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May    31,    2011     /     Forbes  News         
Jerusalem  will  never  be  divided       [Netanyahu]

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June    3,    2011     /     Seattle PI  News         
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Internationally  recog-
nized   borders  for  ISRAEL - Palestine   "soon"

Added in this section:         News / Mideast Peace
June    4,    2011     /     Daily  Caller  News
E.  Coli   outbreak  in   Europe  is   Deadliest  in history            [  19  died  /  thousands  sickened   ]

Added in this section:                   Global  Disease   
June    5,    2011     /     World  Net  Daily
2nd  Jerusalem  Temple  Identified  underneath
Temple  Mount     [  ready for excavation  ]

Added in this section:            coming  3rd  Temple   
June    6,    2011     /     Reuters
Russia  voices  "deep  concern"  over   ISRAEL-
Syria  clashing  inside   Israel  northern  border

Added in this section:              Russia / End Times   
June   10,    2011     /     Fox  News
Israeli   Police   respond   in   clash   with   Pale-
stinians   on   JERUSALEM  Temple  Mount

Added in this section:      Jerusalem:   final hot spot
June   14,    2011     /     JTA  News              
VATICAN,   ISRAEL   meeting   makes   "very   signi- 
ficant  progress"   toward  Finalizing  an  Agreement

Added in these sections:                 Mideast Peace
&    Vatican  Relations  w/  ISRAEL
June   16,    2011     /     Reuters  News              
G20  Leaders  unite  to  monitor  soaring  World  FOOD  Prices  &  potential  Global  FOOD  Crisis

Added in this section:        Soaring  Wheat  Prices
June   19,    2011     /     Ynet  News           
Israel's  President  Peres:     Need  for  Mideast  Peace   is   "urgent"

Added in this section:         News / Mideast Peace
June   24,    2011     /     Asia  News           
Benedict XVI   urges  "every  possible  form  of
mediation"    for  Mideast  Peace

Added in this section:         News / Mideast Peace
June   25,    2011     /     Fox  News           
New York  becomes  6th  state  to  legalize  Gay
marriages         ( Prophecy  against  New York )

Added in these sections:    Divine Warnings to USA
&   All  Prophecies
June   28,    2011     /     Reuters  News           
IRAN   fires   14  Test  Missiles  with  America  &
ISRAEL  as  future  prime  targets

Added in this section:                  Iran / End Times
July   1,    2011     /     Huffington  Post           
POPE  Demands  Food  be  "guaranteed"  to  all  globally

Added in these sections:      News / False Prophet
&   News / Mark of the Beast
July    8,    2011    /    CNBC  News        
"USA  Jobs  Picture  Gets  Even  Worse"
[  unemployment  swells  to  9.2%  ]

Added in these sections:                Crashing  USA Economy    &   All   Prophecies
July   18,   2011     /      EU  Business  News
EU  Presses  Israel,  Palestinians  Ahead  of  U.N. Vote  on  Palestine  Statehood     [  in  Sept  '011 ]

Added in this section:                      EU / End Times
July   29,   2011     /      Huffington  Post             
ISRAEL   Seeking  Formula   for  Mideast  Peace 
Talks  with  Palestinians

Added in this section:                Israel / End Times