A   N   T   I   C   H   R   I   S   T
F  I  N  A  L

WHICH  POPE   is  the  actual   FINAL  ANTICHRIST                           before  Christ's   return?

Dan 9:27:   The acting  POPE  who  virtually  executes the  foretold  'firm covenant'   (Daniel 9:27)   with  the Jews of  Israel  for  7  Years  proves  himself  as  the VIRTUAL  FINAL  ANTICHRIST.    

As  Heisnear.com   specifically  states  numerous times  in  its  books  and  throughout  the  site emphatically:    this  EXACT  SCENARIO   is  so   readied now   that  even   if   the  current   POPE  Benedict were  to  suddenly  die  or  resign,   then  ANY subsequently   elected   Pope  could   step  right   into an  already   spring-loaded   scenario  to  easily   carry out   the    'signing'    quickly.       [ News/Mideast Peace ]

The   actual   'signing'   itself  could  take  place  in   ROME, ISRAEL  or even  another  global  platform  like  the   United  Nations   or   World  Council  of  Churches,   etc.

AGAIN,  the  ultimate determining factor proving  "WHICH POPE?"   is   divinely   foreordained   (Daniel 9:27)    as the  FINAL  ANTICHRIST   of   today's  End   Times  is when   that   particular  POPE    "makes  a  firm  cove- nant"    for   7   Years   with   ISRAEL.

   God's   Word  is  clear   RE:   ANTICHRIST

GOD'S  WORD  provides  vast  amounts  of  detailed   infor- mation  regarding   Antichrist   &  his  exact  PROFILE   so His  people  will   'KNOW'   (Math 24:33)  and  not   be  fooled.

God   is  not   in  the  business  of  keeping   His  people  in the  dark  about  such  a  significant  Bible   topic  as   the ANTICHRIST  as   today's  UNANIMOUS  BATCH   of  blind prophecy   'experts'   have  pawned  off   to  this  generation.

But,   the  Spirit  of  God  is  already  opening  eyes  of His  people  through   Heisnear.com   to   the  FACT   that 'Antichrist' has   ALREADY  been  specifically   identified over   the   last   15 - 17   centuries  as   the   PAPACY  of ROME   by  born  again  believers  and  great   pillars of   the  true  Christian  faith.      >>

A  coming   final   End  Time  explosion  of   awareness of    ANTICHRIST   being   the   PAPACY  of   ROME    is already  occurring  in  its  infant  stages   as  foretold by  the   prophet  Daniel  saying:    "Those who have insight  among  the  people  will  provide  understand- ing    to  the  many."      (Dan 11:33)       >>

One-and-the- same   man

As  shown   at   Heisnear.com,   the  Apostle  John  coined the  term   "Antichrist"   in  90AD  in  his  writings  to  the church  body.   Then,   5 years  later  in  95AD   John   was given  an  even   closer  look  at  him  in  the  vision  of Revelation  on  Patmos  Isle,   clarifying  Antichrist  as  a "False Prophet",  the  greatest  impostor  of  Christ- ianity   the  world  would  ever  know.

After  the  vision,   John  the  Revelator  was  perfect- ly   clear   in   his   understanding   that    "Antichrist" and  the  coming  "False Prophet"   were  literally   one-and-the- same  man,   the  2   terms  being  synon- ymous.

In  fact,  John  never  uses  the  term  "Antichrist" even  once  in  his  writing  of  the  entire  Book  of Revelation,  but  only  uses  the  term  "False Prophet".

Today  and  over  the  past  2000  years,   history  has proven   the  FALSE PROPHET   ("Antichrist")   to  be the   PAPACY  of  ROME,   as  pinpointed  overwhelm- ingly   at   Heisnear.com.     [ Full Scope > ]

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