  Tribulation period  will  START.     It   will   not   'start'   in   2011.


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